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Ukraine counts on $10 billion of financial support from various financial institutions in 2020, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal. “All these funds … Their volume this year exceeds $10 billion of financial support from various financial institutions, international financial organizations – the IMF, European bodies, the EU and partner countries,” he said during an hour of questions to the government in parliament on Wednesday.
At the same time, Shmyhal noted that most often the allocation of finance depends on the agreement of Ukraine with the International Monetary Fund.
“Therefore, it is very important that we move forward and receive these funds, so that next year we will have a 7% increase without rolling into the abyss and being not able to get out of it for another ten years,” added Shmyhal.



The non-banking financial institutions of Ukraine in January-June 2019 showed active development dynamics.
Oleksandr Zaletov, a member of the National Commission for the State Regulation of the Financial Services Market, told Interfax-Ukraine that the work of the commission for clearing from unreliable players continued in the first half of 2019, which allowed withdrawing 104 supervised institutions from the market, including 42 financial companies, 37 insurance companies, 16 pawnshops, eight credit unions, six lessors, and one non-state pension fund.
According to him, despite the decrease in the number of financial institutions, the capitalization of the non-banking financial services market has increased significantly, in particular, the assets of financial institutions as of June 30, 2019 exceeded UAH 215 billion, which is 14% or UAH 46.2 billion more than on the same date in 2018. At the same time, the total assets of insurers grew by more than UAH 8 billion, or 14%, in particular those of life insurance companies by UAH 1.5 billion, or 13.6%, risk insurance companies by UAH 6.5 billion, or by 14.1%. The total value of financial companies’ assets rose by UAH 37.8 billion, or 36.6%, credit unions by UAH 65 million, or 2.8%, and pawnshops’ assets by UAH 24 million, or 0.3%.
Zaletov noted the stability of the positive trend in the regional expansion of non-banking financial institutions: in the six months, financial companies registered 653 branches and representative offices, pawnshops some 447, insurance companies some 21, credit unions some 18. This made it possible to ensure not only the availability of non-banking financial services in the regions of Ukraine, but also to create new jobs with tax payments to local budgets.

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Non-banking financial institutions of Ukraine in January-June 2018 paid profit tax in the amount of UAH 353.9 million to the national and local budgets, which is UAH 148.4 million or 72.2% more than a year ago, a member of the national commission for financial service markets regulation of Ukraine Oleksandr Zaletov has told Interfax-Ukraine.
“The aggregate amount of the paid profit tax by non-banking financial institutions, according to the Treasury, exceeded the similar indicator of banks by 8.7%, or UAH 28.2 million,” he said.
He also said that the upward pace of fiscal revenues is associated with the growth of services provided by non-banking financial institutions.
In the first quarter of 2018, the following financial services were most popular: third-party liability insurance (94.7% increase), financial leasing (76.2%), pension contributions to private pension funds from individuals (34%), life insurance (30.6%), tourist insurance (26.8%), contributions to the construction financing funds (23.3%), medical insurance (21.7%), car insurance (20.9%), deposits in credit unions (14.7%) and loans granted by credit unions (7.3%).
In Zaletov’s opinion, if several years ago the driver of growth in non-banking financial markets was financial risk insurance and factoring, now growth is primarily related to the activation of financial services oriented to the social needs of the population. The further development of this segment will depend on the adoption of bill No. 8415 dated May 25, 2018 amending some laws of Ukraine regarding state regulation of financial services markets aimed at creating a systemic basis for the recovery and development of non-banking financial services markets in modern conditions.

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