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Viktor Yushchenko visited International European University on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence. Students and lecturers had a unique opportunity to talk to the living legend, dip into history and get answers to relevant questions.

Alla Navolokina, a co-founder and vice-rector for educational and scientific work and international relations, introduced the honored guest to the university team, as well as to Franz-Volodymyr von Habsburg-Lothringen, President of International European University, Anatolii Tolstoukhov, the head of the University Development Council, and Mykhailo Polianchych, a member of the University Development Council.

Alla Navolokina stressed that the meeting with Mr. Yushchenko brought together the audience motivated to knowledge required for further professional activities. She also introduced the teaching staff, student population and partners of the university.

As part of his speech, Viktor Yushchenko shared memories of his life journey, stages of professional growth, scientific achievements and plans.

“Education is a key to Ukraine’s prosperity: those who win education win the future,” Mr. Yushchenko said.

The third President of Ukraine told the teaching staff and the young generation about challenges faced by Ukraine at the current development stage.

“Nowadays, your University is a new powerful complex. I believe that great traditions will be continued by a new generation whom I’m addressing today. You’re teaching true citizens of Ukraine,” Viktor Yushchenko stated.

To express acknowledgement, respect and recognition, Alla Navolokina presented author’s painting to the Ex-President. Viktor Yushchenko highly appreciates art. He confessed to taking paints, brushes, canvas and drawing.

“A talented person is all-around talented… These words are referred to an incredible individual and wonderful vice-rector of International European University,” Viktor Yushchenko mentioned.

At the end of the meeting, the honored guest congratulated International European University on the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence and wished prosperity and talented graduates to become worthy representatives of the Ukrainian nation. By the way, International European University can boast solid international relations encouraging the implementation of major projects.

Impressed with a university atmosphere and warm welcome, the third President of Ukraine left unique feedback and author’s drawing in the IEU’s comments book.

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The situation of reservoir pollution is critical in Ukraine!

The Dnieper River is annually contaminated with tons of garbage and emissions from different enterprises. Most people know about this problem but keep throwing away garbage and polluting our wonderful river.
There are a lot of beach areas near the river and waste affects our health. Together we can not only clean the riverfront but also get out trash of the river on canoes in the sports rhythm.

Our journalists talked to the organizers of the action, SD Platform non-governmental organization, and discovered all the details.

“Sometimes we see our Dnieper river through rose-colored spectacles. But putting them off, we can notice how much dirt, plastics and strange things are in the river. We have gathered activists who care about its destiny. We made the Dnieper cleaner on our own,” Kateryna Davydkova, a coordinator of the environmental sector at SD Platform, said.

Plastics, bottles, toys and even stolen stuff are just a brief list of the “treasure” found by activists in the Dnieper. This garbage was left by common vacationers who don’t want to keep the Dnieper clean.

“We found a bag with car and apartment keys, a purse, personal documents and bank cards. Without losing any time, we found the owner of lost things via Facebook and returned them the next day. The things have been in the water for more than a year. Thus, the environmental action is referred not just to reservoir rescue, but also to good deeds like in this case,” Said  Mechkour, a foreign student of International European University, added.

Be eco-friendly conscious! If you like resting near the Dnieper, throw away your trash in a garbage can so that other activists won’t find your “treasure”.

Let’s make our river cleaner by small but progressive steps!

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Continuous professional development of medical specialists is a crucial aspect in ensuring the quality of health care. Only constant updates of knowledge and skills will result in high-end specialized training. You will be able to improve abilities, enhance the level of professional competence and obtain a certificate adding 25 scores to your professional portfolio (according to the Order of Ukraine No. №446 dd. 2019) in September 2021 at International European University.

International EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY implements the state concept of continuous professional growth of specialists. Thematic advanced training implies skills upgrading in certain sections of a corresponding specialty. Doctors undergo thematic advanced training between attestation cycles. The availability of the certificate of thematic advanced training is taken into account by assessment committees while considering qualification grade issues.


Patch testing, September 6-10

How to promptly and easily define the skin reaction to chemical substances and metals contained in surrounding items (cloths, care products, accessories, etc.) using a new patch testing technique? International European University will teach you to diagnose allergic and contact dermatitis.

You will obtain the following skills:

  • carrying out of patch testing;
  • detection of chronic dermatoses, sensitive skin syndrome;
  • production of patch tests.

The course will be led by Tetiana Boichuk, a dermatovenerologist, children’s dermatologist, allergologist, dermato-oncologist, trichologist of MyDerm partner clinic.

Target audience: dermatologists, beauty specialists, allergologists, oncologists, family doctors; interns, resident doctors, postgraduate and medical students.

Dermatoscopy, September 13-17

A possibility to learn to diagnose skin diseases using a dermatoscope, see and analyze healthy skin and pathology, detect cell changes that can lead to tragic consequences: all of this and even more can be discovered at the course of thematic advanced training for health professionals by International European University.

You will obtain the following skills:

  • dermatoscopic ABC;
  • detection of determatoscopic signs of melanocytic and non-melanocytic formations;
  • melanoma detection algorithm.

