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The women’s golf tournament was held on May 9 at the Golfstream Golf Club. Despite the changeable weather and cold – the competition took place.
Now in Ukraine, 33% of all golfers are women. This number is constantly growing, because at each stage of the competition more and more members of ladies are joining.
Opening the tournament, the director of the Open Ladies Golf Tour and the vice-president of the Federation, Olena Rudik, emphasized that 210 years ago the first tournament among women in the world took place! At that time, even the director of the Old Course in Scotland did not believe in the strength and endurance of the ladies, when he was approached by women with a request to hold a competition.
“Of course you can try, but I think it will be the first and last women’s tournament, because golf is a game in any weather, I don’t think you will pass through it.” replied the director of the Old Course in Scotland.
More than 200 years have passed since then, and women are not only still playing golf, but also moving the sport forward at a rapid pace.

According to the results of the Open Ladies Golf Tour, the winners and prize-winners of the second stage are:
Chamberlain Course (Group A)
1st place – Moiseeva Anna
2nd place – Tsvigun Kateryna
3rd place – Kostyrko Olena
Premiere Course (Group B)
1st place – Odarchenko Kateryna
2nd place – Kushch Larysa
3rd place – Shidlyk Olena
Best Gross – Moiseeva Anna
Best Junior – Rastvortseva Elizaveta
In a special nomination of the automotive partner of the Porsche brand tournament won:
Longest Drive Chamberlain – Fedorova Zlata
Longest Drive Premiere – Kushch Larysa
The Ukrainian Golf Federation is grateful to all partners for their support: Porsche car brand, Golfstream golf club, HeliTour Ukraine – helicopter company, Gril Do Brasil restaurant, ZAPASHNA brand, Premier Palace Wellness Center. We are grateful to the water partner of the event – Vittel, as well as to the partner CosmosGolf.
We remind you that the Open Ladies Golf Tour is an annual series of competitions held in various golf clubs in Ukraine and abroad. The next tournament will take place on June 5 at Kozyn Golf Club.


“Woman and golf” – during 5 years of existence of Open women’s tournaments these two words became inseparable. 2020 was a year of developing women`s golf and setting many records. Today, 30% of Ukrainian golfers are women

“The Ukrainian Golf Federation is actively developing golf in various areas: professional, children’s, inclusive, junior and a separate focus of our activity is women’s golf. This year, a number of initiatives have been launched to promote the rapid growth of golfers in Ukraine, including a large percentage of women. For us, the benchmark of achievements is the number of golfers and their results. “- said Vitaliy Khomutynnik, President of the Ukrainian Golf Federation.

Men joined women’s tournaments and play on a separate railway. Every time, the tournament gathers a record number of ladies in one round. For 11 participants, this competition was their debut.

“Everyone here finds theirs. Somebody competes for prizes and victory, someone enjoys the favorite game, and for some ladies, it comes to the first tournament in life. Thanks to this event and a number of other initiatives, we promote women’s golf, break stereotypes about the unavailability of this sport and attract new players “,- comment Elena Rudik, Member of the Federation and Director of Open Ladies Golf Tour.

Every year, participants play better, and new ones can join the world of golf right during the competition. Within the framework of each tournament there is a Golf School, where under the guidance of coaches, women learn the basics of the game. Everyone, who continues to practice, receives free accreditation from the Ukrainian Golf Federation.

According to the results of the competition, the victory was won by Maryna Dyachenko, the second place was taken by Olena Movchan, and the third place was taken by Veronika Rastvortseva. According to the participants of the tournament, golf is a sport that helps to live without losing focus on the main thing and allowing you to always feel the connection with nature.


The third stage of the Open Ladies Golf Tour, which was held with the support of the Ukrainian Golf Federation in the Kharkiv Golf Club Superior, has ended.
Beautiful ladies, in red and white colors of a golf uniform, conquered the golf course, making graceful hits with drivers, woods, pats.
Every time the women’s tournament is a holiday, women just like men play real golf, but they do it in a special way. On Saturday, 22 beginners joined the golfers at the Golf School. Each lady took the first blows under the supervision of professional coaches, and in the end, the beginners competed in a mini-tournament.
The winners and prize-winners of the third stage were: 1st place (handicap 0-36) Kolobova Lyudmila, 2nd place (handicap 0-36) Movchan Elena, 3rd place (handicap 0-36) Tatiana Romanyuk. With handicaps (36-54) 1st place was taken by Elena Pugovkina, 2nd place – Skorubsky Daria and 3rd place – Maleeva Christina.
“Thanks to such tournaments and many innovations from the Ukrainian Golf Federation, the number and ratio of women in Ukrainian golf has tripled. This is an excellent result, which indicates the correct strategy for the development of golf in Ukraine, in particular for women.” – comments Elena Rudik, Member of the Board Golf Federation and Director of the Open Ladies Golf Tour.
From the first minute of the tournament to the last, it was a holiday. A special atmosphere, lots of flowers, gifts, and music. We remind you that very soon, on September 5 at the GolfStream Golf Club, the Open Ladies Golf Tour Final will take place, which is officially listed in the EGA (European Golf Association) calendar.

