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The agricultural holding Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) plans to open 350 stores of the Miasomarket format in Kyiv city and the region in five years.
“In the next five years, 350 Miasomarket outlets should open in Kyiv city and the region. We also have a clear understanding of how many stores we want to open in five years in the regions – the number of outlets varies from 40, depending on the concentration of the population,” the head of the department for work with franchisees of the agricultural holding MHP Dmytro Morozov told Interfax-Ukraine.
According to him, in addition to the Miasomarket and Nasha Ryaba conventional stores, the company is now developing franchising formats such as the Chef’s Secrets gastronomic studio and shawarma points of sale, as well as sandwich shops “Kho perekusit?” (TM Bashchinskiy), which is the format that MHP develops independently.
“Investments of partners in the Myasomarkets project start at $25,000, for other formats, in particular Döner Market, we are now finalizing the size of investments,” Morozov said.
He also announced the official opening of the first point for the sale of shawarma in Kyiv, in the Osokorky residential area, on September 23.
The head of the department for work with franchisees of MHP said that the points will have different formats, both street food and with the possibility of seating inside the facility.
“As the project develops, we will add other formats of street food. We see for ourselves at least two more formats that will sell shawarma,” he said.
The official opening of the first point of the Chef’s Secrets gastro studio is scheduled for September 24. However, as Morozov specified, it has been operating in test mode since June.
Asked whether MHP plans to implement such projects abroad, Morozov said that now this initiative is at the stage of preliminary assessment of the need.
“The holding has divisions in other countries with which this issue has been discussed, but there are no concrete plans yet. We have shown how we launch Miasomarket stores in Ukraine, what is the essence of the concept, the value for the end consumer and business in general. Now it is a discovery stage, the stage of preliminary assessment of the need for such a project,” he said.

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Andrew’s Descent invites to celebrate birthday on Sept 12

Traditionally, in early September, the street-symbol of Kiev, Andrew’s Descent, celebrates its birthday! Accordingly, on September 12, we invite all Kiev people and guests of the another cities to join the brightest holiday, because it has already become a mandatory part of the history of the street!

The purpose of the event: popularization of culture and art of Ukraine, support of creative industries.

Only we have the largest stage -7,000 m3

Theatrical and musical art are boldly combined here.

The traditional highlight of the holiday will be the evening performance of the orchestra of the Kyiv Academic Operetta Theater on the balcony of St. Andrew’s Church. Conductor of the orchestra – People’s Artist of Ukraine Oksana Madarash. Artistic director of the theater, People’s Artist of Ukraine Bohdan Strutynsky.

The guests will also be greeted by the Kyiv Academic Municipal Brass Band led by General Director Vyacheslav Ivanovich Korobko. We invite everyone to immerse themselves in the world of art and together become the creator of the holiday!

The organizers, the NGO Andriyivsky Uzviz, decided to start the annual festival dedicated to the celebration of Andriyivskyi Uzviz’s birthday and turn the most important street-symbol of Kyiv into an amazing open-air theater.

This is the third such festival. But this year is special. Therefore, the organizers of the holiday adhere to all sanitary and anti-epidemic norms regarding restrictions in connection with the coronavirus COVID-19. We have been hesitant about the holiday for a long time, but we are sure that it will help to support our positive inspiration for people, give a new impetus cultural and artistic figures. It is especially important that this event will be an emotional support for artists who have not been on stage for six months.

Admission, as always, free!

For media attention: we invite you to join the event!

Issues of accreditation and media partnership please contact: Tatiana +38 067500 73 86 or

Let’s celebrate the birthday of our favorite Andrew’s Descent together!



The ninth container train from the Chinese city of Nanchang arrived at the Kyiv-Lisky station, the press service of Ukrzaliznytsia said on Saturday.
Three more trains from China are expected throughout September, according to the company.
Ukrzaliznytsia notes that the arriving train includes 41 containers with mineral fertilizers, light industry goods, lamps, bulbs, chemical components for water filtration and less-than-car load. In addition, the train delivered medical supplies to Ukraine, in particular, masks and other protective equipment.
The distance of transportation, which is more than 9,000 km along the territories of four countries, are covered by China trains during 15 days on average.
As reported, direct container shipments from China to Ukraine began on June 8, 2020.

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On August, 15 and 16 the «Kyivan Rus Park» invites to dive into the exciting world of the epoch of Kievan Rus, and take part in medieval adventures and ancient Slavic funs. 35 km far from Kiev, guests can relax in an ecologically clean place and get a huge positive charge from the architecture of Ancient Kiev, horse shows, ancient Slavic amusements, horseback riding, extreme attractions, museums and exhibitions… And all these in a real medieval town!
Ancient Kyiv opens at 10:00. The program starts at 13:30.
The ticket price: a full adult ticket – 200 UAH, for pensioners and students – 150 UAH, for schoolchildren – 80 UAH, for preschool children – free.
Ancient Kyiv in the «Kyivan Rus Park» is located in Kyiv region, Obukhiv district, the vill. Kopachiv.
Details on the website
The Interfax subscribers can save money with the “openbusiness-20” promo code for a 20%-discount for a full price adult ticket to the Principality of Kyivan Rus:
– by previous order by tel.: +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35
– or at the cash desk at the entrance to the «Kyivan Rus Park».

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On July, 18 and 19 Ancient Kiev in the Principality of Kievan Rus (“The Kievan Rus Park”) invites you to join the weekend tour “The Mystery of Genghis Khan”. Horse stunt performances, horseback riding, delicious meals from the fire, extreme attractions, museums, expositions and lots of interesting activities will be waiting for you. And all this in a real, living medieval city!
Horseback archery competitions will be a pleasant surprise for the guests on July, 18 and19. The competitions will be held in the formats of single races and mass attack. Experienced horse stuntmen will compete in the accuracy of shooting using traditional (historical) bows on horseback at full gallop. It is an incredibly difficult task for the participants in the competitions, but at the same time, a thrilling and exciting show for the spectators!
Visiting Ancient Kiev is available in accordance with the requirements of the quarantine regime.
The entry ticket price:
• for adults (full price) – 200 UAH.,
• for pensioners and students – 150 UAH.,
• for schoolchildren – 80 UAH.,
• for preschool children – for free,
Ancient Kyiv is open from 10:00 till 19:00.
Ancient Kyiv in the «Kyivan Rus Park» is located in Kyiv region, Obukhiv district, the vill. Kopachiv.
Details on the website
The Interfax subscribers can save money with the “openbusiness-20” promo code for a 20%-discount for a full price adult ticket to the Principality of Kyivan Rus:
– by previous order by tel.: +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35
– or at the cash desk at the entrance to the «Kyivan Rus Park».

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On Wednesday, July 8, at 11.00, the press center of the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency will host a press conference entitled: “‘New Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: How does State Put New Obstacles for Ukrainian Citizens for Purchase of Cars?.” Participating will be Columb Trade Co-founder Volodymyr Kovel, Columb Trade Co-founder Pavlo Kazaryan, lawyer Roman Voloshyn (8/5a Reitarska Street).The broadcast will be available on the YouTube channel of Interfax-Ukraine. Admission requires press accreditation.

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