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Ukraine has already harvested 100 thousand tons of grain – Ministry of Agrarian Policy

24 June , 2024  

Ukraine has already harvested more than 100 thousand tons of grain for the 2024 harvest, Acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Taras Vysotskyi said during a national telethon.

“As of the previous Thursday, there were 50 thousand tons. Today we can already talk about more than 100 thousand tons. The main crops that are being harvested are barley – both winter and partially spring – as well as peas and wheat,” he said.

According to the acting minister, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy forecasts the harvest of grains and legumes at 56 million tons this year.

“This is a preliminary forecast. Naturally, we will have a clearer figure later. But this is a good indicator given the fact that the country is, unfortunately, in the third year of a full-scale invasion,” Vysotsky emphasized.

He stated that grain crops have seen a reduction in production areas due to the change in crop rotation. At the same time, the area under oilseeds has been expanded.

“If we are talking about rapeseed, sunflower, soybeans, this year we expect to produce more than 20 million tons, possibly even up to 22 million tons,” the acting Minister said.

He added that oilseeds have lower yields per hectare, but their price is higher than grain. This will allow Ukrainian farmers to get harvest figures no less than in previous years.

“Ukrainian farmers are harvesting 80% of the agricultural area, as 18-20% of the farmland is temporarily under occupation. At the same time, all agricultural land under the control of Ukraine is fully sown,” the acting Minister of Agrarian Policy summarized.