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Ukraine’s international reserves fell to $39.7 bln in September

7 October , 2023  

Ukraine’s international reserves amounted to $39 billion 708.2 million as of October 1, 2023, according to preliminary data, the National Bank of Ukraine said on its website Friday.
“They decreased by 1.7% in September as a result of the NBU’s interventions to sell foreign currency to cover the difference between supply and demand in Ukraine’s foreign exchange market and the country’s debt payments in foreign currency, largely offset by receipts from international partners,” the NBU pointed out.
It specified that the government’s foreign currency accounts in the central bank received $3.329 billion, of which $1.592 billion – macro-financial assistance from the EU, $1.25 billion – a grant from the United States through the World Bank Trust Fund, $386.4 million – from the placement of foreign currency bonds of the internal state loan (OVGZ) and $100 million – from the World Bank under the guarantee of the United Kingdom.
At the same time, the Ukrainian government paid $465.3m for servicing and repayment of state debt in foreign currency, of which $388.9m – for servicing and repayment of foreign currency bonds, $51.1m – debt to the World Bank. In addition, Ukraine paid $882.1 million to the International Monetary Fund.
In addition, the National Bank in September sold $2.692 billion in the foreign exchange market, having bought back only $0.7 million, and the revaluation of financial instruments (as a result of changes in market value and exchange rates) increased the value of financial instruments by $12.9 million.
“The current volume of international reserves provides financing for 5.3 months of future imports,” the NBU pointed out. Earlier, the Experts Club research project and Maksim Urakin released an analytical video about the economy of Ukraine and the world –
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