Business news from Ukraine


31 March , 2022  

For the second month in our country there is a war. Millions of Ukrainians have become refugees, and the country’s largest cities have become a zone of active hostilities. In this situation, many families have been separated, people often lose contact with their closest relatives.

A team of journalists and media workers put forward an initiative to create a project to search for missing people “Find loved ones”.
We ask citizens whose relatives do not get in touch to send us all the information they have. We recommend using the following form:
1. Full name of the missing person;
2. Your contact details;
3. Photo of the missing person, description of special features;
4. Approximate place of the last stay of the missing person.
The project is non-commercial, all your appeals will be edited and published free of charge in the media.
We invite colleagues from the media to join the initiative!
The project coordinator is Maksim Urakin, deputy head of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency and publisher of the Open4Business project.
Please send information about the missing to e-mail