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POS terminal – combo pay from Excellio On February 8, Excellio Trade LLC , a leading supplier of mPOS and fiscal equipment, has presented the all-purpose (versatile) payment terminal – ComboPay, which is perfectly adapted to any business needs. The new device has passed all international certifications and received official permission for sale in Ukraine.
POS terminal – combo pay from Excellio
Ukrainian’s payment habits are constantly changing. More and more people choose credit cards over cash. Salary, cashback, withdrawal fee, etc. all these elements are boosting non-cash payments. It’s fast, convenient, and safe, especially considering new pandemic realities.
“Contactless card payments and NFC gadgets are undeniable favorites among Ukrainians” – Mastercard in Ukraine
Due to market competition and the desire to work with just any customer, more and more entrepreneurs install payment terminals. National Bank of Ukraine confirmed an increase in the number of companies that accept card payments within 9 months of 2020.
It should be pointed out, that Ukrainian entrepreneurs have always faced difficulty choosing the right POS terminal. Most of the existing models are wired, without integration with a cash register, or need a control device such as a computer. It restrained entrepreneurs and the scope of terminals use. These days companies have to be flexible in order to survive at the time of a crisis, unforeseeable circumstances, and rapid change of customer preferences. Therefore, entrepreneurs need such a new terminal as ComboPay. It’s so convenient that the terminal can transform from restaurant payments to delivery service or from street market to boutique chain. Exellio Trade LLC in cooperation with Oschadbank had decided to put this idea into practice. After a long process of developments and tests, they have presented a solution that will dramatically improve the payment experience for both, a merchant and a customer.
ComboPay is an mPOS terminal that transforms and adapts perfectly to any business task at any time.
It doesn’t require any add-ons. You can work with just a single terminal itself. It doesn’t need a smartphone, PC, cash register, or even WiFi, and it can work completely autonomously. If you already have a fully functional system with a cash register and other accounting devices, ComboPay can be easily integrated into it. Thus, you don’t need to enter the amount twice. It’s done with one click!
Any form checks.
ComboPay can print regular checks (by connecting an attachable printer) or it can follow eco-trends and send e-checks by email (it’s super convenient if you have a client’s loyalty system). On top of that, mPOS ComboPay can generate QR-codes from check information and display it.
Mobile and independent.
Our latest payment device can be completely portable. It’s lighter than iPhone 12 and it keeps up to 3 days of battery in normal mode. Thanks to the minimalistic design, it perfectly fits any shop or beauty salon. It has 3G Internet connectivity but can just as easily work through Wi-Fi. A special Dock-station is available if you have a big flow of customers and round-the-clock work.
It receives any types of credit cards and NFC gadgets, as well as loyalty cards. It has an intuitive interface and comfort control keys that simplify learning and speed up information entry. It also supports multiple languages and has easy to read display. ComboPay doesn’t require any specific technical knowledge for staff.
Compact and wireless.
First of all, new mPOS is interesting for small and medium businesses. In particular, it’s an optimal solution for courier services or online-shops and restaurants with their own on-site delivery. After all, ComboPay is perfectly suited for street food (street markets, fairs, mobile coffee shops, etc.), for the beauty industry, health and wellness, island trade in a shopping mall, HoReCa, and any other businesses.
It’s also convenient for parcel verification since it has a sensor display with a signature feature.
The new mPOS ComboPay was developed in partnership with the national bank Oschadbank with the maximum guarantee of customer safety. This cooperative project provides comprehensive support for vendors: financial reliability of a leading state-owned baking institution and integral technical and information support from Exellio Trade LLC.
It’s very important to keep money safe since entrepreneurs invest a lot of effort, time, and often last resources in their business. That’s why we chose Oschadbank for ComboPay acquiring. This is a system bank with the longest history on the market in Ukraine. And more importantly, Oschadbank, compare to others, covers the whole amount of deposits. Thus, vendors can remain calm as 100% of their funds are secure.
The managers in Exellio Trade LLC will take care of the bureaucratic process and do all of the paperwork in completing registration for you.
It doesn’t matter if you have a store today and a delivery service tomorrow, ComboPay transforms in the way you need! It combines quickly and easily as it’s necessary for Ukrainian business. This is your Combo in the payment field!
The price of the basic package starts from 5800
+38 066 251 52 11
Iuliia Chernenko, content manager Exellio Trade Llc.


Unique device of Israeli scientists for destruction of viruses ProtectAir is already available in Ukraine
The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to human daily life. To avoid infection, people are forced to follow safety rules – wear masks and use an antiseptic, which causes a lot of inconvenience. And indoors, the risk of coronavirus infection increases significantly. The problem of creating safe conditions for human life is more acute than ever.
Israeli scientists have created a unique and effective ProtectAir device for neutralizing coronavirus in enclosed spaces, where the risk of infection increases significantly. The device is already widely used in all spheres of Israelis’ life. Now this indispensable device has appeared in Ukraine.
