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British-based Ferrexpo plc, which controls in Ukraine, in particular, Poltava and Yeristovo mining and processing plants (GOK), in January-September 2020 increased total production of pellets by 3% compared to the same period in 2019, to 8.134 million tonnes.
According to a press release, total production of pellets with 65% Fe (iron content), including a trial shipment of Ferrexpo Direct Reduction pellets with 67% Fe in the first half of 2020, amounted to 8.036 million tonnes (up by 6%) for the period, with 62% Fe some 98,000 tonnes (a decrease by 68%).
At the same time, production of pellets from third-party raw materials was not carried out.
In Q3, 2020, total pellet production decreased by 12% compared to Q2, 2020, to 2.537 million tonnes from 2.873 million tonnes due to the planned repair of the pelletiser in early September 2020. In Q3 no pellets with 62% Fe were produced.
“Ferrexpo’s operations continued to operate with minimal impact during Q3, 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The company continues to ensure all appropriate precautions are being followed for the health and wellbeing of its workforce, including the company’s own programs testing for the COVID-19 virus and associated antibodies,” the document reads.
“The company’s additional concentrator section was completed in Q3, 2020, with commissioning and ramp up of this additional processing capacity to progress in Q4, 2020,” it says.



The Level I Intensive Care Hospital and the Primary Health Care Center in Horishni Plavni has received two Renault Master ambulances – another consignment of aid from Ferrexpo mining company, whose main production assets are located in this city.
“The total cost of the vehicles is about UAH 3 million. This delivery was carried out as part of the large Ferrexpo assistance program to combat COVID-19,” the company said in a press release.
Mayor of the city Dmytro Bykov thanked for the systematic support provided by the Ferrexpo mining and processing plants (GOK).
“Unfortunately, the statistics of COVID-19 cases are not encouraging with good news, the situation is also complicated by seasonal outbreaks of other viral diseases. We do not stop assistance programs, studying the needs and systematically transferring the necessary equipment, transport, medicines and protective equipment to hospitals,” the director of the charitable foundation of Poltava GOK, Viacheslav Miniazev, said.
In March of this year, the Ferrexpo board of directors decided that the group’s enterprises, including Poltava, Yeristovo and Belanovo GOKs, will allocate $ 2.5 million in assistance to medical institutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Poltava region, as well as within the framework of national programs throughout the territory Ukraine. It was noted that, first of all, the money will be used for the purchase of artificial lung ventilation devices, test systems for detecting coronavirus and other necessary equipment, and further distribution of assistance will be carried out in accordance with the priority needs of medical institutions.
Ferrexpo is an iron ore company with assets in Ukraine. The London Stock Exchange (LSE) trades the shares of British-based Ferrexpo plc, which owns 100% of the shares of Swiss-based Ferrexpo AG, which, in turn, holds a 100% stake in Poltava GOK, 100% of Yeristovo GOK and 99.9% of Belanovo GOK. Kostiantyn Zhevaho via Fevamotinico S.a.r.l. owns 50.3% of Ferrexpo shares.

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Ferrexpo Plc, which controls Poltava and Yeristovo mining enterprises in Ukraine, ramped up pellet production by 3.5% in January-July 2020 year-over-year, to 6.38 million tonnes.
A representative of the company told Interfax-Ukraine that over the period concentrate production grew by 4.3%, to UAH 8.04 million tonnes.
In July alone, the company made 780,000 tonnes of pellets, 1.04 million tonnes of concentrate, while in June, some 860,000 tonnes of pellets and 1.115 million tonnes of concentrate were produced.



Britain’s Ferrexpo Plc, controlling Poltava Mining and Yeristovo Mining, in January-June 2020 increased iron ore concentrate processing – pellets are made of it – by 6.3% year-over-year, to 7.002 million tonnes.
The enterprise told Interfax-Ukraine that in June 1.115 tonnes of concentrate was produced.
In H1 2020, 5.598 million pellets were made, including 860,100 tonnes in June alone.


Ferrexpo plc, whose main assets are Ukrainian iron ore producers Poltava and Yeristovo mining and processing plants, raised iron ore pellet production 4.6% year-on-year in H1, 2020, to 5.598 million tonnes, the company said in a press release.
Output of pellets with 65% Fe-content grew 7.1% year-on-year, to 5.5 million tonnes while output 62% Fe fell 54.4%, to 98,000 tonnes.
Ferrexpo did not produce pellets from third-party feedstock.
Pellet production rose 5.4% quarter-on-quarter in Q2, 2020, to 2.873 million tonnes, including 2.848 million tonnes of 65% Fe, up 7.4%, and 24,700 tonnes of 62% Fe, down 66.3%.
The company’s facilities “continue to operate with minimal impact on operations to date, and the company continues to closely monitor its workforce,” Ferrexpo said in a COVID-19 update. “The infection rate in the local communities surrounding the company’s operations remains low,” it said.
The London-listed Ferrexpo plc owns 100% of Ferrexpo AG, which owns 100% of each of Poltava Mining and Yeristovo Mining and 99.9% of Belanovo Mining. Ferrexpo’s main customers are steelmakers in Austria, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Vietnam and the United States. Pellet production grew 0.8% to 10.519 million tonnes on 2019.

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British-based Ferrexpo Plc, which controls Poltava and Yeristovo mining enterprises in Ukraine, increased the total production of pellets by 7.4% in January-March 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, to 2.725 million tonnes. According to the company’s press release on Tuesday, April 7, the total production of pellets with 65% iron content (Ferrexpo Premium Pellets and Ferrexpo Premium Pellets plus) amounted to 2.652 million tonnes (an increase of 9,1%), with 62% iron content (Ferrexpo Basic Pellets) some 73,330 tonnes (a decrease of 31.8%).
There was no pellet production from third party concentrate in Q1 2020.
Sales are expected to reach about 2.8 million tonnes in the first quarter 2020, compared to 2.6 million tonnes in the first quarter 2019 (an increase of 7.7%).
“Production in Q1 2020 was not impacted by the COVID-19 virus [disease]. Ferrexpo continues to take active measures to help protect our workforce and local communities against the spread of the virus,” the enterprise said in a press release.
In 2019, there was also no pellet production from third party concentrate, while in 2018 some 101,000 tonnes of pellets were produced.
Ferrexpo is a Swiss iron ore company with assets in Ukraine. Its core business is production and export of high quality iron ore pellets used in steel production.

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