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First beach has been opened in Odessa for swimming season

The head of the Odessa regional military administration Oleg Kiper and the commander of the operational strategic grouping of troops “Odessa” jointly signed an order on civilian access to the sea.

“From today, the first open zone is the beach ‘Kaleton’ in Odessa,” Kiper wrote in his Telegram channel on Saturday.

He noted that the list will be supplemented as the inspections are passed.

“We expect to open about 20 beaches in Odessa and the area, as well as one lagoon in the Izmail district,” Kiper said.

At the same time, he reminded that during the air alert, in the detection of suspicious objects, during a storm of 2 points from 2 – the stay of people near the sea is prohibited.


There were about 40 companies operating in Odessa ports, which exported agricultural products without paying taxes – investigation

The head of the Odessa regional military administration Oleg Kiper in August 2023 by his order strengthened customs control in the region when exporting agricultural products for export, at the same time on the market of export of agricultural products appeared about 40 companies with signs of fictitiousness, reported hromadske in the investigation “Grain Baron”.
The publication noted that through the ports of Odessa in 2023 passed 85 percent of the country’s agro-exports.
When analyzing the data of the Ukrainian customs, access to which is provided by the international service ImportGenius, journalists found 40 companies with signs of fictitiousness, which entered the agro export market after the Odessa OSA established “manual control” over it.
These companies started exporting grain after August 2023. They have never engaged in exports before, were founded or changed owners in 2023, are not part of well-known agroholdings and do not own land.
“The largest by export volume of these firms has the same phone number as another 139 legal entities. And in second place is a company whose founder is probably a psychologist from Uzbekistan, for whom 20 legal entities have been registered in Ukraine over the past two years,” the investigation said.
“Suspicious” companies for the last quarter of 2023 exported through the ports of the Odessa region about 800 thousand tons of agricultural products worth about $ 150 million, or 6 billion UAH, says the publication and recalls that the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration explained the establishment of manual control by the need to fight against one-day companies and so-called “black exports”.
Such one-day companies export grain and do not return foreign currency proceeds to the country, do not pay taxes, have a fake director and do not have an office. After several transactions with a budget of several million dollars, the company disappears.
The chairman of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Union “Agrarnaya Rada” Dmytro Kohan drew attention to the fact that any manual control has increased risks of corruption.
The Odessa regional military administration refused to comment on the facts revealed by journalists.

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New shopping center will appear in Odessa this year

Itown Mall will appear in Odessa as part of the ITown Residential Complex (Sofievskaya Street, 1a), scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2024, the press service of the Ukrainian Trade Guild (UTG) told the Interfax-Ukraine agency, which is the developer of the concept and exclusive broker of the shopping center.

According to the press release, ITown Mall has three ground floors and two underground floors. GBA The total floor area (GBA) is 20,962 square meters and the leasable area (GLA) is 15 thousand square meters. The minus second floor will house home goods stores and a sports complex, the minus first floor will house a supermarket, the upper floors will house clothing and footwear department stores and technology stores.

The project of ITown business class residential complex is realized by “Prostir” group of companies. The residential complex includes five 9-25 storey residential buildings with a total of 378 apartments. According to the developer’s concept, in addition to housing and shopping center, the complex will also include class A offices, a university, scientific laboratories, an apart-hotel, a co-working space with a swimming pool on the roof, a cinema, a museum, etc. The project will be located in the center of the complex. Residential section E will be commissioned in 2023, and two more sections are scheduled for commissioning in 2024. UTG was established in 2001. It has developed more than 1300 real estate concepts. Over the years, the company has leased out 4.7 million square meters of commercial space in Ukraine.

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Today in Odessa officially opened beaches, list is attached

In Odessa officially opened areas for bathing and recuperation, reports the head of the OBA Oleg Kiper.

“Signed a joint order with the Commander of the operational strategic grouping of troops “Odessa” on the access of people to the sea,” Kiper wrote in his Telegram channel on Saturday.

The head of the OBA added that the first open zones include Caleton beach, inclusive beach, municipal beach (area of 14 Fontana), Ikra beach, Chaika beach, municipal beach (area of 10 Fontana), but the list will be supplemented as checks are passed.

Stay of people on the beaches is allowed from 08.00 to 20.00.

“During the air alarm, in the detection of suspicious objects, during a storm from 2 points, on coastal structures (piers, traverses, breakwaters), outside the areas for bathing stay of people is prohibited!”, – emphasized the head of the OBA.