Director of the Institute of Experimental Radiology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Victoria Talko praised the development of Israeli scientists: “Disinfection and cleaning of premises from bacteria, viruses and mold, as a rule, occurs by spraying a substance (usually an aqueous solution) on the surface where pathogens can accumulate. However, this method is not always effective, since it is limited by the time frame and disinfection zones.
The Israeli company Hila Pharma managed to create a technology – Protect Air-, which disinfects the room using a gaseous material (chlorine dioxide). The substance slowly evaporates into the air over time. Its effect lasts for several weeks (depending on the amount of material). Disinfection is safe for the human’s health. The device does not require the use of electricity or additional actions.
Chlorine dioxide has powerful oxidizing properties and neutralizes bacteria and viruses by destroying the protein structures of the cell shell or viral envelope. The chlorine dioxide molecule oxidizes with high efficiency and therefore has a significant effect on viruses even at low concentrations.
Diffusion and expansion of gas molecules in air can provide effective and comprehensive protection without dead corners in closed or semi-closed spaces. And the slow release technology allows the gas to be distributed evenly and continuously, without air handling, surpassing traditional high-frequency disinfection.
The product is safe for humans and animals, since the multicomponent intracellular antioxidant system reliably protects against the effects of oxidation when using chlorine dioxide in the concentrations recommended for disinfection in eukaryotes.
The substance does not belong to chlorine-type disinfectants, does not contain hypochlorous acid, which harms the cells of the human body. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not enter into chlorination reactions with other substances and chemical elements, does not produce the carcinogens trichlomethanes. At the same time, its biocidal effect on bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens is more powerful than that of chlorine, due to active oxygen. Chlorine dioxide in the form of air vapor provides long-term effectiveness.”
ProtectAir is very easy to use. To disinfect a room, you need to install it in the center of the room at a height of 1.8 meters. After two hours of work in an empty room, the viral load will drop by 50%, and after 24 hours the room will be free of viruses.
ProtectAir disinfects by rapid oxidation: low concentrations of CIO2 gas come into contact with the microorganism shell and destroy proteins. CIO2 deactivates viral receptor binding and prevents viral replication.
ProtectAir destroys aggressive viruses, bacteria, allergens and other microbes without harming human, animal and environmental health.
ProtectAir combines the active ingredient, Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), with a sustained release formula, allowing the active ingredient to cover the entire space evenly.
Unlike standard chlorine material, ClO2 is not a carcinogen.
ProtectAir is unique in that it emits minuscule doses of chlorine dioxide. This allows it, on the one hand, to destroy viruses, and on the other, to remain completely safe for people and animals.
ProtectAir creates and maintains a secure indoor environment:
– In offices
– In the premises in which classes are held (schools, kindergartens, university auditoriums)
– In restaurants and cafes
– In the halls and locker rooms of sports complexes
– In elevators
– In taxi
– In the apartment (even if there is a patient with coronavirus)
The main advantages of ProtectAir:
– Disinfects indoor air, prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses
– Protects against coronavirus, pneumococcus and other epidemic viruses
– Reduces human exposure to allergens such as pollen
– Protects against pathogens of infectious diseases
– Neutralizes odors
At the moment, ProtectAir is the only effective tool on the Ukrainian market that can protect people in an enclosed space from infection.
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The new team is going to strengthen the educational direction of the contest and expand the circle of its potential participants
NGO Presszvanie Ukraine, the initiator of the contest for journalists PRESSZVANIE, is reshuffling its board. Journalist and blogger Denys Bezliudko will become Chairman of the Management Board. The board will include Chief Editor of the magazines Dengi and Korrespondent Oleksandr Kramarenko, as well as Marketing Director of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency Maksim Urakin.
“The new board of NGO Presszvanie Ukraine includes experienced media managers who have raised more than one generation of journalists. These are professionals for whom freedom of speech and journalistic ethics are integral parts of life. This team is able to provide the PRESSZVANIE contest with new avenues for work meeting the challenge of the times,” ex-head of NGO Presszvanie Ukraine Dmytro Slipenko said.
“I probably went through all the stages, I was a nominee and a winner, participated in the work of the Supervisory Board of the contest and in organizing the work of PRESSZVANIE. The strategic plan is to grow the contest into a permanent media community, a platform for communication, training of journalists and development of the industry as a whole,” Bezliudko said.
“For me, this is a new challenge and an opportunity to repay the debt to the profession, since until now I have not been particularly active in the interests of the professional community in general. What do we do? We will create a platform for passing on the most interesting ideas and visions. We will involve those colleagues whom the old media simply did not notice until recently. Professional ratings are an opportunity for recent debutants to raise their personal capitalization, which is very important for each of the media professionals and for the market as a whole,” Kramarenko said.
“The award will receive more nominations for traditional journalism and the involvement of representatives of the new media – bloggers – in the project. In addition, an educational program, as well as other projects to improve the qualifications of media representatives, will be created under the PRESSZVANIE brand and with the participation of leading industry professionals,” Maksim Urakin said.
PRESSZVANIE is an annual award for journalists and editors that can be received for leadership and professionalism since 2005. The project develops an educational platform and is held under the auspices of NGO Presszvanie Ukraine, which mission is to create conditions for the development of Ukrainian journalism.

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