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The Kyiv City Council at a session on Thursday, September 20, made a decision to lease two land parcels with a total area of 22.2 ha located at 8, Simyi Khokhlovykh to companies UNIT Zhytloinvest and UNIT Holdings to build a residential and office complex. A total of 71 lawmakers backed the lease of 8.2 ha land parcel to UNIT Zhytloinvest and 83 lawmakers supported the lease of 14 ha to UNIT Holdings. As reported, KAN Development and UDP in 2019 will start building a residential complex of 170,000 square meters in Kyiv-based UNIT.City innovative park. The share of housing will be around 30% of the park.
The project provides a mix of housing of business and comfort classes. The construction is scheduled to begin in 2019, and the first stage, which will account for 15% of the total area (about 25,000 square meters), will be commissioned in 12-14 months.
KAN Development is also engaged in joint development for the construction of a six-story business center on UNIT.City’s area. Its commissioning is planned before the end of 2018. Its total area is about 13,000 square meters. At the same time, preliminary lease agreements have already been signed for 90% of the area. Under this project, UDP and KAN Development act as co-investors.
Apart from housing, UNIT.City will also have a university, a school, a kindergarten in the future.
As reported with reference to founder of the UFuture investment group and K.Fund Vasyl Khmelnytsky, it is planned that the area of the UNIT.City innovation park in Kyiv will be expanded to 26 hectares from 19 hectares (as of May 2018).
The UNIT.City innovation park officially opened in April 2017 on the territory of the former Kyiv Motorcycle Plant. Its territory comprises the Chasopys-UNIT co-working facility, IT school UNIT Factory, three laboratories, a business campus, a fund and five accelerators.
According to UNIT.City’s website, four new business campuses, three accelerators, four funds will be created in the park before 2019. The number of resident companies will be increased to 100. By 2025, the park should include 25 hectares of space for work and leisure, as well as more than 300 companies and R&D laboratories.

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The In Time national delivery service plans by the end of 2018 to increase the number of offices by 13.7%, to 720 and install 100 own pick-up and drop-off points in Kyiv.
“This year we plan to increase the number of In Time offices to 720. We are also working on the format of offices, we are looking for the right forms, the right places, the right set of services in them,” the founder of In Time Serhiy Hrachev said at a press conference on the occasion of the company’s 16th anniversary on Thursday.
According to him, for 16 years of work in the market the company has reached the parameters for the delivery of parcels from the first time in 92.6% of cases, completely eliminating the facts of their non-delivery. At the same time, the delivery time to the regional centers was reduced to 24 hours, to remote regions – up to three days, and the service of targeted delivery to the most distant settlements – up to seven days.
Currently, In Time works in 439 settlements, serves 648 offices, 2,000 delivery points, 1,445 pick-up and drop-off points in partnership with PrivatBank (Kyiv).
Hrachev pointed out the active development of Zruchna service – targeted delivery for online stores in two-hour intervals convenient for the client, believing that in the coming years, e-commerce will be the key driver of the logistics market. According to him, about 200 online shops have already been connected to the service, and contracts with several large marketplaces are in the process of signing.
He said that In Time plans to develop own pick-up and drop-off points chain.
“We have developed our own pick-up and drop-off point management system. We have our own points. We will install and test them with one of our partners. We want to install 100 points in Kyiv for tests,” Hrachev said, adding that they are to be installed this year, in the most visited places, but not outdoor, in buildings.
In general, Hrachev said, In Time in 2018 will continue to implement the plan for the restructuring and modernization of IT infrastructure and offices in accordance with rebranding plans.
The In Time national delivery service was established in May 2002 with a central office in Kyiv.