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The Ukrainian Golf Federation held the Open Amateur Championship of Ukraine. These competitions last for three days and are considered the most important annual event of the golf season.
From July 10 to 12, golfers from all over the country gathered at the Superior Golf Club in Kharkiv.
Each participant showed decent results, the best – became winners. The winners of the Ukrainian Golf Championship 2020 receive sports titles and ranks, and the results of players are taken into account in the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) and in the National Ranking.
Ivan Malovychko won the national championship among men and Maria Fedorovych among women.
A special guest of the Championship was David Kearney, an international consultant of the Ukrainian Golf Federation for the development of this sport. He held master classes for coaches of the Federation, told how to use the innovative equipment TrackMan, which the Ukrainian Golf Federation purchased for the training of golfers.
2020 has become a year of change for Ukrainian golf. A number of innovations have been introduced to make the sport more accessible. Today the Federation is working on the development of children’s, women’s, junior and inclusive golf. The National Junior Golf Team was established, and the first Children’s and youth sports school of the Olympic golf reserve was opened in Ukraine.
“This year the Federation has focused on young people. Today, juniors are showing good results and are even ahead of adult golfers. We see the perspective of working with the younger generation. Therefore, we will continue to work on development, including children’s and youth golf. And we hope that in a few years Ukraine will have golfers who will worthily represent our country at world-class competitions, ” – said Vitaliy Khomutynnik, President of the Ukrainian Golf Federation.
Over the last year, the number of golfers in Ukraine has doubled. After the quarantine restrictions were eased, even more people joined golf, because golf is an outdoor game where the distance between athletes is maintained.
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The Ukrainian Golf Federation held the Open Team Championship. It is an annual competition among golfers, which unites in groups of 2,3 or 4 people and together they fight for the right to be the winners.
This year the competition was held from 3 to 5 July at the Kozyn Golf Club. 96 golfers took part in the Championship, which was a record number of Ukrainian athletes.
Among the women’s teams, Superior Ladies took the first place (Elvira Rastvortseva, Maria Fedorovich, Daria Gorokhovskaya). Among men`s teams won – HClub Young Killers (Mikhail Golod, Oleg Golod, Artem Sokolov).
“I hope that setting records will become our tradition in golf. Federation sports tournaments are becoming increasingly popular among golfers. We are constantly working to increase the number of golfers in Ukraine: we actively support juniors, we have created a Children’s and Youth Golf Sports School. We understand what interesting outdoor sport it is and we want at least a thousand golfers to join the game by the end of the year, and up to 10,000 people will play golf in 3-5 years,” said Vitaliy Khomutynnik, President of the Ukrainian Golf Federation, congratulating the winners.
Quarantine has made its adjustments to the global sports industry. Due to COVID-19, sports, moreover, competitions have been restricted. But golf is one of those sports where the game is played outdoors and the distance between the athletes is maintained.
This year, the Ukrainian Golf Federation has introduced a number of rules and made obvious changes in various areas of golf: amateur, professional, women’s, children’s, junior and golf for people with disabilities. Number of golfers this year has been doubled.
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The Ukrainian Golf Federation has resumed golf tournaments following a quarantine mitigation. On Saturday, June 6, the Kozyn Golf Club hosted a women’s golf competition within the Ladies Open Golf Tour. Ukrainian golfers from all over the country gathered on the Kozyn golf course. To support the female athletes, men competed in a separate event.

Olena Rudik ranked first in the tournament, Marina Diachenko – second, Olena Movchan – third, gross score – Olena Movchan. Mariya Orlova won the “closes to the pin” nomination, Yuliya Lishchuk – “longest drive.” Hanna Freydinova came first in the “Junior” category in a special competition.

In the picture: Mykola Proskurko, Oleksandr Yavorsky, Olena Movchan, Olena Rudik, Marina Diachenko, Vitaliy Khomutynnik

In the picture: Mariya Orlova
“The Ukrainian Golf Federation holds the annual series of competitions within its program aimed at the promotion of women’s and junior golf, improvement of players’ skills, cooperation and promotion of golf clubs and courses in Ukraine. This year the finals of the Ladies Open Golf Tour is included to the world golf tournament schedule of the European Golf Association EGA,” President of the Ukrainian Golf Federation Vitaliy Khomutynnik said in his speech to congratulate the winners.
In 2020, the Golf Federation has introduced a range of changes that helped to speed up the development of this kind of sports in the territory of Ukraine, he said, adding that golf has become more affordable.
“Every time I see more and more golfers appearing in our country and golf becoming even more popular, I get an enormous burst of energy and I realize that all the way from an idea to a large golf tournament was not in vain. Unfortunately, COVID-19 slightly changed our plans and our pace, but now “full steam ahead” towards new achievements,” Director of the Open Ladies Golf Tour, Board Member of the Ukrainian Golf Federation Olena Rudik said.

In the picture: Olena Rudik
Famous golfers – boxer Wladimir Klitschko and head coach of the Ukrainian national football team Andriy Shevchenko – also attended the golf tournament.

In the picture: Wladimir Klitschko, Olena Rudik, Hennadiy Butkevych
In October last year, Andriy Shevchenko joined the Board of the Ukrainian Golf Federation.

In the picture: Vitaliy Khomutynnik, Olena Rudik, Andriy Shevchenko