Business news from Ukraine


14 March , 2020  

Ukrainian automobile manufacturers in January-February 2020 produced 1,077 vehicles, which is 10.8% less than a year ago, the Ukrautoprom association has reported.
According to preliminary data from the association, passenger car production was 12.5% less than a year ago, reaching 933 cars. (all made at Eurocar), 2% more buses were made- 134 units, and commercial vehicles (excluding AvtoKrAZ, which statistics are not provided) at the level of the previous year – 10 units (all were manufactured at Cherkasy Bus Plant).
Most of the buses are still produced by Cherkasy Bus Plant – 60 units were produced in January-February (10 units less than in two months of 2019), Chernihiv Automobile Plant of Etalon Corporation made 30 units compared with 35 a year ago.
Chasiv Yar Buses plant (Donetsk region) significantly accelerated the pace of production of Ruta buses: to 25 units compared to six in January-February-2019; Bogdan Corporation produced two buses less – 10 units, and Ukravto Corporation made 9 buses (one less).
The acceleration in the decline in vehicle production in the first two months was due to the February result – only 225 vehicles were manufactured in the past month, which is 28% less than in February last year and 73.7% less than in January 2020.
Only one plant is still reporting on the production of passenger cars – Eurocar, where 146 cars were assembled last month (39% less than in February 2019 and 81.5% less than in January 2020).
Only two commercial vehicles were produced in February at the Cherkasy Bus Plant compared with five units a year earlier.
The February manufacturing of buses increased by 6 units, to 77 buses, including 30 units made by Cherkasy Bus, 20 units produced at the Chernihiv Automobile Plant, 12 buses made at Chasiv Yar Buses. Bogdan Corporation reported on 10 buses made, and five were produced at ZAZ.