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Ukraine as of May 7, had sown 4.37 million hectares with spring grain and leguminous crops, or about 58% of the area planned for spring sowing, of which 1.45 million hectares were sown over the past week, the Economy Ministry said on Friday.
According to its data, as of the indicated date, some 2.4 million hectares were sown with corn (46% of the forecast), barley were sown on 1.3 million hectares (95%), peas some 226,400 hectares (96%), oats some 185,400 hectares (96%), wheat some 172,200 hectares (98%).
In addition, 3.2 million hectares were sown with sunflower (50% of the forecast), sugar beet on 223,000 hectares (98%), soybeans on 254,800 hectares (18%), buckwheat on 19,000 hectares (24%).
According to the Economy Ministry, agricultural producers in 14 regions have completely finished sowing early spring grains and leguminous.



Astarta agroindustrial holding, the largest sugar producer in Ukraine, has completed sowing of spring crops on around 170,000 ha.
The holding said in a press release that sugar beet was sowed on 41,000 ha, sunflower on 41,000 ha, corn on 67,000 ha, soybean on 20,000 ha, and the rest are under other crops (barley, oats, buckwheat and other).
“The structure of crop rotation reflects the existing market trends. Thus the reduction of sugar beet plantings will allow the company to organize harvesting and processing of beets in the optimal terms, focusing on the cost-efficiency and quality of sugar. In addition to own beet production Astarta will traditionally cooperate with farmers who supply its factories with sugar beets,” the company said.
The increase in areas under corn could also bring a good financial result against the backdrop of the continuing trend of price recovery for this crop.
This spring sowing campaign was conducted in a record short terms.
“All technological operations were carried out in the optimal time, which along with appropriate level of soil moisture gave a quick start to plants growing. The company is progressing in improving the efficiency of field works: we are concentrating each culture sowing on the large plots, using GPS tracking not only for tractors, but for all trailed aggregates,” the company said.
As of the end of May, winter and spring crops are mostly in good and excellent condition. The weather in the Eastern and Western production units contributes to their development.