In addition, mandatory is the presence of a rescue boat and mesh fences to protect against explosive objects in open areas for bathing.

“In case of necessity should be organized surveys by the diving service underwater and above-water area of the Black Sea,” – added Kiper.

On the beaches will be daily coastal cleaning, provided there is no emergency situation.

To the water area of the Black Sea exit is allowed only to rescue services.


Unloading of railcars with grain in ports of Greater Odessa has almost stopped

The unloading of railcars with grain in the ports of Greater Odessa has stopped due to the stoppage of the “grain corridor”: only 10 railcars were unloaded over the past 24 hours, Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ) reported in its weekly report on Monday.

The average daily indicator of carload shipment in the ports of Greater Odessa due to the blocking of the “grain corridor” in July amounted to 80 cars/day, having deteriorated over the last week by 30 w/c.

At the same time, a slight increase in the number of railcars with grain, which move in the direction of the ports of Greater Odessa – up to 168 cars from 109 cars, the report said.

The load on the port of “Izmail”, which is an alternative for the export of grain cargoes continues to increase. Over the past week (from July 24 to July 31), the total queue of cars that move in the direction of the port amounted to 7.8 thousand cars, of this number – 3.034 thousand cars with grain. This is by 500 cars, or 19.7%, more than last week, when there were 2,534 cars in the queue.

The average daily unloading rate of grain cars at the port “Izmail” is 88 cars per day, which is 15 cars per day or 14.5% less than in the previous week.

“Due to weather conditions (wind, precipitation) and restrictions on the passage of trains, the daily unloading of grain cargo in the port “Izmail” decreased. The situation with unloading is gradually normalizing”, – it was reported.

In addition, in the direction of the transition Serpneve-1-Basarabeasca (Moldova) is fixed accumulation of about 1.3 thousand cars, including grain – 319 cars, with oil – 153 cars.

Earlier it was reported that the number of ships in the port of Izmail, according to the data of Marine Traffic monitoring application, increased to 120 on Monday against 109 last week, 32 more ships are expected to arrive. During the week, the number of ships at the port ranged from 111-113. The number of vessels at the Port of Reni decreased to 58 vessels on Monday compared to 64 last week. Another 16 vessels are expected to arrive. On Saturday there were 54 ships in the port, during the week – 58-61. Traffic has not resumed in the largest Black Sea ports.


Restrictions for trucks have been imposed in Odessa

In Odessa and the region from July 10 introduce summer restrictions for trucks, movement is allowed from 6:00 pm to 10:00 am, reported the press service OVA.
“We remind you that from (10.07.2023) in order to preserve the road surface during the hot season come into force summer bans on the movement of trucks from 10:00 to 18:00,” – said in the telegram channel of the head of the Odessa OVA Oleg Kiper.
From 18:00 to 10:00 movement of freight transport is allowed, stressed in the OVA.
As noted, the restriction of traffic will act on the highways M-15 /Odessa-Reni /, M-05 /Kiev-Odessa /, M-14 /Odessa-Melitopol/ within the Odessa region for heavy vehicles with a total weight of over 24 tons and loading on the axle 7 tons.
“Exceptions are specialized purpose vehicles and vehicles transporting dangerous, perishable goods, live animals and poultry; goods related to the prevention or elimination of the consequences of emergencies; military goods, dual-use goods and/or property used for the needs of defense; humanitarian aid; people,” the OVA stressed.
In the department reported that also allowed the movement of vehicles engaged in international transport of goods, provided that the driver of the truck has a reserved place in the waiting list to cross the state border of Ukraine for road transport means of the electronic system (“eOrder”) two days before the waiting list for the next time.
At the same time, engaged in the transportation of grain, oilseeds and fuel and lubricants businesses are advised to contact the Odessa OBA for consultation and subsequent receipt of passes during curfew by phone: (048) 718 93 87, (048) 718 95 20.
“The consultation will be carried out from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.00. In order to properly organize the issuance of passes, the relevant documents should be sent to the email address,” explained in the administration.
It is noted that the observance of truck drivers and the requirements of road signs will be controlled by the territorial division of Ukrtransbezopasnost together with law enforcement officers.
It is also reported that at the same time the Service of restoration and development of infrastructure in the Odessa region will ensure the establishment of appropriate prohibitive and informational road signs and determination of places for placement of special sites or parking of heavy and/or large vehicles for the period of the special regime.

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