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Over the past two years, the prosecutor’s office has initiated 560 criminal cases on the fact of unlawful acts committed by law enforcement officers. And only six of them were brought an accusation.
Former Interior Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Mohyliov said this at a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine news agency on Tuesday, noting that no one in the Interior Ministry today is watching the punishment of persons who have committed violation of the law.
“The complete absence of departmental control over violators within the system gives rise to permissiveness and undermines the foundations of the entire state. Remember the murder at the post of a policeman in 2015 – the suspects were detained, they were charged, after which … everyone was released! When persons involved in such a grave crime calmly walk down the street and work, including in government agencies, this is nonsense!” the ex-minister noted.
The ex-head of the Kyiv district police department, Denys Yaroslavsky, in turn, recalled the case with the service center of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kharkiv region. According to him, in November 2020, as part of an ongoing investigation, journalists were able to obtain fake license plates of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, medical certificates of suitability for driving in the name of the head of the Kharkiv region police, Police General Valeriy Sokurenko, a certificate with a photo of SBU Chairman Ivan Bakanov and ex-Deputy Head of the President’s Office of Ukraine Serhiy Trofimov. Moreover, without the presence of the officials themselves. All this was made in the premises of the regional service center of the Interior Ministry in Kharkiv region. After reviewing the materials, Denys Yaroslavsky on the air in November 2020 transferred the relevant documents, testifying to numerous corruption actions in the system of service centers, to Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko. The latter promised to study and go into the matter.
According to journalist Ihor Lesev, after the broadcast of the materials of the journalistic investigation, a group of companies led by Serhiy Vakulenko (as a part of Vip-Expert LLC, Region-Expert LLC, Transkom-plus LLC) moved from the building of the service center of the Interior Ministry to another office. None of the responsible persons of the service centers or the main department of the National Police in Kharkiv region incurred any responsibility for the production of false medical certificates, fake registration numbers of vehicles and illegal transactions of its purchase and sale. At the same time, only the non-payment of the lease by Vakulenko’s group caused damage exceeding UAH 200,000 to the service centers in Kharkiv.
According to another participant in the press conference, ex-military prosecutor of Ukraine Ihor Serkov, while the suspects in the journalistic investigation have not been announced they are suspected of committing a crime with the election of an appropriate preventive measure, the violations mentioned in the film are abstract.
“If the employees of the service centers and the officials of the main department of the National Police in Kharkiv region associated with them, suspected of corruption and illegal actions, are not punished, there is no guarantee that this scheme will not find its continuation in the very near future. The main principle is lost – the inevitability of punishment of suspects,” Serkov said.

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Businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky seeks to enter the road repair market, he told reporters on the sidelines of the Roads UA 2020 conference held in Kyiv on Monday.
“We want to participate in road construction. In all regions,” he said.
Yaroslavsky announced plans to create a Ukrainian-foreign company, but refused to disclose the details.
“We invited some foreign partners, my old friends, and we will be engaged in construction work with a joint company. We will try to participate in the construction and reconstruction of roads. We hope this year,” the businessman said.
He also said that he was interested in participating in the construction of airfields.
“We may go to an airport with this joint company,” he said.
Yaroslavsky is the owner of the DCH group.

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Work on a possible deal to acquire Credit Dnipro Bank by Oleksandr Yaroslavsky from Victor Pinchuk is ongoing. “Work is ongoing. It will be a good business, if you manage to buy. There is experience, you know that we probably have the most successful experience in working in the financial sector with UkrSibbank,” Yaroslavsky told Interfax-Ukraine at the Ukrainian House in Davos, organized by the Pinchuk Foundation, WNISEF and Horizon Capital.
According to him, with the proper operation of the bank, the need for its constant capitalization by the shareholder will disappear.
Yaroslavsky also said that he was ready to take part in large privatization, but so far the facilities offered by the State Property Fund have a lot of problems. “Everything sounds so good, but when you know the inside situation, it doesn’t look very good,” the businessman said.
In particular, with the case of the United Mining and Chemical Company, he pointed out the need to deal with property issues, in the case of the Odesa Port-Side Plant, there is a debt of $250 million to the structures of Dmytro Firtash.
“Elektrotyazhmash is also an interesting enterprise, but it is unclear in what condition it is. And 85% of the market is Russia,” Yaroslavsky added.

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The DCH Group, uniting assets of Ukrainian businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, under a strategy of increasing effectiveness of the mining and metal business has created DCH Steel, which will manage the respective assets: Dniprovsky Metallurgical Combine (DMZ, Dnipro) and Sukha Balka ore mining enterprise (Kryvy Rih).
According to the information on the official website of DCH, the essence of the transformation is to optimally build a management system for mining and metal enterprises at the stage of implementing large-scale investment projects.
According to DCH, Yaroslavsky plans to invest from $150 million to $200 million in his mining and metallurgical business over the next five years. Owning to these investments, in particular, the blast furnace stock of coke-chemical production will be restored at the DMZ and a continuous casting machine will be built, and at Sukha Balka it is planned to organize a processing plant, to develop ore deposit at deeper levels, and to upgrade equipment.
“In the process of gradual vertical integration, the production chain ore mining-enrichment-agglomeration-smelting of iron will be formed,” the group said.
According to the press release, at the level of DCH Steel, general management functions will be centralized, and manufacturing companies will focus their efforts on production and improvement of technology. The expected results of optimizing the management of the mining and metallurgical business of the DCH are to eliminate dependence on external supplies of sinter, to ensure a positive synergy of the activities of the DMZ and the mining enterprise, which should increase competitiveness and sustainability, as well as improve financial performance.

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