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Pivdenny commercial sea port (formerly Yuzhny, Odesa region), the largest seaport of Ukraine in terms of transshipment volume, increased transshipment by 21.4%, which is 46.932 million tonnes in January-September 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.
According to the data of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority published on its website, in the nine months the port increased the transshipment of export cargo by 26.4% to 35.775 million tonnes compared to January-September last year, import cargo by 9.5%, to 5.793 million tonnes, and transit cargo by 0.4%, to 5.062 million tonnes. Coastal cargoes were handled 17 times over, which accounted for 1.728 million tonnes.
In terms of the cargo nomenclature, the port increased the transshipment of liquid cargo by 23.4% up to 4.028 million tonnes, bulk materials by 22.3%, to 39.478 million tonnes, packaged goods by 10.2%, to 3.425 million tonnes.
Transshipment of containers for the specified period amounted to 181,737 TEU (up by 25.4%).
Pivdenny sea port was founded in 1978. It is located on the banks of the Adzhalyk estuary and is the deepest in Ukraine. The total length of the berths is about 2.6 km.

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Risoil S.A. boosted grain transshipments by almost 1.5 times to 1 million tonnes in the first five months of the 2019 calendar year, according to Risoil’s report on Facebook.
“In the five months of 2019, the group of Risoil terminals processed more than 1 million tonnes of grain for export. Last year, 682,000 tonnes were handled during the same period,” the statement said.
According to the company’s website, Risoil, TransBulkTerminal and Metinvest together with Odesa Railways have been implementing a pilot project to optimize cargo traffic. Within its framework, terminals and ports provide information on expected ship calls, the availability of free containers for grain, and the need to transport a particular grain crop. The railway, in turn, transports needed amounts of necessary crops. This allows participants in the project to optimize traffic, increase terminal unloading and reduce the turnover of cars.
As reported, Risoil S.A. in marketing year 2017/2018 increased the transshipment of grain freight by 20,000 tonnes, to 1.64 million tonnes, while oil handling grew by 11%.
Risoil S.A. was established in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2000. Its core business is logistics of oil, bulk and general cargo in the ports of the Black Sea, sale and production of vegetable oils, trade in grain and oilseeds in containers, storage and processing of agro-industrial products.
Risoil Terminal in Chornomorsk seaport was launched in 2016.

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