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Kramatorsk airport could be repaired and put into operation, including civil aviation, within three years.
“On the instructions of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko I’ve inspected Kramatorsk airport. We need to repair and commission it like Mariupol [airport],” Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan said on his Facebook page.
He noted that this year they should also overhaul the Mariupol-Zaporizhia highway within the region and complete the construction of a road to Bakhmut.
At the same time, the draft plan for the long-term development of Donetsk region for 2019-2021 says that the reconstruction and launch of the airport to work with civil aviation flights is planned for the next three years.
It is planned that Kramatorsk airport will be equipped with modern equipment, the terminals, the runway, the aprons will be reconstructed, and the airport square will be repaired.

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Fuhrlander Windtechnology LLC (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region) is studying the organization of production of blades for wind turbines in Kramatorsk, Deputy Director for Commercial Issues of Fuhrlander Windtechnology Yuriy Shevchenko told reporters during his visit to Kramatorsk organized by Ecoaction and Germanwatch on March 22. “Yesterday, with investors and engineers from Germany we discussed the issue of production of blade. They looked where and how it can be done. The blades are that expensive components of wind turbines, which are not produced in Ukraine,” he said.
Shevchenko said that the cost of organizing this production is from EUR 6 million to EUR 50 million, depending on the output volume and other factors.
Today towers, nacelles and hubs made in Ukraine are used in Fuhrlander Windtechnology’s wind turbines. The largest components that are imported are blades, bearings, generators and gear boxes.
Fuhrlander Windtechnology is the only manufacturer of modern wind power plants in Ukraine. It is engaged in construction of wind farms. The company produces goods on the site in Kramatorsk.
Since 2010 to the present, Furlender Windtechnology has built (equipped with its turbines) Novoazovsky, Ochakivsky, Kerch, Krasnodonsky and Lutuhynsky wind farms. The company also built a wind farm Ereymentau (Kazakhstan). The beneficiaries of Fuhrlander Windtechnology LLC are the co-owner of the ISD corporation Oleh Mkrtchan and the Verkhovna Rada deputy Maksym Yefymov (the Petro Poroshenko Bloc parliamentary faction).

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