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29 July , 2021  

Karina Avramenko, one of the video authors, a student and deputy president of the Student Parliament of International European University, said that she decided to carry out the experiment after seeing a sticky situation. Coming home after classes, she saw how a foreign student asked pedestrians for money to get to a place of residence because his purse was stolen. It triggered her to initiate the shooting of a social video in order to raise a topic of good deeds, as it is, unfortunately, quite a rare phenomenon nowadays.
“Since childhood, parents have been teaching me to help others and not to leave someone to their fate. I always follow their advice and can’t ignore similar situations. Therefore, I try to help people facing difficulties if I have such a possibility,” Karina Avramenko states.
The video shows Geneva, a student from Nigeria, near the metro station, who addresses pedestrians asking for money for a trip because somebody has stolen his bag with all his stuff, including a purse, and he needs to get to the hotel where he lives. Geneva, without knowing the language, talked to passersby in English and asked them to help.
Thus, students of International European University appeal to other people not to ignore individuals who, in certain circumstances, are in trouble and become more kind. No one knows what you will face tomorrow.
The International European University was founded in Kyiv in 2019. The university has its own educational building at 16a Mahnitohorska Street in Kyiv. Ukraine and Austria are its co-founders.
The university specializes in teaching foreign students and Ukrainians, studying in scientific and educational institutions in seven areas: business schools, architectural and engineering, language, medical, IT, law and art schools.

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