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In the Novohrad-Volynsky region, law enforcement officers caught up and forcibly stopped a Nissan minibus, which contained 27 bags of amber, the police communication department of Zhytomyr region reports.
“At about 20:00 on 255 kilometer of the Kyiv-Chop highway, near Povchyno village, Novohrad-Volynsky district, the patrolmen forcibly stopped a Nissan car. Moving through the territory of Rivne region, the driver violated several traffic rules and did not stop at the request of the police, so they decided to catch up with him and check. As it turned out, the driver avoided talking to the police because of the cargo in the minibus,” a message on the police website says.
So, when inspecting the car, it turned out that the driver was transporting 27 bags of stones that looked like raw amber. However, in order to avoid administrative and criminal liability, the driver, 51-year-old resident of Chernivtsi region, offered the police EUR 1,000 of inappropriate benefits.
The discovered stones were seized and transferred for safekeeping at the State Directorate of the National Police in Zhytomyr region, an expert study was appointed.
The pretrial investigation is carried out in accordance with Article 240-1 (illegal extraction, sale, acquisition, transfer, shipment, transportation, processing of amber) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The police also documented the circumstances of improper benefits offer to the patrolmen. On this fact, criminal proceedings have been initiated under Article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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The reform of the National Police of Ukraine is considered successful by 13.9% of National Police officers and 32% of patrol officers, according to the study “National Monitoring of Unlawful Police Violence in 2020” conducted by Kharkiv Institute for Social Research.
According to the results of the survey, 58.5% of police employees and 37.6% of patrol police consider transformations in the National Police unsuccessful. The option “the reform is not finished yet” was chosen by 26% and 28.8% of the respondents, respectively. 1.6% of the polled police and patrol officers believe that changes in the structure have not yet begun.
The survey of employees of the National Police of Ukraine was carried out using the methods of group questionnaires and surveys using an online form. The sample can be considered representative of the employees of the National Police of Ukraine as a whole. The statistical error with a probability of 0.95 does not exceed 3.0% for data close to 50%, 2.6% – for data close to 25% or 75%, and 1.8% – for data close to 10% or 90%.
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