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A total of 2.56 million people used services of Ukrainian tour operators in 2017, and total revenue of tour companies accounted for UAH 13.14 billion, according to a posting on the website of the Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities Economy Ministry of Ukraine. According to the report, the largest number of tourists in 2017 used services of Join UP! tour operator (703,400 people, including 678,000 Ukrainians travelling abroad), ANEX Tour (453,800), and Travel Professional Group (240,700). ANEX Tour (UAH 5.53 billion), Travel Professional Group (UAH 3.27 billion) and TUI Ukraine (UAH 1.95 billion) saw the largest profit.
Among the leaders in the number of tourists are also companies TEZ Tour (233,700), Coral Travel (199,800) and TUI Ukraine (136,200); by the amount of profit seen – Kyivsky Sputnik (UAH 237 million), Siesta (UAH 173 million), Yana Luxury Travel (UAH 123.3 million), Kiy Avia (UAH 11.1.2 million), New Standard (UAH 100.3 million), Orbita (UAH 57.3 million), and Club Med (UAH 57.2 million).
In 2017, tour operators sold 1.26 million vouchers with a total value of about UAH 27.9 billion. 790,700 vouchers were sold directly to the population, of which 742,100 were vouchers for Ukrainians to travel abroad, 38,600 vouchers for Ukrainians to travel within the country, and 10,000 to foreigners for traveling in Ukraine.

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Around 70,000 Ukrainian tourists will visit Thailand in 2018.
According to a press release of the representative office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Ukraine, in 2017, some 61,000 Ukrainians visited Thailand. Thus, Ukraine was second in Central and Eastern Europe after Poland in the number of tourists who visited Thailand.
Head of the representative office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Ukraine Nicholas Dimitroff said that growth in tourist flow from Ukraine will be linked to the launch of direct flights between Kyiv and the post popular island of Thailand – Phuket. Azur Air by late April 2019 will service charter flights for Aneх tour operator. Thanks to the charter program the tour operator plans to transport around 8,000 tourists from Ukraine.
As reported, Ukrainians are the leaders in the world for the duration of their trips to Thailand: in 2017, the average duration of one trip Ukrainians spent in that country was almost 22 days.
In 2017, Thailand was visited by more than 35 million tourists from all over the world, which brought this country $57.5 million. Thus, Thailand took the 4th place in the world in terms of revenue from tourism (after the United States, Spain and France).
The Ukrainian office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand has been operating since February 2017.

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