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Israeli diplomat Mykhailo Brodsky, who was appointed the new ambassador of Israel to Ukraine, presented copies of his credentials to Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Senyk.
“Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Mykhailo Brodsky presented copies of his credentials to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitalization Dmytro Senyk. The sides confirmed their mutual commitment to cooperation and partnership,” the Israeli diplomatic mission said in a statement posted on Twitter.
Earlier, it was reported new Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Mykhailo Brodsky arrived in the country. His appointment as Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine was approved by the Israeli government in July 2021.



The visit of the Ukrainian delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister for the reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov to Israel resulted in the solution of a number of important issues for the country, in particular, to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. The corresponding statement was made by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Israel Yevhen Korniychuk on his Facebook page.
“I want to thank all the delegates for their active position in the work and significant contribution to the issue of reaching agreements in cooperation with Israel. Together, we solved a number of important issues for our country, in particular, interaction in the field of trade, investment, medicine and in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic,” the diplomat said.
He said that an important aspect of the negotiations was the completion by Israel of the second phase of trials of its COVID-19 vaccine in mid-summer.
“The Ukrainian side proposed to conduct the third stage of testing in Ukraine with the subsequent possibility of producing a vaccine, including at our facilities. Israel is still studying this proposal and, I hope, it will be received positively. It is already clear that the pandemic of coronavirus infection will drag on for more than one year in the world. And the production of the vaccine, its availability for our citizens is a very sensitive and important issue for us,” Korniychuk said.

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Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Joel Lion has condemned the decision of Ternopil City Council to name the city stadium after the Hero of Ukraine, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Roman Shukhevych.
“We strongly condemn the decision of Ternopil city council to name the City Stadium after the infamous Hauptman of the SS Schutzmannschaft 201 Roman Shukhevych and demand the immediate cancellation of this decision,” the Ambassador wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.
On March 5, a session of Ternopil City Council made a decision to name the city stadium as “Ternopil City Stadium named after Roman Shukhevych.”

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The issue of moving the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is not on the agenda yet, but the possibility of opening a Ukrainian trade office in Jerusalem may be explored, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.
“Moving the embassy is currently not on our agenda, but the possibility of a trade office in Jerusalem could be explored,” he said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.

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Ovostar Union, a leading egg and egg products manufacturer in Ukraine, supplied 466,000 eggs or 40 tonnes to Israel in April, which is 0.003% of its monthly production volume, the company’s press service has told Interfax-Ukraine.
“Israel is a country with high requirements for safety and quality of food, and we are proud that our products passed the control of the Israeli veterinary service, and we have the opportunity to supply eggs to this market. Israel is currently experiencing a shortage of this product, and, in addition to Ukraine, buys eggs in other European countries. On April 1, 2020, the Israeli Veterinary Service allowed producers of table eggs from Ukraine to export them to the country,” the company said.
Ovostar Union said that the company has been consistently implementing its export development strategy since 2015. Ovostar products are delivered to 55 countries, including to the markets of the EU, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. The export volume in 2019 amounted to an average of 43 million units per month, in 2018 – 48 million units per month.
Ovostar, citing the State Statistics Service, reported that the production of industrial eggs in Ukraine is growing annually, and in January-February 2020, egg production by specialized enterprises increased 8.6% compared to the same period in 2019.
“At the same time, the volume of the domestic market, taking into account the significant share of eggs collected by households, remains almost unchanged. The egg is one of the key export goods of the agricultural sector of Ukraine. With an average monthly production of 780 million pieces by poultry farms in general, 190 million eggs are exported, making our country one of the key players in the global egg industry,” the company said.
Speaking about the company’s work during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in Ukraine, Ovostar said that since the introduction of quarantine restrictions, the company, despite the additional costs of ensuring sanitary standards at enterprises, exchange rate fluctuations and rising cost of feed, has not changed selling prices for packaged products delivered to retail chains.

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Polish Ambassador in Kyiv Bartosz Cichocki and his Israeli counterpart Joel Lion have said that honoring people who “actively propagated ethnic cleansings” is insulting and are expecting the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) and the Lviv Regional Council to join “efforts to seek the truth” in this issue. “We are seriously concerned and saddened that representatives of Ukrainian authorities of various levels, including the Lviv Regional Council and the KCSA, still mark historical events and honor persons who must be condemned once and for all,” the ambassadors said in a joint statement.
They thus are alarmed by the fact on December 24, the Lviv Regional Council issued a resolution, which implies the allocation of public funds in 2020 to honor the memory of one of the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN, which is banned in Russia) Andriy Melnyk, as well as writer and statesman Ivan Lypa and his son and public figure Yuriy Lypa.
“In addition, on January 1, the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) placed a banner with a portrait of Stepan Bandera on its building. Remembering our innocent brothers and sisters killed in 1939-1945 on the occupied Polish territories, which are currently part of Ukraine, we, the ambassadors of Poland and Israel, believe that honoring people, who have actively propagated ethnic purges, is an insult, and leads to the opposite result in the fight against anti-Semitism and in the reconciliation process between our peoples,” the statement reads.
In this connection, the ambassadors are expecting the Lviv Regional Council and the KCSA to join the dialogue seeking the truth.
“On our part, we stand ready to promote better cooperation between various institutions in Israel and Poland, including with Yad Vashem and with the Institute of National Remembrance,” the statement said.
As reported, a procession with torches marking Bandera’s 111th birth anniversary took place in downtown Kyiv in the evening on January 1.
According to media reports, about 1,500 attended the event.
About 2,000 attended the torch march that marked Bandera’s birth anniversary in 2019.

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