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30 June , 2022  

From June 30, Ukraine began exporting electricity to Romania at a capacity of 100 MW, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal announced.
“Today, from 1 a.m., such exports went towards Romania. The initial volume is 100 MW,” he wrote on his telegram channel on Thursday.
He noted that in the first day alone, the state-owned company Ukrenergo earned UAH 10 million by selling access to the interstate section for export, and potentially Ukraine could earn more than UAH 70 billion a year from this.
“The potential for the export of Ukrainian electricity to Europe is up to 2.5 GW. Under this scenario, the state will be able to receive more than UAH 70 billion a year,” Shmyhal said.
The prime minister stressed that the energy visa-free regime with the EU, which began in March this year, gives its very visible and practical result, and the energy sector will become one of the drivers for the recovery of the Ukrainian economy, as it has already become a driver for integration into the EU.
According to the data on the ENTSO-E website, physical exports from Ukraine to Romania are made on June 30 with a flat schedule of 100 MWh.
As reported, Ukrenergo earned more than UAH 10 million at the first auction for the sale of a section to Romania on June 30, and almost UAH 14 million at the second auction, on July 1. The section was divided respectively by 5 and 6 companies. A total of 8 and 10 companies participated in the auction, respectively.
Ukrainian and European energy systems have been operating synchronously since March 16. On June 27, Europe opened electricity exports from Ukraine, which was supposed to start on June 30.

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