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Odesa Sea Trade Port handled 22.565 million tonnes of cargo in 2021, which is 3.4% less than in 2020.
According to the website of the SOE Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), the port handled 19.987 million tonnes (7.5% less) of dry cargo over the past year, liquid cargo – 2.578 million tonnes (47.1% more).
The dynamics of the volume of dry cargo transshipment under the main items in the nomenclature is as follows: grain in bulk – 6.832 million tonnes (6.8% less); containers – 671,532 TEU (3% more); ferrous metals – 4.930 million tonnes (16.9% less); and other bulk (refractory clay, ore, feldspar) – 473,100 tonnes (44.6% more).
“The past year passed for the port under the sign of overcoming the pandemic crisis. In the first half of the year we had a 13.6% gap with the indicators of 2020. In the second half of the year, our partners – stevedoring companies reduced the gap by more than three times… In this context, the record grain harvest in Ukraine came in handy. Operators of port elevators, carriers, the entire transport and logistics structure of the port turned out to be ready for a sharp increase in the volume of grain, starting from August,” head of the Odesa seaport authority Maksym Lapai said.
Currently, transshipment of goods at Odesa seaport is carried out at 16 terminals. All terminals are operated by private companies with the status of port operators.
According to the USPA, the largest increase in cargo turnover over the past year was demonstrated by Olimpex Coupe International LLC – 1.383 million tonnes (45.7% more versus the result of the year before), Novotech-Terminal LLC – 2.524 million tonnes (13.2% more).
The leader among Ukrainian terminals for transshipment of containerized cargo – subsidiary company CTO (a subsidiary of German holding HHLA) in the reporting period was able not only to maintain its position in 2020, but also to increase its indicators to 390,806 TEU (5.1% more).



Two warships belonging to the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, on Friday, June 18, entered Odessa seaport.
According to Odessa-based Dumskaya online publication with reference to its own correspondent, British destroyer HMS Defender D36 and Dutch HNMLS Eversten F805 entered the port. The ships were escorted by the port tugboats Bulat and Patriot.
“This is not the first time that British Type 45 destroyers have been to Odessa – a few years ago HMS Duncan [2017 and 2019] and HMS Dragon [2020] visited us, but the Defender is in the Black Sea for the first time. The Defender joined the Royal Navy in March 2013. The total displacement is 8,500 tonnes, length is 152 meters, width is 21, draught is over 7 meters, and speed is over 30 knots,” the journalists said.
They add that the Defender is equipped with such naval gun systems as a 114-mm Mark 8 Mod, a pair of 20-mm Mark 15 Phalanx and two 30-mm Oerlikon.
“Missile armament is 2×4 launchers for Harpoon anti-ship missiles and 48 launchers for Aster-15 or Aster-30 missiles. There are two Lynx helicopters or one Merlin in the hangar,” the message said.
It notes that the Eversten entered the Black Sea region in 2019, but visited Trabzon, Poti and Constanta. The ship joined the Netherlands Navy in June 2005. Its length is 144 meters, width is 19, and draught is 5 meters. Total displacement is over 6,000 tonnes, its crew consists of over 200 people, and speed is over 28 knots.
The artillery armament of the Dutch vessel consists of one 127-mm main-caliber gun, a seven-barreled 30-mm gun Goalkeeper, a pair of Oerlikon, and Browning machine guns.
“Missile armament consists of eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles and 40 vertical launch launchers MK41 for the Standard SM2 missile defense system SM2 Block IIIA [32 missiles ammunition], Sea Sparrow RIM-7R [four cells, 32 missiles ammunition]. Torpedo armament consists of two twin-tube 324-mm torpedo tubes MK32 [for torpedoes MK46]. There is an NH-90 helicopter in the hangar,” the journalists said.
It is noted that the ships are part of the escort of the newest British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, which recently launched a round-the-world voyage, and shortly before entering Odesa, they both conducted joint maneuvers with American destroyer USS Laboon DDG58.

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Odesa seaport in January-May 2021 handled 8.677 million tonnes of cargo, which is 16.96% less than in January-May 2020.
According to the website of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, during this period the port reduced the transshipment of export cargo by 22.4%, to 5.97 million tonnes, import – by 1.42%, to 2.209 million tonnes, increased transshipment of transit cargo – by 2.82%, to 487,350 tonnes, and reduced the transshipment of cabotage goods – by 74.55%, to 10,620 tonnes.
Transshipment of liquid cargo in Odesa seaport for the specified period increased by 13.37%, to 885,190 tonnes, while handling of dry and bulk cargo decreased by 37.74%, to 2.31 million tonnes, packaged goods – by 8%, to 5.482 million tonnes.
Transshipment of containers in the five months of 2021 amounted to 275,040 TEU (an increase of 1.17%).
As reported, in 2020, Odesa seaport handled 23.370 million tonnes of cargo, which is 7.8% less than in 2019.
The port serves vessels up to 270 meters in length and up to 13 meters draft. The total length of the berthing line is more than 8 km.



Odesa maritime merchandise port in January 2021 handled 1.654 million tonnes of cargo, which is 18.4% less than in January last year.
According to the website of the state-owned enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, during this period the port reduced the transshipment of export cargo by 23.3%, to 1.243 million tonnes, transit by 27.1%, to 71,610 tonnes, transshipment of imported grew by 11.1%, to 339,350 tonnes.
At the same time, coastal transshipment in January 2021 was not recorded.
Transshipment of dry and bulk cargo in the Odesa seaport for the specified period decreased 33.6%, to 520,830 tonnes, packaged goods by 17.4%, to 1.004 million tonnes. Transshipment of bulk cargoes in turn grew almost fivefold, to 128,910 tonnes.
Container handling in January 2021 amounted to 45,388 TEU (22.2% down).

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Odesa seaport handled 8.295 million tonnes of cargo in January-April 2020, which is 3.5% more than in the same period in 2019.
According to the data of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, for the specified period, the port increased the transshipment of exported cargo by 0.1%, to 6.181 million tonnes, imported cargo by 24.5%, to 1.708 million tonnes. Coastal cargo handling decreased by 33.2%, to 23,880 tonnes, and transit cargo by 11.6%, to 382,910 tonnes.
The transshipment of bulk cargo at the Odesa Sea Port increased by 29.6%, to 570,740 tonnes, dry and bulk cargo decreased by 11.2%, to 3.061 million tonnes, package cargo increased by 13%, to 4.663 million tonnes in January-April.
Processing of containers for the period amounted to 218,475 TEU (an increase of 10.6% compared to the same period in 2019).
Odesa seaport is located in the southwestern part of Odesa Bay on an artificially created area of 109.5 hectares.
The port serves ships up to 270 meters long with a draft of up to 13 meters. The total length of the mooring line is more than eight kilometers.