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Energy Minister of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko and U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm have signed a joint statement on strategic dialogue in the field of energy and climate, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.
“A strategic dialogue in the field of energy and climate has been initiated between Ukraine and the United States. The corresponding joint statement was signed by Ukraine’s Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko and U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the energy security strategy, which was developed on the basis of the national security strategy approved by decree No. 392 of President Volodymyr Zelensky dated September 14, 2020.
Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko said during a presentation of the document at a government session on Wednesday that the strategy identifies, in particular, 29 threats to energy security, the key of which are cyber threats, ongoing Russian aggression, wear of fixed assets, lack of energy reserves, the impact of climate change on the structure and energy consumption regimes, as well as issues of competition in the markets, staffing of the industry and development of scientific and technical potential.
“In accordance with this, three key scenarios have been identified, according to which the energy sector can develop, depending on the threats,” the minister said.
These are “no change,” “unfriendly influence” and “positive transformation” scenarios.
The “no change” scenario envisages, in particular, the preservation of the current trends in the formation and implementation of energy policy, as well as the principles of the functioning of energy markets.
The second scenario “unfriendly influence” is envisaged in the event of an increase in the external influence of Russia in order to gain control over the energy policy of Ukraine.
The third scenario “positive transformation” is aimed at the priority development of the country in terms of the irreversibility of its European and Euro-Atlantic course.
Haluschenko said the main goals of the strategy are, in particular, the availability of energy resources for consumers, the sustainability of the energy sector and its economic efficiency, the environmentally acceptable impact of energy on the environment, as well as the integration of the sector into the EU space.
The Energy Ministry of kraine intends to carry out annual monitoring of threats to the country’s energy security.

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Ukraine and Denmark have signed a cooperation agreement that opens up opportunities for companies working with green energy, among other things, the press service of the Ministry of Energy said.

“The agreement between the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Denmark will mark a new stage in deepening intergovernmental cooperation, which will focus on strengthening the environment for sustainable energy solutions and technologies based on Danish experience and technical assistance, as well as opportunities for companies working with ‘green’ energy,” the message says.

According to Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Haluschenko, “Denmark is one of the European leaders in the implementation of the transition to ‘green’ energy. Ukraine, in turn, shares the goals of the European Green Deal. Therefore, I see significant potential for deepening cooperation between our states in the development of renewable sources of energy and enhancing energy security.”

The press service of the Ministry of Energy noted that Ukraine is making significant efforts to implement projects aimed at reducing traditional energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency and introducing energy-saving technologies. The draft National Energy Efficiency Action Plan developed by the Ministry of Energy provides for a decrease in final energy consumption by more than 17% by 2030.

In its turn, the Danish Energy Agency will contribute in the form of consultations, technical assistance and mutual training of specialists from the Ukrainian energy sector.

“The energy partnership with Denmark will help improve conditions for the introduction of the latest environmentally friendly energy technologies and attracting investments in sustainable energy,” Haluschenko said.

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The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and Qatar Petroleum, the state-owned oil and gas company of Qatar, have signed a memorandum of understanding on energy cooperation, the press service of the Ministry of Energy said.
On the part of Ukraine, the document was signed by acting Minister of Energy Yuriy Vitrenko, for Qatar – President and CEO of Qatar Petroleum, Minister of State for Energy Affairs Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi.
“Cooperation in the oil and gas sector of Ukraine and Qatar is promising and important for our country. Qatar is one of the largest gas producers in the world and has valuable experience and significant financial resources for investments in the exploration and production of gas in Ukraine,” Vitrenko, who is currently on a visit to the capital of Qatar, Doha, as part of the Ukrainian delegation led by the president of Ukraine, said.
In addition, according to him, cooperation with Qatar is of fundamental importance for Kyiv from the point of view of diversifying sources of gas supplies to Ukraine.
In accordance with the memorandum, the states intend to develop cooperation, in particular in the areas of investments from Qatar in the exploration and production of gas in Ukraine, as well as gas supplies (liquefied natural gas) from Qatar to Ukraine.
The memorandum will be valid for three years and can be automatically renewed for the same period.

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During the Ukrainian-Moldovan political consultations, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar and State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova Dumitru Sokolan discussed the status of implementation of the agreements reached during the visit of President of Moldova Maia Sandu to Kyiv in January 2021.
“The parties ‘synchronized watches’ regarding the nearest political contacts at the highest and high levels. Vasyl Bodnar informed about the preparations for the inaugural summit of the Crimean platform and the celebrations on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Ukraine’s independence on August 23-24,” the statement on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website said on Thursday, March 25.
It is reported that considerable attention was paid to the implementation of cross-border infrastructure projects, primarily the construction of a bridge across the river Dniester in the area of ​​Yampil-Koseuts settlements, the parties positively noted the progress in this case.
“Bodnar and Sokolan emphasized the importance of an early resumption of negotiations between the authorized authorities in order to resolve the entire range of issues related to the functioning of the Dniester hydroelectric complex, as well as to complete the process of demarcation of the Ukrainian-Moldovan border,” the Foreign Ministry said.
The parties checked their positions on expanding the legal framework between the two states in various fields.
A separate topic of the consultations was regional security issues, in particular the threats associated with the presence of Russian military units in the Transnistrian region of Moldova.
The Deputy Minister said that Ukraine is determined to continue supporting territorial integrity and sovereignty of Moldova within the internationally recognized borders, as well as to be an active participant in the negotiation process on the Transnistrian settlement.
“We regard the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the Transnistrian region of Moldova as a matter of national and regional security,” the ministry’s press service quoted Bodnar as saying.
The parties discussed steps to strengthen bilateral trade and economic cooperation and implement energy projects.
In addition, it is reported that in context of humanitarian cooperation development, Bodnar asked to accelerate the ratification by the Moldovan side of the agreement signed on December 17, 2009 between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova on cooperation in ensuring the rights of persons belonging to national minorities (Ukraine ratified it on October 5, 2010).
The parties discussed ways to deepen cooperation with the EU in context of implementation of the two countries’ course towards European integration. The diplomats also exchanged views on the efforts of the governments of Ukraine and Moldova to counter the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Ukraine and Qatar intend to discuss opportunities for developing relations in the energy and agricultural sectors, as well as in military-technical cooperation and investments, Ukraine’s Minister of Finance Serhiy Marchenko said following an online conference with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Qatar to Ukraine Hadi Nasser Al-Hajri.
“Soon, as the head of the Intergovernmental Commission on Economic, Trade and Technical Cooperation between the government of Ukraine and the State of Qatar, I will initiate a discussion of new opportunities for the development of relations between our countries,” Marchenko said.
“In particular, we’ll pay attention to the energy and agricultural sectors, military-technical cooperation, investments,” the minister stressed.

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