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The State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) during tenders in the state electronic trading system ProZorro has reduced the expected cost of building a new bridge in Kremenchuk (Poltava region) by 11%, or UAH 1.27 billion.

Ukravtodor reported the tender was won by the Turkish company Dogus Insaat Ve Ticaret with a final offer of UAH 11.249 billion – an agreement with it will be signed after the completion of all tender procedures.

“The fact that new international players appear in the road sector who are immediately ready to compete on equal terms with others is a sign of a healthy market. And another confirmation that the path we have chosen is working. I am sure that there are more such companies – and quality as well will grow,” Head of Ukravtodor Oleksandr Kubrakov said.

According to him, 95% of the materials that will be used in the construction of the bridge will be Ukrainian.

According to the feasibility study of the project, the new bridge will be cable-stayed, with four lanes, two in each direction. On the right bank of the Dnipro River, it will connect with the N-08 highway, on the left – with the existing street network of Kremenchuk. At these points, it is planned to build transport interchanges at different levels. The total length of the structures will be over 3 km.

Dogus Insaat Ve Ticaret will both design and build the new bridge crossing as the “design and build” tender was announced.


Ukravtodor opens passage on new bridge across Chortomlyk river

The State Agency for Highways of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) has opened a passage on a new bridge over the Chortomlyk river in the village of Oleksiyivka, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukravtodor reported on its Telegram channel on Wednesday.

“I think everyone remembers the story of May, when the old ferry collapsed during the passage of an overloaded truck. It hasn’t been repaired for 65 years. Then we immediately launched the process of reconstruction of the bridge. The whole team was faced with the task of opening the traffic here by the end of the year. All critical work has been completed now. Today, the first test vehicle set off across the bridge in Oleksiyivka. From tomorrow, vehicular traffic will be carried out in a usual mode,” the press service quoted head of the agency Oleksandr Kubrakov as saying.

According to Ukravtodor, in 2021, work on the installation of a drainage system from the superstructure, the arrangement of the upper layers of the pavement, road markings and the dismantling of the reinforced concrete channel supports of the old bridge will be completed on the bridge.

The bridge over Chortomlyk is an integral part of the road N-23 Kropyvnytskyi – Kryvyi Rih – Zaporizhia (km 206 + 925).



The State Automobile Roads Agency of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) installed high-precision sensors of the Q-Free Norwegian company at the site of the Weigh-in-Motion (WiM) complex on the M-02 Kipti-Hlukhiv-Bachivsk road in Chernihiv region.
The Ukravtodor press service told Interfax-Ukraine that the equipment of the IRD company (Canada) was used on the previously installed WiM complexes.
“This is the first experience of Ukrainian specialists working with Norwegian equipment, so the installation took place under surveillance of European supervisors. Sensor systems from the same manufacturer will also be installed at the Weigh-in-Motion facility in Mykolaiv region, on the N-24 Blahovischenske-Mykolaiv road,” Ukravtodor said. In 2020, the State Automobile Roads Agency is scaling a network of WiM sites in all regions of the country: in November, a facility was put into operation in Poltava region on the M-22 Poltava-Oleksandria road. At the second object in Poltava region on the N-31 Dnipro-Tsarychanka-Kobeliaky-Reshetylivka road, the installation of the frame has already been finished, and the hanging of cameras and scanners is starting.
On the M-25 Solomonove-Velyka Dobron-Yanoshi checkpoint in Zakarpattia region is also preparing for the installation of all elements of the WiM system. At the end of 2019, within Ukraine’s cooperation with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the road sector development project), Ukravtodor launched six WiM complexes at the entrances to Kyiv.
The Weigh-in-Motion information collection and analysis system works in real time, recording the weight, dimensions, license plates and speed of vehicles.
Ukrtransbezpeka can use data of WiM sites for setting fines in the “preselection” mode. For automatic processing of fines, it is necessary to improve legislation.
By the end of 2020, the number of WiM sites is planned to be increased to 20 ones throughout Ukraine, and in 2021, according to the plans of Ukravtodor, their number should triple.



The State Automobile Roads Agency of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) saved about UAH 11.8 billion of budget funds due to the examination of repair projects, Head of Ukravtodor Oleksandr Kubrakov said during the “Network: Forum of Road Industry” in Kyiv on Wednesday.
“Due to the examination, the decrease in the estimated cost of road repair projects amounted to an average of 7% or 8%. In absolute terms, it is almost UAH 12 billion,” he said.
According to Kubrakov, in 2020, for the first time in the history of road construction in Ukraine, 100% of repair facilities, including current average repairs, undergo an independent examination. Previously, no more than 25% of all facilities were examined.
He also said that the repairs have been finished at the moment on 3,900 kilometers of national roads, and 85 artificial structures have been repaired. At the same time, the average cost of one kilometer of the road in 2020 is UAH 20.6 million, which is UAH 4.5 million cheaper year-over-year.
According to Kubrakov, in 2020, the focus is on the quality of roads, not quantity. Therefore, some 90% of the projects in 2020 were equipped with a road base laying that ensures the durability of the road surface.
In addition, in 2020, the volumes of lighting devices (619 kilometers versus 78.8 kilometers in 2019), barrier fencing (515,000 linear meters against 263,000 linear meters in 2019), as well as sidewalks (206,000 linear meters against 43,500 linear meters in 2019).
In addition, the savings in 2020 auctions rose to 7.8% (the average savings over the past five years is 6.2%).


The State Automobile Roads Agency of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) in 2021 plans to repair 150 bridges and launch 60 Weight-in-Motion (WiM) complexes.
“As we have already said, next year we plan [to repair] 6,800 km roads, 150 artificial structures on national roads, 60 WiM sites, and involve independent technical supervision for 2,500 km. We see the pace of this year and understand that this is possible, provided that we start on time and we can finance it on time,” Head of Ukravtodor Oleksandr Kubrakov said at a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday.
He also said that in 2021, Ukravtodor plans to begin construction of the bypass around Kyiv with an estimated cost of UAH 85 billion and the construction of the Kremenchuk Bridge with an estimated cost of UAH 12.5 billion (a tender is being held for it now).



The Chinese company Sinohydro Corporation Limited intends to file a claim in international arbitration for the termination of the contract for the reconstruction of the bypass road around Zhytomyr by the State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine (Ukravtodor).
According to the company’s statement, Sinohydro considers it unfair that Ukravtodor, having failed to effectively fulfill its contractual obligations, unilaterally decided to terminate the contract, while the Dispute Settlement Council (created under the contract together with Ukravtodor in May 2020) is still considering disputes surrounding this contract and has already ruled on some of them, allowing Sinohydro to renew the contract.
Sinohydro says the untimely transfer of a land plot for public use by Ukravtodor, the introduction of a number of design changes not provided for in the contract, failure to fulfill payment obligations, as well as force majeure in the form of the COVID-19 epidemic and many other factors influenced the project schedule and led to a violation of the terms of work.
“Since June 2020, facing an unfavorable situation caused by the fact that Ukravtodor did not complete the interim payment for construction work on time, and the continuing impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, Sinohydro has advanced over EUR 5 million to meet its contractual obligations and reduce the delay,” the company said.
It is emphasized that in comparison with other sections of roads under construction in Ukraine at the same time, this project is being implemented at a rather fast pace and is already nearing completion.
“Under the circumstances, the Dispute Settlement Council decided on the first contract dispute initiated by Sinohydro in September 2020. It agreed to extend the contractor’s deadline for construction work by 87 days. However, when the Council began considering at least four disputes over damages to Sinohydro, Ukravtodor unexpectedly announced the termination of the contract,” the report says.

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