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On the night of February 16-17, the Maran Excellence ship with 160,000 tonnes of Colombian coal for the needs of PJSC Centrenergo moored in the port of Pivdenny, unloading is underway at a deep-sea berth, the press service of the generating company reported.
“One of the largest bulk carriers (capesize), with a deadweight (maximum allowable load) of more than 180,000 tonnes, delivered 160,000 tonnes of high-quality Colombian coal to Ukraine for the needs of the Centrenergo generation,” the company said on its website on Thursday .
It notes that such a significant consignment of coal was delivered to Centrenergo for the first time by sea in accordance with contracts concluded with international traders.
“Despite the difficult situation that has developed in the Black Sea due to the training of the Russian Federation, the vessel successfully passed through a safe additional corridor to the Ukrainian port and arrived at its destination according to the schedule,” the generating company stressed.
Until the end of February this year, Centrenergo expects the next two ships with a total volume of coal of 214,000 tonnes.
The company assured that the replenishment of stocks at warehouses of thermal power plants due to the diversification of coal sources and the support of the Ministry of Energy and the State Property Fund of Ukraine will allow confidently going through the heating season and ensuring the reliable operation of the Ukrainian power system during peak hours.

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The vessel Wadi safaga ( with 78,000 tonnes of Australian coal for PJSC Centrenergo moored in the Odesa port Pivdenny last Friday, unloading is underway, the company’s press service reported.
According to it, this is already the sixth vessel with imported thermal coal for the needs of Centrenergo since the end of November last year.
The press service recalled that the total volume of contracted imported coal for February-March 2022 is 677,000 tonnes. By the end of February, three more ships with 374,000 tonnes of coal from Australia, Colombia and South Africa are expected.

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Ukraine needs to import approximately 3.5 million tonnes of thermal coal during the coming heating season, Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko has said.
“Additionally, it is needed to import about 3.5 million tonnes during the heating season in accordance with the coal accumulation schedule,” the minister said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
At the same time, he noted that generating companies – both DTEK and Centrenergo – have begun to conclude contracts for coal imports.
According him, the price of electricity in the market already makes it possible “to calmly buy coal, produce [electricity], sell and earn money.”
“We expect that we will stabilize the situation with coal and will calmly pass the autumn-winter period,” the minister said.
At the same time, he noted that in the heating season of this year, the Ministry of Energy also expects “certain achievements” – the NPP operation with at least 14 units out of 15 operating, as well as, if necessary, especially in December-January, connection of the 15th atomic block to the system. According to his forecasts, gas reserves in underground storage facilities will reach 19.5 billion cubic meters at the beginning of the autumn-winter period.
According to presidential decree 452/2021, promulgated on Monday, which approved the decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) dated July 30, 2021 on measures to neutralize threats in the energy sector, the Cabinet of Ministers must ensure the accumulation of natural gas, reserve fuels and coal by October 31 of this year for the smooth operation of the fuel and energy complex during the heating period 2021/2022, as well as the priority of providing open wagons for shipment of coal products by rail in accordance with the requests of coal enterprises – mines and processing plants. Also, the government needs to ensure the completion of the implementation of measures regarding the readiness of the fuel and energy complex to work in a special period and make appropriate decisions.

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The State Property Fund (SPF) has issued an order on the privatization of the power generating company PJSC Centrenergo.
“By order of the State Property Fund No. 1275 dated July 23, 2021, the decision was made on the privatization of a state-owned enterprise – a state-owned stake of shares in the amount of 78.289% of the charter capital of the public joint-stock company Centrenergo. These are 289,205,117 shares,” the SPF said in a statement on its website on Monday.
According to the order that approved the plan for the placement of shares, the stake of the power generating company is planned to be placed at an auction with conditions from August 2 to December 31, 2021.
The SPF’s large privatization department shall ensure the creation of an auction commission and a competitive selection of an advisor to prepare for privatization and the sale of the stake.

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky believes that the state stakes of PJSC Centrenergo and PJSC Odesa Port-Side Chemical Plant are ready for sale at privatization tenders.
“I believe that the privatization of Centrenergo is important. Today we have cleared the company of many influential groups and Centrenergo is open [for privatization] … So is Odesa Port-Side Plant. I believe that it is ready for today,” he said, when speaking with journalists at the all-Ukrainian forum Ukraine 30. Economy without Oligarchs.
Zelensky noted that when selling large enterprises, it is not so much a one-time receipt of the maximum possible funds that is important, but the obligation of potential investors to invest in the modernization of companies with the subsequent stable receipt of taxes from their economic activities.
“It is important not how much the state will receive at once, but how much later – from taxes every month, every year. Business is not about buy and sell, this is not about mediation, business is a constant investment of money in technologies, in ideas,” the head of state explained.
As reported, in early June, the Supreme Court satisfied the claim of Odesa Port-Side Plant and the State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPF) and denied Ostchem Holding Limited of Dmytro Firtash in the execution of the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court to recover over $ 300 million from Odesa Port-Side Plant for gas supplies.
According to Head of the SPF Dmytro Sennychenko, this is a very important decision for the transparent privatization of the plant, since now any potential buyer can be sure that creditors will not be able to challenge his ownership of the plant.

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The Deposit Guarantee Fund (SPF) of Ukraine is working on preparations for the privatization of PJSC Centrenergo, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said.
“A lot of things are being said about Centrenergo. The company will prepare for privatization. The State Property Fund is engaged in this. They have a clear plan,” the head of state said during a press conference on Wednesday. More…