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Several companies and banks are designing a mobile application for buying government domestic loan bonds, Head of the Depositary Operations Department of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Andriy Suprun has said.
“I think that next year, perhaps at the beginning of the year, the purchase of government domestic loan bonds by individuals can occur in several clicks in a mobile application. Several market players are currently working on the creation of this solution,” he said at the annual Ukrainian Financial Forum in Odesa, organized by the ICU investment group.
Suprun said that the NBU, for its part, provides them with the necessary support.
“We are writing an open API [application programming interface] and allow everyone to get involved in this competition, to provide the corresponding service to the market,” he said.
In addition, the representative of the NBU said there will be an opportunity to submit brokerage applications in the primary government domestic loan bonds market in the near term.
“In fact, the next auction can take place with a possibility for any investor to submit applications to the Finance Ministry through primary dealers. This should improve the indicators of attracting funds, primarily from the population,” Suprun said.
In general, he considers these initiatives to be mutually beneficial for the state and the population.
“The state receives a resource, natural persons – a good percentage, almost tax free, in contrast to deposits, as well as a 100% state guarantee for any amount,” he said.

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Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Ihor Nasalik has said that the Cabinet of Ministers will consider the draft state budget for 2019 at a meeting on September 14. “We will adopt[the draft state budget for 2019 at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers tentatively on Friday,” he told reporters after a government meeting in Kyiv on Wednesday.
Earlier, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said that the Cabinet of Ministers would submit the draft state budget for 2019 to the Verkhovna Rada on time, before September 15.

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a project on organization of passenger traffic between Kyiv city and the Boryspil international airport. It will take 13 months and a half to implement the project, which cost is UAH 583.238 million (in the prices as of May 2, 2018). According to the document, which has been sent to Interfax-Ukraine, construction works would cost UAH 428.478 million, equipment and furniture – UAH 37.755 million and other expenses – UAH 117 million.
The total exploitation length of the section between Kyiv Pasazhysky station and Boryspil airport is 37.4 km. The project is divided into two stages. The cost of the first stage is UAH 502.947 million. It is planned to build 3.7 km of railway track, one new stop and a flyover railway line of 272 meters long in six months.
In addition, two passenger platforms with open-door passenger shelters near Terminal D of the airport and an open-door gallery between the passenger shelter and Terminal D of 150 meters long.
The cost of the second stage is UAH 80.291 million. A new stop, a high passenger platform near the flyover railway line of 160 meters longs will be built in seven months and a half.

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Representatives of large associations of industrial and agroindusitral enterprises of Ukraine have asked the Ukrainian prime minister to solve the problem in the sphere of transportation by rail, in particular, the shortage of gondola cars and rolling stock. The request is outlined in an address posted on the website of the Ukrcement association
“Rail transport provides for about 60% of the total volume of cargo transportation in Ukraine. To ensure efficient operation of enterprises of the leading sectors of the economy of our state, it is the freight transportation by rail that is critical. We are only approaching the period of the peak transportation, and the enterprises are already experiencing an acute shortage of gondola cars. These all restrains development of metallurgical, chemical, cement and agrarian sectors, “the associations said.
The authors of the document said that industrialists and agrarians do not receive the ordered cars in due time and do not have access to those for which they have already paid the rent. The cars are staying idle at cross rail stations, and enterprises continue incurring losses and disrupting the implementation of contracts.
In addition, the associations asked the prime minister to invite representatives of the associations of industrial enterprises and the agroindustrial complex to the government meeting, where the report of the board chairman of PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia will be heard.
The letter was signed by the Federation of Metallurgists of Ukraine, the association of enterprises Ukrmetallurgprom, the Ukrainian Grain Association, the Ukrainian Chemists Union, the Ukrainian Association of Ferroalloys Producers and the Association of Cement Manufacturers Ukrcement.

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to permit the National Commission for Communications and Informatization Regulation (NCCR) to inspect the telecommunications market, after placing the commission to the list of public supervision agencies to which the moratorium on inspections of business extended for 2018 does not apply. This is outlined in a draft government resolution on the approval of the action plan aimed at improving the quality of mobile communications services approved by the commission and posted on the official website of the commission.
The action plans also envisages the approval of the reviewed quality indicators and their limits for voice calls, SMS messages and Internet access in mobile communications networks.
It is proposed that the list of quality indicators is expanded with the following ones: average data upload and download speed, delays between the upload and download packages, package delay variations and the loss of packages without limits, as well as the response time of the operator call center’s specialists with setting the limits.
It is planned to take into account the impossibility of restoring telecom services in one day period if any emergency, accident or damage caused to linear and fixed facilities occurs if the fact of an emergency is recorded in law enforcement agencies in line with the Ukrainian legislation.
The operators would have a possibility of providing general telecom services using fixed end user equipment with the front-end.
As reported, the moratorium on inspections of business in Ukraine was extended until 2019. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine placed 13 public agencies to the list of the agencies to which the moratorium does not apply.



The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has set up the Council for Trade and Sustainable Development, which will be headed by Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister and Ukraine’s Trade Representative Natalia Mykolska, the Economic Development and Trade Ministry has reported on its website. The government made the decision on Wednesday.
“The Council’s task is to organize the work of the advisory group on trade and sustainable development in accordance with the provisions of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement on the support of civil society, trade and development,” the report says.
The council will include representatives of government bodies and civil society.

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