Business news from Ukraine


22 May , 2020  

Ukraine increased electricity exports by 15% (by 319.4 million kWh) in January-April 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, to 2.449 billion kWh, the Ministry of Energy and Environment Protection has told Interfax-Ukraine. Electricity supplies from the Burshtyn thermal power plant (TPP) energy island to Hungary, Slovakia and Romania increased by 24.7% (by 351.2 million kWh), to 1.772 billion kWh.
Electricity supplies to Poland increased by 24.2% (by 106.4 million kWh), to 546.7 million kWh.
Electricity supplies to Moldova amounted to 130.3 million kWh, which is 51.5% (138.2 million kWh) less than in January-April 2019.
Ukrainian electricity was not exported to Belarus and Russia.
However, electricity exports fell by 60% in April 2020 compared with April 2019 (by 355 million kWh), to 237.9 million kWh.
Thus, Ukraine imported 1.705 billion kWh of electricity, in particular 1.012 billion kWh was supplied from Slovakia, some 408.6 million kWh from Hungary, some 152.3 million kWh from Belarus, some 78.3 million kWh from Romania and some 53.4 million kWh from Russia over the first four months.
In addition, under technological flows related to interconnected operation of the United Energy System of Ukraine with the energy systems of neighboring countries (taken into account under the contracts of state-owned enterprise Energomarket) some 19.25 million kWh of electricity were imported from Russia and some 250,000 million kWh were imported from Belarus over four months of 2020.