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Passenger traffic at Kharkiv International Airport in January-June 2019 amounted to 552,600 people, which is 26% more than in the same period of 2018.
According to the airport’s Facebook page, almost 2,500 departures from the airport were made in the six months.
In June 2019, some 124,400 people used the airport’s services, which is 9% more than in June 2018.
The most popular destinations in June of this year were Antalya, Kyiv, Istanbul, Sharm el-Sheikh, and Vienna.
As reported, passenger traffic at Kharkiv airport in 2018 was 962,500 people, which is 19% more than in 2017.

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The executive committee of the Lviv City Council has approved the town-planning conditions and limits for designing an office and hotel center at 191b, Liubinska Street.
As reported on the website of the City Council, private enterprise Galmodern plans to build an office center with underground parking and a hotel and office center with underground parking on the site. The facilities will be located near the Lviv airport. reported with reference to Head of the department of architecture and urbanism of the Lviv City Council Yulian Chaplynsky that Galmodern is negotiating the opening of a hotel under the international brand of Hilton Hotels & Resorts.
“There are negotiations with the Hilton network. But for the time being they have only received town planning conditions for design. It is finally unknown if they submit this [the project] to Hilton or another network,” Chaplynsky said.
According to the unified public register, Natalia Onoshko (100%) is listed as the participant and ultimate beneficiary of Galmodern.
She also acts as a signatory to LLC Innovation Management Systems, registered in 3, Shukhevycha Street, in Lviv. At this address, the Ibis hotel operates (Ibis Styles Lviv Center opened at the end of 2015).

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The Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport will suspend receiving and dispatching flights on September 2-12, 2019 due to repairs of the runway, the press service of the airport told Interfax-Ukraine. The airport will be closed due to repairs from 0900 on September 2 until 0900 on September 12, Kyiv time.
Master Avia LLC that manages the airport has started informing airlines that they can temporarily move to Kyiv-based Boryspil International Airport.
The press service of the Boryspil Airport told Interfax-Ukraine that the airport was preparing to receive extra flights and will cope with an increase in their number.
“We have developed a concept of flight distribution and we are receiving requests from airlines for conducting them,” the press service said.

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The Danylo Halytsky Lviv international airport from June 24, 2019 transferred the servicing of Kyiv (Zhuliany)-Lviv flights Nos. MSI263/MSI265 of Motor Sich airline to the old terminal, the airport has reported on its website. The entrance from the apron will be made through the doors adjacent to the VIP room in the left wing of the building. “We had long planned to use it [the old terminal] for its intended purpose. And now it is very useful for us to facilitate the work during peak periods, maintenance of charter (we will begin in two or three weeks) and special flights operated by small business aircraft,” Director General of the airport Tetiana Romanovska, who is quoted in the report, said.
She thanked the Motor Sich airline, which was the first to agree to service flights on arrival at the premises of the old terminal, which was empty for a long time.
Now the old airport terminal is used for special and VIP flights. At the same time, it will be re-equipped for work with domestic transportation. It will also be attracted to work with charter flights. It will begin in two or three weeks.
The decision to use the premises of the old terminal was made due to the overload of the arrival zone of the new terminal during the peak passenger traffic, which lasts almost every day from 11 am to 5 pm during the summer season.
“At the moment, new Terminal A has only two tapes for baggage claim: one for international and one for domestic flights. Thus, by moving part of the passenger traffic to the old terminal, both of them will be able to be used for servicing the international flights,” the airport said.
In addition, the Lviv airport began work on the launch of another baggage tape and an increase in the length of the two existing ones in the new terminal. Developments are at the design stage and the creation of technical tasks.

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has sent UAH 200 million for reconstruction of a runway of the international airport in Dnipro, according to a posting on the website of the Infrastructure Ministry of Ukraine. The decision was made at a government meeting on Wednesday.
“The Infrastructure Ministry supported the proposal of the Prime Minister of Ukraine and tabled for approval by the government the proposal to allocate UAH 200 million for the reconstruction of the runway of the airport in Dnipro. I support the fact that next year the airport in Dnipro could service the first flights of Ryanair and other European and Ukrainian airlines, including SkyUp,” the press service said, citing Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan.
As reported, the Infrastructure Ministry of Ukraine supported the allocation of UAH 1 billion from the 2019 national budget for the construction of a new runway at the international airport in Dnipro within the framework of a public-private partnership project under which a private investor would build a new terminal and put it into service in 2020.
Ukrainian businessman, owner of the DCH Group Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, who had earlier invested in the renovation of the Kharkiv International Airport, has announced his plans to modernize the international airport in Dnipro.
Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov called on Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to influence the situation with the airport in Dnipro.
The Dnipropetrovsk International Airport was founded in 1943. It became an independent enterprise in 2011. The airport is located five kilometers southeastward from Dnipro.

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The Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv) in January-May 2019 increased passenger flow by 18.1% year-over-year, to 5.168 million people, the airport’s press service has told Interfax-Ukraine.
At the same time, passenger traffic on international flights amounted to 4,755 million people (growth by 19.1%), on domestic – 412,900 (growth by 7.5%).
In general, in January-May 2019, the airport serviced 40,502 flights (an increase of 11.2%), including 35,215 international and 5,287 domestic flights.
In January-May 2019, on regular flights, the Boryspil airport received and sent 4.113 million people. (a rise of 21% over the same period in 2018), on irregular flights – 1.055 million people (a rise of 7%).
The number of transfer passengers since the beginning of 2019 amounted to 1.243 million, which is 6% more than in the same period of 2018. The share of transfer passengers of the total passenger traffic was 24% (a decrease of 3 percentage points).
In May of this year, the passenger traffic of the Boryspil airport amounted to 1.358 million people, which is 20.5% more than in May last year.
Passenger traffic on international flights in May amounted to 1.262 million passengers (an increase of 21.3%), on domestic flights – 6,000 (an increase of 11.2%).
In general, in May, the airport serviced 9,943 flights (an increase of 14.7%), including 8,735 international and 1,208 domestic flights.
The most popular destinations in May were Sharm el-Sheikh, Antalya, Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Hurghada.

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