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Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) has appointed Ernst & Young Cyprus Limited as new auditors for 2020 instead of Deloitte Limited.
The corresponding decision was made at an annual meeting of shareholders, the holding reports on the London Stock Exchange’s website.
The shareholders also approved MHP SE’s annual report for 2019 and re-elected all the holding’s directors for the term until the next annual meeting in 2021.
MHP is the largest producer of chicken in Ukraine. It is also engaged in production of cereals, sunflower oil, meat. MHP supplies chilled carcasses of chickens to the European market, which are processed, in particular, at its enterprises in the Netherlands and Slovakia.
In February 2019, MHP completed the acquisition of the Slovenian company Perutnina Ptuj.
The founder and majority shareholder of MHP is Ukrainian businessman Yuriy Kosiuk.

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Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) in the first quarter of 2020 received $174 million in net loss compared to $33 million in net profit for the same period in 2019.
According to the holding’s report on the London Stock Exchange’s website, its revenue increased by 2%, to $443 million, export revenue decreased by 11.6%, to $237 million (54% of total revenue compared to 61% in January-March 2019).
MHP’s operating profit decreased by 6%, to $47 million, gross profit grew by 14%, to $92 million. The company’s EBITDA in the reporting period grew by 16%, to $96 million, EBITDA margin to 22% from 19% in the first quarter of 2019.
“The net loss of $174 million compared with a profit of $33 million for the first quarter of 2019 is associated with $182 million of losses from foreign currency cashless transfers (foreign exchange differences) in the first quarter of 2020,” MHP explained.
Net profit before exchange rate differences in January-March 2020 amounted to $8 million, which is 33% lower than in the same period a year earlier.
MHP’s net debt as of March 31, 2020 amounted to $1.22 million compared to $1.14 million as of December 31, 2019.
In the first quarter of 2020, total capital investment amounted to $21 million and were mainly related to the maintenance and production of Perutnina Ptuj.


Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the export of agricultural products of the Myronovsky Hliboproduct (MHP) globally has not changed; the geography has slightly shifted from Europe towards Asia, the owner of the MHP, Yuriy Kosiuk, has said. “Globally, nothing has changed. Europe has slightly fallen due to lower consumption, although all of our enterprises are located there. The Arab markets, Africa have grown. Japan is a little closed, but in the near future, I think, everything will reopen. In general, the picture is unchanged. The only thing is that the geography has shifted slightly from Europe to Asia,” he said in an interview with the Novoye Vremia publication.
According to Kosiuk, the countries of the Arabian Peninsula have already made a request to support and secure them in the supply of meat.
“This issue became especially acute after the opening of markets. Many companies in these countries closed due to COVID-19 cases at production facilities. A similar situation in the United States: closures of production facilities due to outbreaks of COVID-19, shortage in the domestic market, half-empty shelves in stores. In Ukraine, thank God, this did not happen,” the owner of the company said.
At the same time, Kosiuk does not believe that, amid the coronavirus crisis, Ukrainian producers got the opportunity to gain more in the export of food products.

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The Board of Directors of Myronivsky Hliboproduct agricultural holding on April 13, 2020 approved the distribution of interim dividend for 2019 in the amount of $0.2803 per share with total amount of the interim dividend being $30 million.
According to a company report on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the dividend will be paid to the company’s shareholders on April 28, 2020.
As reported, in 2019, MHP paid $80 million of the dividend to its shareholders ($0.7474 per share).
MHP is the largest producer of poultry in Ukraine. It is also engaged in production of cereals, sunflower oil and meat.



The net profit of Myronivsky Hliboproduct agricultural holding (MHP) in 2019 increased by 1.7 times compared to 2018, to $215 million.
According to a company report on the London Stock Exchange’s website, its revenue last year increased by 32%, to $2.06 billion, due to the increased sales of chicken, vegetable oil and semi-finished products, as well as the purchase of PP.
Export revenue amounted to $1.19 billion, which is 58% of total revenue (60% in 2018). Export revenue increased by 28% compared to 2018 due to the growth in sales of grain, vegetable oil and meat products.
Last year, MHP’s gross profit decreased by 6%, to $398 million, operating profit by 31%, to $216 million.
The agricultural holding’s EBITDA in 2019 decreased by 16%, to $376 million, EBITDA margin to 18% from 29%. This was due to low prices (both for crops and chicken), adverse weather conditions and the significant strengthening of the hryvnia.
For the fourth quarter of 2019, MHP increased its net loss by 4.3 times, to $60 million compared to the same period in 2018. Revenue for this period increased by 43%, to $551 million. Export revenue amounted to $316 million, which is 57% of total revenue.
MHP’s operating losses in October-December 2019 amounted to $2 million compared to $29 million in operating profit in October-December 2018. Gross profit decreased by 22%, to $52 million.
EBITDA margin in the fourth quarter of 2019 fell to 8% from 23%, EBITDA by 51%, to $43 million.



Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) has announced the start of construction of a 25 MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsia region, this year.
According to a press release by MHP, the agricultural holding began implementing a conceptual project for the construction of the Energy Storage in Vinnytsia region as part of the creation of the energy cluster MHP Energy Hub. The implementation of energy projects of the agricultural holding is carried out by PrJSC MHP Eco Energy, which is an electricity supplier and a management company of the largest biogas energy producers in Ukraine.
“The first step of MHP Eco Energy is announcing a tender for the development of a feasibility study for connecting BESS to power grids, with the possibility of using Smart Grid Technologies in the future,” MHP said.
According to MHP, the implementation of the project for the construction of BESS with a capacity of 25 MW in Ladyzhyn will begin in 2020 and will take place in four stages: the first one of 5 MW/5MWh, the second of 5 MW/5 MWh (the total capacity of 10 MW/10 MWh), the third of 5 MW/5 MWh (the total capacity of 15 MW/15 MWh), the fourth one of 10 MW/10 MWh (the total capacity of 25 MW/25 MWh).
“Ukraine needs to reduce its dependence on “dirty” energy and very quickly upgrade its energy infrastructure through the use of Energy Storage and Smart Grid in order to remain economically competitive and energy independent. The accumulation of energy will allow us to have a power supply that will be available 24/7. Energy storage plays an important role in creating a more flexible and reliable system of operation of power grids,” MHP noted.

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