Business news from Ukraine


19 June , 2019  

Ukraine could increase grain exports to China in the 2019/2020 marketing year (MY, July-June), Olena Neroba, the adviser to the president of the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA), has said at a press conference. According to her, China this year has experienced a significant reduction in the number of pigs due to ASF, and since substitution of pork with imports is quite expensive and time consuming, China is likely to compensate for the deficiency of protein in poultry. This factor and the trade war with the United States will lead to an increase in demand for barley and other grains, which Ukraine can take advantage of, Neroba said. If earlier practically the only importer of Ukrainian barley was Saudi Arabia, then the opening of a new market will allow increasing the volume of exports of this crop and raising the price.
She also noted that Ukraine this season has felt some U.S. influence on the Egyptian market, which is one of the main consumers of Ukrainian corn. According to the expert, although the absolute figures of exports to Egypt increased slightly compared to last year, however, the share of Egypt in in the structure of Ukrainian grain exports declined.

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