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Ukraine since the beginning of this season and as of November 25, 2021 has threshed 79.73 million tonnes (3.06 million tonnes more per week, November 18 through November 25) of the main grain and leguminous crops from an area of 15.19 million hectares, according to a report on the website of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food on Friday.According to the ministry, the harvesting of grains and legumes has been completed in five regions: Dnipropetrovsk (4.81 million tonnes in total), Mykolaiv (3.79 million tonnes), Kherson (3.51 million tonnes), Donetsk (2.27 million tonnes) and Ivano-Frankivsk (0.93 million tonnes) region.At the same time, the leaders in harvesting were Vinnytsia with an indicator of 6.21 million tonnes, Poltava (5.57 million tonnes), Chernihiv (5.43 million tonnes), Odesa (5.13 million tonnes), Kharkiv (4.87 million tonnes), Dnipropetrovsk (4.81 million tonnes) and Cherkasy (4.31 million) regions.In total, 102.23 million tonnes (3.48 million tonnes more per week) of major cereals, legumes, oilseeds (as well as sugar beets dug out) have been harvested this season from a total area of 23.97 million hectares.As the ministry said, 35.07 million tonnes of corn from 4.78 million hectares (87% of the forecast) were harvested as of the indicated date.In addition, 16.17 million tonnes of sunflower (0.38 million tonnes more) were harvested from 6.47 million hectares (99% of the forecast).Farmers of Ukraine also dug up 10.53 million tonnes (0.28 million tonnes more) of sugar beet from 222,700 hectares (98% of the forecast).The ministry marked the end of the harvesting of buckwheat – 110,000 tonnes from 84,200 hectares.The Ministry of Agrarian Policy also reminded of the end of the harvesting of rapeseed, of which 2.91 million tonnes were harvested from an area of 1.01 million hectares, 182,800 tonnes millet were harvested from 77,600 hectares. In addition, the soybean harvest amounted to 3.42 million tonnes on 1.28 million hectares.The average yield of wheat as of November 25 was 4.62 tonnes per ha, barley – 3.91 tonnes per ha, corn – 7.325 tonnes per ha, sunflower – 2.497 tonnes per ha, soybeans – 2.673 tonnes per ha, rapeseed – 2.86 tonnes per ha, sugar beet – 47.29 tonnes per ha, peas – 2.419 tonnes per ha, buckwheat – 1.301 tonnes per ha, millet – 2.45 tonnes per ha.

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KSG Agro agricultural holding in January-September 2021 increased its net profit 3.6 times compared to January-September 2020, to $17.28 million, EBITDA increased by 10%, to $7.35 million.According to a report of the holding on the website of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on Monday, its revenue for the specified period increased by 43%, to $20.94 million.KSG Agro for the reporting period increased its gross profit by 8%, to $ 7.3 million, and operating profit – by 11%, to $6.15 million.In addition, the group of companies received $1.2 million in net profit due to the difference in exchange rates, while in January-September 2020 this factor generated $1.9 million in net loss.“As of December 31, 2020, the total amount of bank loans in foreign currency was $12.2 million. To mitigate foreign exchange risks, the management organized a change in foreign currency loans from TAScombank by switching from a fixed interest rate to a variable rate,” the group said in a statement.According to the report, the working capital of the agricultural producer as of September 30 this year increased by 6 times compared to September 30, 2020, from $1.1 million to $6 million.Over nine months of this year, the agricultural holding reduced profit in the crop segment by 21% compared to January-September 2021, to $5.37 million, while in the livestock segment it increased 2.5 times, to $1.47 million. In the segment “other operations” (production of fuel pellets and thermal energy), KSG Agro received $460,000 in net profit versus $430,000 in net loss over the same period in 2020.As of November 5, 2021, the agricultural holding harvested 30,550 tonnes of wheat; 19,550 tonnes of sunflower seeds; 8,561 tonnes of barley; 7,758 tonnes of corn and 760 tonnes of rapeseed.According to the report, the number of sows at KSG Agro in January-September 2021 increased by 8.7%, to 5,870. At the same time, the total number of animals (pigs and piglets) for the specified period decreased by 0.6%, to 41,130.“In 2021, the group of companies began a project to gradually renew the sow population in Ukraine in order to increase the birth rate of piglets. To this end, it works with the Canadian genetic company Genesus. In September 2021, the group has already received the first batch of sows from Genesus,” the agricultural holding said in the report.The group of companies over nine months of 2021 increased pork sales by a quarter compared to January-September 2020, in dollar terms, sales amounted to $3.13 million.The vertically integrated holding KSG Agro is engaged in pig breeding, as well as in production, storage, processing and sale of grain and oilseeds. Its land bank is about 21,000 hectares.According to the agricultural holding itself, it is one of the top five pork producers in Ukraine.