Business news from Ukraine


14 March , 2019  

Ukrenergo has worked out a concept for the development of cybersecurity for 2019-2023, based on the analysis of the current state of information security in the company, its own developments and the experience of world leaders in the field of cyber defense and information technologies, primarily Israel.
According to a press release, in four years Ukrenergo intends to implement 30 projects in order to enhance the security of information infrastructure and minimize the negative impact of cybersecurity incidents on the company’s work.
In particular, the matter concerns the creation of a secure transport network of the enterprise for secure interaction with the outside world, the organization of secure basic infrastructure and data processing centers, as well as setting up an operational security center and organizing professional training for personnel.
The draft concept was reviewed and received positive feedback from the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection.
As reported, in June 2017 the computer networks of the Cabinet of Ministers, dozens of state and private large banks and companies in Ukraine became the victims of a massive virus attack, which in some cases led to the cessation of their operations.