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“Agroholding 2012” intends to acquire 9.95% of shares in IC Nadiina

Agroholding 2012 LLC (Horodok, Khmelnytsky region) intends to acquire 9.95% of shares in Nadiina Insurance Company (Kyiv), according to the information system of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission.

It is noted that the shares are to be purchased from an individual. Previously, Agroholding 2012 did not own the insurer’s shares directly or indirectly.

As reported, in January-September 2023, IC Nadiina collected insurance premiums in the amount of UAH 99.575 million, which is 1.68% more than in the same period last year. Net premiums increased by 3.01 times to UAH 44.430 million, and earned premiums increased by 3.55 times to UAH 44.086 million.

The volume of insurance claims and reimbursements made by the company in the first nine months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022 increased 3.04 times to UAH 5.721 million. Thus, the payout ratio increased by 3.83 p.p. to 5.75%.

Profit from operating activities in January-September 2023 increased to UAH 27.042 million, and the insurer’s net profit increased to UAH 25.198 million.

As of September 30, 2023, the insurer’s assets increased by 46.66% to UAH 89.159 million, equity showed an increase of 51.33% to UAH 74.284 million, liabilities – by 27.07% to UAH 14.875 million, cash and cash equivalents increased 2.87 times to UAH 38.415 million.

Nadiina was registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs in 2006. The authorized capital is UAH 15 million. As reported on its website, as of the beginning of 2024, the company’s shareholders are eight individuals with 9.5%, one with 5%, and another with 19%.

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Astarta CEO Ivanchyk buys another 0.03% of shares

On December 4-5, CEO of Astarta Agro Holding Viktor Ivanchyk bought 0.033% of the company’s shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) for a total of PLN238.37 thousand (about $59.27 thousand at the current exchange rate).

According to information on the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s website, the previous time it acquired 0.113% of the shares on June 22-26 at a price of PLN28.8-PLN29.0 per share.

This time, Albacon Ventures Ltd, owned by Ivanczyk, bought 8.32 thousand shares at PLN28.65 per share in 94 transactions on December 4-5.

At the last shareholders’ meeting on May 24 this year, Ivanczyk’s 40% stake gave him 52.93% of the votes.

The latest report as of November this year indicated that the Ivanchyk family owns 40.11%, Fairfax Financial Holdings – 29.91%, Kopernik Global Investors – 2.64%, Heptagon Capital – 1.88%, and the share of any other shareholder does not exceed 0.18%.

According to the WSE, Astarta’s share price is currently PLN28.4, which is 1.22% lower than at the opening.

“Astarta is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding company operating in eight regions of Ukraine. It comprises six sugar factories, agricultural enterprises with a land bank of 220,000 hectares and dairy farms with 22,000 cattle, an oil extraction plant in Globyno (Poltava region), seven elevators and a biogas complex.

“Astarta, the largest sugar producer in Ukraine, reduced its net profit by 9.8% to EUR55.97 million in the first nine months of this year, while revenue increased by 14.8% to EUR392.00 million.

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Astarta’s shares went up by 4.6%

On Wednesday, the share price of Astarta, Ukraine’s largest sugar producer, rose by 4.55% to PLN34.5 per share ($8.43 at the current exchange rate) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange after the publication of its half-year report with good financial results.

According to the stock exchange’s website, after closing the day before at PLN33 and the report published in the evening, trading on Wednesday started at PLN35 and reached PLN36 in the first minutes, but within an hour it corrected to PLN33.3, after which it gradually grew without such swings.

According to the report, in the first half of 2023, Astarta earned EUR54.73 million in net profit, up 97.4% compared to the first half of 2022, with revenue up 31.6% to EUR287.25 million and EBITDA up 42.7% to EUR97.25 million.

Net financial debt decreased from EUR43 million to EUR19 million over the half-year after repayment of bank debt, and net debt decreased from EUR152 million to EUR130 million.

A total of 329 deals were made on the day for almost PLN1.23 million. The rate corresponds to a capitalization of PLN862.5 million.

As for Kernel, where minority shareholders are awaiting the results of the additional issue for fear of dilution of their stake, their share price on Wednesday fell by only 0.1%, which was enough to drop below the PLN11 level to PLN10.99 per share for the first time in the company’s history.



