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Passenger traffic at Lviv International Airport amounted to 197,700 people in May 2019, which is 49.4% more than in the same period of 2018, the airport said on Facebook.
The number of serviced flights last month increased by 32.1%, to 1,739. Some 1,506 passengers were transported on international flights (up by 36.7%), while 233,000 people (a growth of 8.9%) on domestic flights.
In January-May 2019, some 722,300 passengers travelled through the airport, which is 51.2% more than in the same period of 2018.
The number of flights in January-May reached 6,820, which is 28.9% more than in January-May last year.
As reported, in 2018 the airport increased passenger traffic by 48% compared with 2017, to 1.598 million people.

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Ukrainian airline Jonika (Kyiv) from July 21, 2019 will start flying from Lviv (the Lviv international airport) to Athens (Greece, the Eleftherios Venizelos airport).
The press service of the Lviv airport said on its Facebook page that the flights will be performed on Sundays every week. The departure from Lviv is at 16:10, and arrival in Athens – at 19:00. The departure from Athens is at 13:00 and arrival in Lviv – at 15:30 (Kyiv time).
According to the booking system on the airline’s website, the cost of the one-way ticket starts from UAH 4,000. The flights will be serviced until September 15.
The company’s fleet consists of two Boeing 737 aircraft. The airline already operates regular flights from Kyiv (Zhuliany) airport to Greece and charter flights to Turkey, Montenegro, Albania and Bulgaria.
Jonika Airline was registered in 2016.

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The Hilton Hotel will be built on the site where a museum in the Bohdan Khmelnytsky Park of Lviv that was closed, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy said at a meeting of the executive committee of Lviv City Council.
“We have made a decision: in Lviv, they want to build a hotel, it seems, Hilton. There should be half of the building – a classic hotel, half of the building – an apartment hotel. This should be a building of high architectural level – a work of art,” Sadovy said.
According to him, the developer agreed to finance the reconstruction of the Bohdan Khmelnytsky Park.
According to the text of the decision of September 20, 2018, the Lviv City Council approved the sale of a land parcel of 1.06 hectares located at 1, Lyzhvyarska Street in Lviv to Aparthotel LLC for UAH 18.52 million.
According to town planning conditions, the height of the building should not exceed 34 m. The building area is approximately 1,600 square meters. The total area of apartments is 8,300 square meters, or 157 apartments. The infrastructure of the facility will also include an underground parking area of 1,400 square meters.

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Lviv International Airport in March 2019 increased passenger traffic by 59.2% compared to March 2018, to 133,900 people, according to the official page of the airport on Facebook. At the same time, the number of serviced flights last month increased by 31.3%, to 1,292. Some 119,100 passengers were transported on international flights (a growth by 70.4%), and 14,800 people on domestic flights (an increase by 4.2%).
In the first quarter of 2019, some 369,400 passengers (328,800 on international and 40,600 on domestic flights) travelled through the airport, which is 53.5% more than in the same period of 2018.
The number of flights in January-March reached 3,606 (3,053 international and 553 domestic), which is 26.7% more than in January-March last year.
As reported, in 2018 passenger traffic rose by 48% compared with 2017, to 1.598 million people.

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Lviv City Council has set the rates of tourism fee at 0.2% to 0.5% of the minimum wage for Ukrainian and foreign tourists, depending on the cost of their accommodation. The rates will take effect on April 1, 2019.
According to the report on the website of Lviv City Council, the smallest rate of tourism fee is 0.2% of the minimum wage (UAH 8.4) and will be applied if payment for accommodation does not exceed UAH 350 per day.
If the cost of living is UAH 350-750 per day, the tourism fee will be 0.3% (UAH 12.5), UAH 750-1,200 per day some 0.4% of the minimum wage (UAH 16.7).
The rate for tourists who pay more than UAH 1,200/day for accommodation will be 0.5% of the minimum wage (UAH 20.86).
At the same time, Lviv City Council set equal tourism fee rates for Ukrainian and foreign tourists, the report says.
At the same time, it is noted that the rate of tourism fee for tourists living in the private sector is calculated on the basis of the cost of such property per day, regardless of the number of residents.

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Kyiv is the leader in the number of opened IT vacancies in Ukraine where 46.21% of all vacancies are offered, followed by Lviv with 15.42% and Kharkiv with 12.74%, the founder and CEO of CleverStaff product IT company Volodymyr Kurylo has told Interfax-Ukraine, referring to the company’s database.
According to him, the share of Odesa accounted for 6.34% of opened vacancies, and Dnipro’s – 5.82%.
“The most popular jobs in all these cities are the front end developer, QA, devops, project manager and product manager,” Kurylo said.
According to CleverStaff, in the labor market, demand for Front End (JavaScript) developers has doubled, and for QA engineers (testers) it grew by 67%, now the pros in these areas are 37% of all opened vacancies.
The head of CleverStaff added: if we talk about the level of a specialist – junior, middle, and senior, then the offers also differ depending on the city, but the leading position is occupied by senior.
Commenting on the pace of demand for IT specialists, Kurylo said that job offers for .Net, PHP, iOS developers over the past two years have halved, for Android – increased three times.
“Based on the changes in the number of vacancies in the CleverStaff database, we can predict that within two years in Ukraine there will be a demand for 7,600 front end developers, 7,200 testers, and 4,600 Java developers,” the specialist said.
CleverStaff, founded in 2014 in Odesa, is a product IT company developing an all-in-one software for applicant tracking and recruitment automation.

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