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Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) of National Nuclear Generating Company Energoatom in January-June 2021 generated 42.1 billion kWh of electricity, which is 6.8% more than in the same period last year (39.4 billion kWh).
“Some 42.1 billion kWh were generated, which is 54.2% of the total electricity generated in Ukraine. In 2020, the share of electricity generated by Energoatom was 51.4%. The electricity generation target has been fulfilled by 106.6%,” Energoatom said on its website on Thursday.
As the company said, Energoatom managed to produce 1.6 billion kWh out of 2.7 billion kWh of additional electricity volumes in the first half of the year by reducing the time for scheduled preventive maintenance at NPPs by almost 75 days.
The installed capacity utilization factor (ICUF) of NPPs amounted to 69.9%, which is 5 percentage points more than in the first half of 2020.
The volume of funding for capital expenditures of Energoatom amounted to UAH 5.1 billion, which is 40.2% more than the same indicator for January-June 2020 (UAH 3.66 billion).
Among the most significant projects in the first half of the year, the company noted construction and preparation for commissioning of the Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility (CSFSF), completion of the first stage of splash pools of the South-Ukraine energy complex, construction of a radioactive waste processing complex at Khmelnytsky NPP, as well as construction of the Vilcha-Yaniv railway track with a length of 43 km, which will connect the CSFSF with the railway network of Ukraine.

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Ukraine in January-June 2021 reduced its revenue from electricity exports by 40.9% (by $74.921 million) compared to the same period in 2020, to $108.238 million, according to data from the State Customs Service.
According to the calculations of the Interfax-Ukraine agency, in the six months, electricity was supplied to Hungary for $50.714 million, Poland – for $31.217 million, Romania – for $14.446 million, other countries – for $11.861 million.
In particular, in June 2021, electricity was exported for $30.263 million against $5.96 million in June 2020.
In addition, during this period Ukraine imported electricity for $58.598 million against $109.004 million in the same period last year, in particular from Belarus – for $24.691 million, Slovakia – for $22.25 million, Russia – for $5.186 million, other countries – for $6.471 million.

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Ukraine has refused to buy electricity from the Belarusian nuclear power plant (NPP), Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė said following talks with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal in Vilnius on Thursday.
At a joint press conference, she welcomed Ukraine’s withdrawal from dangerous suppliers and its desire to join the European ENTSO-E electricity market.
According to her, the “green” transition is also important.

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The Pivdenny Economic Court of Appeals has postponed the hearing of a case regarding the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (NFP) shutdown of TIU Canada’s solar power plant in Nikopol to July 27 due to the absence of one of the defendants, the Canadian company said in a press release on Thursday.
In addition, according to TIU Canada, one of the judges withdrew from the case on the morning of June 24 and was replaced, which was the next stage after the previous three judges recused themselves.
As reported, earlier the company had previously filed a motion to dismiss three judges of Pivdenny Economic Court of Appeals from the hearing the case “because of warnings about the connection between the latter and oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, who is included in the list of persons subject to U.S. government sanctions.”
TIU Canada argued its distrust by the fact that judges Korsak, Popikova and Yevsikov, whose challenge the company is seeking, had previously ruled in favor of businessman Ihor Kolomoisky, who controls NFP, in the case against the state-owned PrivatBank, admitting that they would not be able to consider the case related to this enterprise without bias.
The 10.5 MW solar power plant was disconnected from the power grid by NFP in March 2020. TIU Canada said that NFP took advantage of the fact that the SPP was connected to a substation located on its territory, and explained the need for disconnection by repair work. The shutdown caused the company in excess of EUR1.5 million losses, which continue to grow.
As a result, Ekotekhnik Nikopol LLC (TIU Canada) filed a claim against NFP with the Kyiv Economic Court. In the middle of February, the company said it would challenge a January 26 court ruling that rejected the company’s claims against NFP.

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Electricity consumption in Ukraine, taking into account in-process losses in power grids, increased by 6.7% in January-May 2021 (by 4.163 billion kWh) compared to the same period in 2020, to 65.913 billion kWh, according to data from the Energy Ministry.
According to the calculations of Interfax-Ukraine, excluding in-process losses, electricity consumption for the specified period increased by 8.2% (by 4.073 billion kWh), to 53.761 billion kWh.
The country’s industry, excluding in-process losses, boosted electricity consumption by 7.3%, to 21.709 billion kWh. In particular, metallurgical industry consumed 11.853 billion kWh (4.6% more compared to January-May 2020), the fuel industry some 1.397 billion kWh (3.9% more), machine-building industry some 1.612 billion kWh (18.7% more), chemical and petrochemical some 1.83 billion kWh (12.1% more), food and processing some 1.746 billion kWh (1% more), building materials some 1.025 billion kWh (22.5% more), others some 2.247 billion kWh (12.4% more).
In addition, agricultural enterprises consumed 1.445 billion kWh (0.9% more), transport some 2.619 million kWh (8.2% more), construction some 501.1 million kWh (23.8% more).
In January-May 2021, the country’s population consumed 17.469 billion kWh (7.5% more), households some 6.384 billion kWh (8.1% more), other non-industrial consumers some 3.635 billion (18.8% more).
According to the results of the first five months, the share of industry in the total volume of electricity consumption decreased from 40.7% to 40.4%, while the share of the population increased from 32.7% to 32.5%.
In May 2021, electricity consumption, taking into account in-process losses, increased by 3.1% (by 338 million kWh) compared to the same month of 2020, to 11.183 billion kWh, excluding in-process losses, by 9.6% (by 848.8 million kWh), to 9.713 billion kWh.

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Ukraine in January-May 2021 reduced electricity exports by 44.5% (by 1.172 billion kWh) compared to the same period in 2020, to 1.403 billion kWh, according to data from Ukrenergo.
According to the calculations of the Interfax-Ukraine agency, in particular, supplies from the Burshtyn TPP energy island in the direction of Hungary, Slovakia and Romania fell by 1.8 times (by 769.8 million kWh), to 1.002 billion 2 kWh.
Electricity supplies to Poland almost halved (by 318.3 million kWh) compared to the same period last year, to 353.3 million kWh.
Electricity exports to Moldova decreased by 2.8 times (by 83.4 million kWh), to 46.8 million kWh.
There were no deliveries to Belarus and the Russian Federation in January-May 2021 and 2020.
In May 2021, Ukrainian electricity exports amounted to 125.1 million kWh, which is 3.7 times more than in May 2020 (460 million kWh).
In addition, Ukraine in January-May 2021 reduced electricity imports by 1.8 times (by 756 million kWh) compared to the same period last year, to 981.7 million kWh. In particular, supplies from Belarus amounted to 522.6 million kWh, Slovakia – 254.4 million kWh, Russia – 101.9 million kWh, Hungary – 66.2 million kWh, Romania – 36.6 million kWh.
As reported, in 2020 Ukraine reduced electricity exports by 26.5% (by 1.715 billion kWh) compared to 2019, to 4.754 billion kWh. Electricity export revenue decreased by 25.9% (by $97.937 million), to $280.831 million.

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