The sharp decline in the value of cryptocurrencies this year put pressure on the shares of companies working in the field of digital currency mining, writes The Wall Street Journal.
Shares of American miners Riot Blockchain Inc. and TeraWulf Inc. Since the beginning of the year, prices have fallen by 78% and 89%, respectively, while the price of Canadian Hut 8 Mining Corp. and Bitfarms Ltd collapsed by 79% and 71%, respectively.
The price of bitcoin has fallen by about 70% from its November highs to $20,000. As a result, North American mining companies have earned less than $20 million per day in the last week, according to Glassnode. In October last year, the average daily revenue was about $72 million.
The situation is aggravated by the fact that banks are less and less willing to do business with representatives of the cryptocurrency sector, which negatively affects their ability to pay for the purchase of new equipment.
According to Arcane Research analyst Yaran Mellerud, companies have to sell almost all the mined cryptocurrency in order to purchase powerful new computers and chips. According to his estimates, in January-April 2022, publicly traded miners sold about 30% of all bitcoins they mined, and in May the figure exceeded 100% – that is, companies had to sell digital assets from their reserves.
“If they have to liquidate a significant portion of their reserves, this could put even more downward pressure on bitcoin prices,” Mellerud said.
According to Glassnode, if the price of bitcoin falls below $17,600, the miners will be unprofitable. On Saturday, the price of bitcoin at some point fell below $17,630 thousand. IDEG believes that the price at which bitcoin mining turns out to be breakeven is even higher – in the region of $28,000 thousand, and with this forecast, miners have been operating at a loss for several weeks.
The value of cryptocurrencies is falling along with other risky assets, including stocks, amid tightening monetary policy and increasing risks of a global recession, many analysts believe. As the world’s central banks are determined to keep raising rates, the fall in digital currencies could be protracted. So, the investment director of Absolute Strategy Research, Ian Hartnett, believes that bitcoin may well fall to $13,000.
A week earlier, market expert Igor Stakovichenko, responding to a request from Open4Business, said that in the current situation, the fall of the bitcoin market below 22,000 launched a new, even deeper “bearish phase” of the cycle, as it greatly shook the positions of long-term holders of the asset. The long-term holders, who had held their positions during the last drops, could not stand it and started dumping the cue ball at the lowest prices.
“This shook the entire structure, and both technical and macroeconomic indicators today indicate a possible fall in the main cryptocurrency to 16,000 or even lower,” the expert said.
However, according to Stakovichenko, it is too early to bury bitcoin, as “whales” (investors owning more than 10,000 BTC) continue to accumulate this digital currency, which may indicate the possibility of growth in the medium and long term.
In addition, the expert predicted possible stabilization and even some growth of the world’s main cryptocurrency.

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The value of shares of eight out of nine Ukrainian agricultural holdings, whose shares are listed on foreign exchanges, fell sharply on February 24 due to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, but partially recovered during March, reaching a maximum value for five groups of companies on March 29, during the Ukrainian-Russian negotiations in Istanbul.
Corresponding trends for securities of agricultural groups from Ukraine can be traced in the analysis of data from the Warsaw and London stock exchanges.
Thus, for the period February 23 – March 31, the price of shares of the Astarta agricultural holding on March 29 “bounced” to PLN28.5 compared to the pre-war PLN29.0 on March 23 (1.7% less). Similarly, on March 29, peak values during the war with the Russian Federation reached the price of shares of IMK – PLN21.0 (February 23 – PLN22.8, -7.8%), “Agroton” – PLN6.0 (PLN6.66, -10%) , Kernel – PLN36.5 (PLN46.4, -21.3%), Agroliga – PLN25.6 (PLN37.8, -47.6%).
At the same time, on March 29, the value of the securities of the KSG Agro group of companies even exceeded the pre-war figures, reaching PLN2.92, which is 5% more than on February 23, PLN2.78.
The most highly quoted shares of the agricultural holding MHP were $5.26 (PLN21.98) on March 3, which is -11% less than the pre-war $5.96 (PLN24.91). Milkiland reached a similar peak on March 18 – PLN1.22 against PLN1.45 (-15.8%), and Ovostar – on March 23, PLN59 against PLN58 (+1.6%).
In turn, the largest drop since the beginning of the invasion of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation, the shares of MHP agricultural holding reached $ 3.3 (PLN 13.79, -80%) on March 24, Kernel – on March 8 (PLN 18.8, a fall of 2.5 times ), Agroliga on March 3 (PLN16.5, a drop of 2.3 times), Astarta on March 2 (PLN14.2, a drop of 2 times), IMC on March 7 (PLN12.6, a drop of 1 .8 times), KSG Agro on March 24 (PLN 1.55, a drop of 1.8 times), Agroton on February 24 (PLN 4.0, -40%), Milkiland on February 24 (PLN 0.96 , a third drop), Ovostara on March 21 (PLN54.5, -7.6%).
As of 17:00 March 31, Kernel shares are valued at PLN33.0, MHP – $4.2 (PLN18.39), Astarta – PLN26.15, IMC – PLN20.5, KSG Agro – PLN2.68, Ovostar – PLN49.6, Milkiland – PLN1.22, Agroliga – PLN23.7, Agroton – PLN5.78



BTA Bank (Kazakhstan), which owns 20.284% of shares in the National Joint-Stock Insurance Company Oranta (Kyiv), has reduced its block of shares to 0%, according to the information disclosure system of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission.
It is specified that the amount of voting shares of NS-Finance LLC (Kyiv) in Oranta increased to 72.389660% from 50.106890%, and their number – up to 95,718,477 from 66,254,700.
As reported, NS-Finance LLC notified of the conclusion of a sale and purchase agreement on December 13, 2021, as a result of which it became the owner of a controlling stake in Oranta in the amount of 50.0035%. After that, NS-Finance sent a public offer to purchase shares from all holders of the insurer’s shares at UAH 1.05 per share. The purchase of shares on its behalf is carried out by DM BROK LLC (Kharkiv).
According to the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, as of the first quarter of 2021, BTA Bank owned 35.17% of shares in Oranta, the Cypriot companies Visiline Limited – 9.424%, Cezavelios Holdings Ltd. – 5.623%, Chilwell Limited – 9.991%, and another 7.1826% – are held by Maria Loseva.
Oranta is the legal successor of Ukrgosstrakh, founded on November 25, 1921. In 1993, Ukrgosstrakh was reorganized, its founder on the part of the state was the State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPF). In 2007, the SPF sold the last state-owned block of shares to the investor.
The insurer operates on the basis of 33 licenses: 15 compulsory and 18 voluntary types of insurance.

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