Business news from Ukraine


6 January , 2022  

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted the provision on the organizational and technical model of cybersecurity developed by the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, according to the service’s website. The organizational and technical model of cybersecurity is a set of measures, subjects and actions aimed at developing the capabilities of the national cybersecurity system in prompt response to cyberattacks and cyber incidents. This model creates conditions for minimizing possible negative consequences for information and communication systems.
“The organizational and technical model of cybersecurity not only denotes complex framework and different levels of infrastructure for protecting the country in cyberspace, but also at the sub-legal level defines the main stages of responding to cyber incidents. Both government agencies and the corporate sector and citizens will be involved in the development of this model,” Head of the State Special Communications Service Yuriy Schyhol said.
Such an integrated approach should increase the effectiveness of the national cybersecurity system and, in particular, allows both enterprises and government agencies to develop, implement and continually improve structurally identical and adapted to their own needs and capabilities plans for responding to cyber incidents and cyberattacks.
The organizational and technical model assumes three levels of integrated cyber defense infrastructures:organizational and managerial (the main subjects of the national cybersecurity system); technological (interaction of technological units: information exchange, monitoring, ensuring sustainable cyberspace security) and basic (secure information infrastructure and society).
The organizational and technical model of cybersecurity is aimed, inter alia, at reducing the vulnerability of information and communication systems and ensuring their cyber resilience; creating conditions for the development of public-private partnerships in cybersecurity; and also on the creation of an effective system of national response to cyber incidents, in particular on the development of industry response teams, synchronization and coordination of their actions. The State Special Communications Service said the introduction of an organizational and technical model of cybersecurity determines responsibility for the implementation of specific tasks of each subject of cybersecurity and makes it possible to form an effective system of resource support, including personnel.