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2 August , 2021  

Prometey Group has acquired an elevator (Zolochiv, Kharkiv region), designed for a one-time storage of 30,000 tonnes of grain, the asset will strengthen the position of the grain trader in Kharkiv region, which is profitable for agribusiness, the company’s website says. “Thanks to the Zolochiv elevator complex, we want to provide farmers with a new quality of services, including the services of Agromarket. Due to the new asset, Prometey Group plans to strengthen its position in Kharkiv region,” regional director of the elevator direction Dmytro Maksymenko said.
Prometey clarified that the Zolochiv elevator with a simultaneous storage capacity of 30,000 tonnes is certified for storage of grain and oilseeds. The complex has a grain-cleaning separator with a capacity of 100 tonnes/hour, and grain dryers with a capacity of 64 tonnes/hour.
The capacity of unloading grain by the elevator to railway transport is 400 tonnes/day, and the granary is also equipped with three truck unloaders. Weighing is carried out on scales with a carrying capacity of 60 tonnes and a platform length of 16 meters.
The company noted that the decision to expand the presence of Prometey at the expense of Kharkiv region is dictated by the high technical efficiency of agriculture in this region. The company referred to the studies of the Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO) and the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club association according to which Kharkiv region is one of the “references” for agricultural activities, and the stable growth of acreage and production of agricultural products favorably influences the development of the elevator industry.
Prometey recalled the Agromarket program, operating on the basis of each elevator in the chain, and allowing the company’s client farmers to purchase the necessary agricultural goods in one place, including on the security of the future harvest.

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