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Ukraine in June 2019 increased electricity generation from renewable energy sources by 2.8 times (by 378.3 million kWh) compared to June 2018, to 585 million kWh.
According to data from the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, available to Interfax-Ukraine, production of electricity from renewable energy sources in January-June 2019 increased by 1.9 times compared to the same period last year, to 2.372 billion kWh.
The share of renewable energy in the structure of electricity production in June 2019 reached 5% against 1.8% in June 2018, while the share of renewable energy in the first half of this year was 3% against 1.5% in January-June 2018.
As reported, as of the end of the first half of the year, the installed capacity of renewable energy facilities reached 3,634 MW, in particular that of solar plants some 2,640 MW, wind plants 776.6 MW, biomass plants 51.3 MW, and biogas stations some 66.4 MW.

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Electricity generation in the united energy system of Ukraine in 2018 increased by 2.5% compared to 2017, to 159.351 billion kWh, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry has told Interfax-Ukraine.
At that time, nuclear power plants (NPP) in the period reduced electricity generation by 1.4%, to 84.398 billion kWh, in particular, electricity generation at Zaporizhia NPP amounted to 35.924 billion kWh (4.1% more than in 2017), Yuzhnoukrainsk NPP to 18.329 billion kWh (2.4% more), Rivne NPP to 17.55 billion kWh (11.3% less), and Khmelnytsky NPP to 12.595 billion kWh (down by 5.9%).
Thermal power plants (TPP), as well as combined heat and power plants (CHPP) and cogeneration plants increased output by 5.3%, to 58.808 billion kWh. In particular, the generating companies of TPPs increased production by 6.3%, to 47.792 billion kWh, while CHPP and cogeneration plants by 1.2%, to 11.016 billion kWh.
Hydro power plants and hydroelectric pumped storage power plants raised production in 2018 by 13.6%, to 12.008 billion kWh, while block stations reduced by 1.9%, to 1.504 billion kWh.
Electricity production by alternative sources (wind power plants, solar plants, and biomass) in 2018 rose by 38.8%, to 2.633 billion kWh.
The share of NPPs in the structure of electricity generation was 53% (55.1% in 2017), that of TPP, CHPP and cogeneration plants – 36.9% (35.9%), hydro power plants and hydroelectric pumped storage power plants – 7.5% (6.8%), block stations – 0.9% (1%) and alternative sources – 1.7% (1.2%).
Electricity generation in Ukraine’s power grid in December 2018 rose by 7.2% year-over-year, to 15.871 billion kWh.
Heat generation last year rose by 0.3%, to 22.032 million gigacalories.