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Erdogan suggested that Zelenski create commission to investigate explosion of dam at Kakhovska hydroelectric power plant

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the war in Ukraine in a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the office of the Turkish head of state said.
According to the report, Erdogan proposed to create a commission with the participation of “experts from the warring parties, the UN and the international community, in particular Turkey, for a detailed investigation of the explosion at the Kakhovska hydroelectric dam.”
The Turkish leader also promised to do everything possible in this matter and said that it is possible to use the method of negotiations, as in the “grain corridor.”
“Stressing that it will not be possible to prevent humanitarian losses on a daily basis as long as conflicts continue, the idea of returning to negotiations must therefore dominate, and said he would resolutely continue his efforts to establish a just peace,” the report said.

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Romanian President asked Zelenski to review law on national minorities

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenski called for a review of the law on national minorities adopted in December, some provisions of which have drawn criticism from the Romanian side.
“Passed on to President Zelenski Romanian concerns about the recently passed law on minorities and agreed to intensify dialogue to find solutions that provide the highest standards of protection for the Romanian community in Ukraine, similar to the Ukrainian community in Romania,” Johannis wrote on Twitter.
According to the press service of the Presidential Administration of Romania, the presidents agreed that in the near future, the foreign ministers of the two countries will hold discussions on the bilateral solution of existing issues.
As it was reported, Zelenski signed the bill No. 8224 on December 29, 2022. The document establishes the definition of “national minorities (communities)”; rights, freedoms and obligations of persons belonging to national minorities, peculiarities of state policy on implementation of rights and freedoms of representatives of national minorities, the powers of the central executive body implementing the state policy on protection of rights and freedoms of persons belonging to national minorities.
Article 5 of the draft Law “Rights, Freedoms and Obligations of Persons Belonging to National Minorities (Communities)” guarantees citizens of Ukraine regardless of their ethnic origin, belonging or not belonging to national minorities (communities) the civil, political, social, economic, cultural and linguistic rights and freedoms defined by the Constitution.
A person belonging to a national minority (community) also has the right to self-identification, freedom of public associations and peaceful assembly, freedom of expression of views and beliefs, thought, speech, conscience and religion; participation in political, economic and social life; use of national minority language; education, including in national minority languages; preservation of cultural identity of national community.
Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania criticized the draft law, noting that the Verkhovna Rada adopted it without additional consultations with the Venice Commission and additional consultations with representatives of the Romanian diaspora in Ukraine. In particular, the Romanian side criticized the unclear regulation of the language of education and the use of languages of national minorities in documentation.

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