The course will be led by Yulian Krul, a surgeon, phlebologist, plastic surgeon, oncologist, and Denys Sylenko, a dermatovenerologist, dermatologist, dermato-oncologist, trichologist of MyDerm partner clinic.

Target audience: dermatologists, beauty specialists, family doctors; interns and medical students.

Punch biopsy, September 2024

An excellent opportunity to find out how to diagnose skin diseases: to detect and diagnose healthy skin and its pathology, determine skin changes at early stages, which can result in tragic consequences.

You will obtain the following skills:

  • carrying out of punch biopsy;
  • possibilities for interaction between practicing dermatologists and technologists;
  • adoption of efficient methods for treatment and diagnostics of skin diseases based on achievements of local and foreign specialists.

The course will be led by Yulian Krul, a surgeon, phlebologist, plastic surgeon of MyDerm partner clinic.

Target audience: surgeons, clinical oncologists, dermatologists, beauty specialists, family doctors; interns, resident doctors, postgraduate and medical students.


Trichology, September 27 – October 1

How to recognize healthy hair and diagnose its pathologies, detect hair bulb changes that can lead to tragic consequences? To take a course by International European University and learn to diagnose hair diseases.

You will obtain the following skills:

  • diagnostics of damaged hair;
  • practical working out of hair rehabilitation procedures;
  • solution of various problems related to hair and scalp.

The course will be led by Kuzma Khobzei, a dermatologist at the Kuzma Khobzei Clinic, trichologist, surgical hair restoration specialist.

Target audience: trichologists, beauty specialists, family doctors, interns and medical students.

ENT-organ diseases in the context of the interdisciplinary approach, October 4-8

It is easy to see and analyze diseases and pathologies, detect changes in sensory organ functions, which can result in tragic consequences, using diagnostics of reflector diseases. It can be learnt at the course by International European University.

You will obtain the following skills:

  • otorhinolaryngologic ABC;
  • pathology detection algorithm;
  • technique for ENT-organ endoscopic examination.

The course will be led by Viktor Zaichenko, an otorhinolaryngologist of superior expert category, children’s otorhinolaryngologist, and Yaroslav Shkoba, an otorhinolaryngologist of superior expert category, children’s otorhinolaryngologist at Smart partner clinic.

Target audience: otorhinolaryngologists, general practitioners, family doctors, pediatricians, interns, resident doctors, laboratory doctors of primary care setting institutions, postgraduate and medical students.

Diseases of male organs in the practice of family doctors, October 11-15 

You will be able to explore contemporary recommendations for diagnostics, treatment and preventive measures of male organ diseases based on evidentiary medicine, namely, clinical recommendations by such reputed world organizations as the American Urological Association (AUA) and the European Association of Urology (EAU), in October at the advanced training course by International European University.

You will obtain the following skills:

  • diagnostics of male organ diseases;
  • treatment schemes, conservative and surgical treatment;
  • preventive measures and elimination of complications;

The course will be led by Vadym Kozlov, a urologist at Health Harmony medical center, andrologist, sexual health specialist, honored doctor of Ukraine.

Target audience: urologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, general practitioners, family doctors, postgraduate and medical students.

Mode of study of all thematic advanced training courses for doctors:

mixed (offline and online), duration: 5 days.  


  • we develop educational programs at the postgraduate level at the request of specialists in a real-time mode (current moment);
  • we involve the best international and leading professionals of private, public, municipal institutions of Ukraine in educational services;
  • we comply with evidence-based medicine principles in the organization of continuous professional growth of doctors;
  • “Not only find but also can.” We understand the importance of developing practical skills and abilities using the potential of the associate clinic and cutting-edge simulation center.

Details and electronic submission of documents:



International European University cooperates with the Anadolu International Medical Center (Turkey).

Anadolu is a contemporary multi-discipline clinic located in Istanbul. It treats a wide range of diseases using cutting-edge medical technologies and a professional team of specialists educated in Europe and the USA.
Center’s special feature is its affiliation with a globally renowned research medical center called Johns Hopkins Medicine in the USA.

It allows Anadolu to work with the high US standards and be on a level with world’s leading medical institutions.

International European University is an official representative of Anadolu Medical Center.

Therefore, citizens of Ukraine can obtain a free consultation of the best doctors of the medical center. Besides, patients receive assistance in organizing the trip, full support during arrival, treatment and after coming back home.

It is implemented as follows: Patients should contact the international department of the university and provide documents (medical conclusion, analyses, etc.). University staff members send the documents to the clinic and receive the plan of actions.

If patients are fine with the details, our employees give the case to a supervisor of the medical center in Turkey and assist in trip organization if necessary.

Anadolu Medical Center has its own International department consisting of 65 workers, which is responsible for patient care from abroad. They help foreign patients to understand the diagnosis, organize the trip and undergo treatment at the clinic in Turkey, as well as keep in touch with doctors after coming back home.

