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11 September , 2021  

Ukraine in January-August 2021 reduced electricity exports by 17% (by 505.6 million kWh) compared to the same period in 2020, to 2.475 billion kWh, according to NPC Ukrenergo.
According to the calculations of Interfax-Ukraine, in particular, supplies from Burshtyn TPP energy island in the direction of Hungary, Slovakia and Romania decreased by 6.9% (by 124.4 million kWh), to 1.678 billion kWh.
Electricity supplies to Poland decreased by 35.6% (by 356.7 million kWh) compared to the same period last year, to 644.8 million kWh.
Electricity exports to Moldova increased by 17.2% (by 22.4 million kWh), to 152.6 million kWh.
There were no supplies to Belarus and Russia in January-August 2021 (versus 46.9 million kWh supplied to Belarus over the eight months of 2020).
In August 2021, Ukrainian electricity exports amounted to 344.1 million kWh, which is twice as much as in August 2020 (171.4 million kWh).
In addition, over the eight months of 2021, Ukraine reduced electricity imports by 44.2% (by 802.5 million kWh) compared to the same period last year, to 1.014 billion kWh. In particular, Belarus supplied 522.6 million kWh, Slovakia – 285.4 million kWh, Russia – 101.9 million kWh, Hungary – 66.4 million kWh, and Romania – 38 million kWh.
In August 2021, electricity imports amounted to 27.1 million kWh, which is 29.8% less than in August2020 (38.6 million kWh).
Within the framework of technological flows associated with the parallel operation of the integrated power system of Ukraine with the power systems of neighboring countries and power supply of dead-end areas, 37 million kWh of electricity were imported from the Russian Federation over the eight months, and 0.5 million kWh from Belarus.
Emergency supplies during this period from Slovakia amounted to 0.7 million kWh, from Belarus – 9.7 million kWh, to Belarus – 0.4 million kWh, and to Poland – 8.5 million kWh.

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