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Ukrzaliznytsia (Kyiv) has approved a concept of creating Station Company branch using a model of Germany’s Deutsche Bahn, Director for Strategic Development and Investment Policy at Ukrzaliznytsia Anton Sabolevsky has said in an interview with the Magistral news center.
He said that the implementation of the roadmap for the establishment of the branch will begin by the end of 2019.
“Our goal is to improve the station management system, to increase the efficiency of their activities, including by minimizing duplicate functions. The main goals include reducing financial costs,” Sabolevsky said.
At the same time, he recalled that the negative financial performance of the stations of the Passenger Company branch of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia in 2018 amounted to UAH 405 million.
The reorganization will take place in three stages. First, stations, which are now managed by the Passenger Company will be transferred to the new branch. Next, first-third class facilities of regional branches will be transferred in stages (in total, 106 stations at the first stage). Then the turn of fourth-fifth class facilities (around 1,200) will come. Subsequently, the flag stations will join them. There are almost 2,300 of them in Ukrzaliznytsia, Sabolevsky said, explaining the action plan for the near future.
According to him, the staff will also be transferred to the new branch.

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