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11 January , 2021  

Olvia specialized seaport handled 3.91 million tonnes of cargo in 2020, which is 813,180 tonnes or 26.3% more than in 2019.
According to the information on the website of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, in the terms of shipment, the distribution of cargo took place as follows: export amounted to 3.53 million tonnes (more by 23.9% compared to 2019), import to 303,370 tonnes (41.2% more), coastal cargo to 70,210 tonnes, and transit cargo to 2,940 tonnes.
In 12 months of 2020, progress was achieved in the processing of bulk cargo 3.54 million tonnes, which is 34.1% more than in 2019.
“It should be noted that the largest contribution to the cargo handling was made by the Ukrainian agricultural sector, because 1.83 million tonnes of grain cargo was handled, which is 48.5% more than last year,” the association said.
In addition, in 2020, Olvia seaport handled 758,630 tonnes (more by 3%) of construction cargo, other bulk cargo 675,280 tonnes (more by 29.7%), as well as ferrous metals 322,410 tonnes and coal 232,480 tonnes.
The cargo handling of the Olvia seaport operators in 2020 was distributed as follows: EVT Grain LLC 2.22 million tonnes, and the state-owned enterprise Stevedoring Company Olvia 1.69 million tonnes.
In December 2020, in general, 258,490 tonnes of cargo were handled in the seaport water area, of which export cargo amounted to 258,160 tonnes, imported and coastal cargo to 110 tonnes and 230 tonnes, respectively.
The number of ship calls since the beginning of the year amounted to 270, including 16 during December.

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