Besides, students, interns and doctors have a unique opportunity to undertake an internship at one of the world’s best clinics – Anadolu Medical Center!

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Investments in the project for the creation and development of the International European University have exceeded $3 million, founder and vice-rector for scientific, pedagogical work and international relations of the university Alla Navolokina told the Interfax-Ukraine agency after a press conference at the agency on Thursday.

“Today, 850 foreign students from more than 40 countries of the world study at our university. We have already invested over $ 3 million. As part of the implementation of European education standards, students can choose freely more than 25% of subjects, not only in their professional field. Each student can choose from among seven faculties the directions that appeal to him. Even a medical student can study IT, design, or music. Even if only one student from the batch chooses a subject, we fully ensure its study. This is the uniqueness of our university,” Navolokina said.

Navolokina stressed that the university is creating a unique system of teaching a person throughout his life – from 3 to 93 years. We have created a university of a new formation, the main principles of which are equality and student-centrism.

“The International European University seeks to bring Ukrainian education to a new quality level,” Anatoliy Tolstoukhov, Doctor of Philosophy, Academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Chairman of the Development Assistance Council of the International European University, said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine.

“Today, the process of consolidation of universities has begun in the world: along with schools, there will be much less of them. The specificity of our university is that at least two-thirds of students must be representatives of other countries. This means that we take responsibility for the presentation of Ukraine to the whole world, on the other hand, such a scheme allows us to enrich ourselves with the experience of world education in Ukraine,” Tolstoukhov said.

The most important thing, according to Navolokina, is that students and instructors should feel at the university like at home. For this, we have created an innovative system for a student to choose his own individual educational trajectory. The vice-rector also noted that all instructors, students and junior staff at the university communicate fluently in English, which makes it possible to create a comfortable language environment in the learning process.

The International European University was founded in Kyiv in 2019. The university has its own educational building at 16a Mahnitohorska Street in Kyiv. Ukraine and Austria are its co-founders.

The university specializes in teaching foreign students and Ukrainians, studying in scientific and educational institutions in seven areas: business schools, architectural and engineering, language, medical, IT, law and art schools.

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International European University held an international scientific conference: ‘25th Anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine: National Tradition and European Standards of Constitutionalism’, involving honored guests, public officials, students, Ph.D. students, young scientists, lawyers and political strategists.

Due to the global epidemiological situation, International European University developed the plan of actions and took care of all participants. At the entrance of the university, our partners, medical professionals from New diagnostics laboratory, carried out PCR testing and provided participants with face masks.

The conference was opened by Alla Navolokina, a co-founder and vice-rector for educational and scientific work and international relations of International European University. Mrs. Alla stressed the importance of the event, as the Constitution of Ukraine secured the right to education. According to the Constitution, the social and cultural right to education provides everyone in Ukraine with the possibility to acquire knowledge, abilities, skills and professional training based on mutual cooperation of various entities of the education sector.

International European University respects the Constitution Day of Ukraine and complies with the Fundamental Law of Ukraine to secure the rights and freedoms of each citizen in this state.

Honored guests of the conference included:

Anatolii Tolstoukhov

Ukrainian public official, policymaker and scientist, first rank civil servant, Ph.D., academician at the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine. Chair of the Council for International European University Development.

Franz-Volodymyr von Habsburg-Lothringen

Descendant of Emperor Franz Joseph. President of International European University.

Mokhammad Faradzhallakh
Editor-in-chief of “Ukraine in Arabic”

Kateryna Odarchenko

Head of National Platform political party, President of the Institute for Democracy and Development “PolitA”, partner of SIC Group Ukraine.

Tamara Marusyk

Vice-rector for research, education and instruction of Chernivtsi National University.

Sam Noshadha

Vice-rector for international relations, responsible for prevention and detection of corruption, of Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism. Judge of the International Commercial Arbitration Court. He is recognized by the best lawyers in Ukrainian commercial law.

Bohdan Kushnir

Attorney, director of Argument Law Firm, founder of International Human Rights Association “National Lawyer”.

Sadaqat Hussain

Representative of foreign students at International European University.

Natalia Kozaeva

Head of the Notary Chamber of Ukraine in Kyiv, member of the Council of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

Volodymyr Omelchenko

Director of energy and infrastructure programs at Razumkov Centre.

The conference continued in the format of panel sessions where participants, students and invited guests discussed relevant issues of the development of Ukrainian legal science and practice.

Quite symbolic is the fact that this year, Ukrainians celebrate two significant dates: 25th Anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine and 30th Anniversary of the declaration of Ukrainian independence.

It is symbolic for International European University because, on the eve of these dates, one has founded the university and started its operations as an institution developing each citizen of the new world order.

To sum up, the conference showed the significance of the dialogue, scientific comprehension and educational issues for both the university community and public officials and society.

Thus, in regard to this great Ukrainian holiday, we wish us to live in the constitutional state that respects the rights and fulfils its obligations, as well as features mutual respect and equality. The state respected and appreciated on the global stage. In the state called Ukraine!

Live broadcasting of the conference is available here.

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