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Kyiv-based Myasnyi Rai chain of stores is up for sale

17 June , 2024  

The Myasniy Rai chain of stores, known for its high-quality meat products, announces the sale of its assets and trademark. The offer opens up new opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs seeking to develop their business in the retail sector.

The Myasniy Rai chain was founded in 2017 and quickly gained the trust of customers due to its high quality products and focus on local suppliers. The first store was opened on Shevchenko Boulevard, after which the chain was constantly expanding, opening new outlets. During 2018-2022, 8 stores were opened. The total investment in business development and support amounted to more than $700,000. Now Myasnyi Rai includes three stores, a production shop, a coffee shop and an online store providing a wide range of products for customers.

Key assets:

  1. A store at 32a Olesya Honchara Street, opened in 2018. Area: 130 m²; Assortment: fresh meat, sausages, frozen food, spices, sauces; Special features: focus on quality products and local suppliers;
  2. Store at 2 Generala Almazova Street, opened in 2022. Area: 109 m² Assortment: similar to the store on Gonchar Street
  3. The store at 24 Serhiy Danchenko Street, opened in 2022. Area: 95 м². Assortment: similar to the previous stores
  4. The production shop opened in March 2020. Area: 211 м². Capacity: up to 12,000 kg of frozen products per month. Products: sausages, smoked meats, salads (sold in the retail chain).
  5. A coffee shop on Honchar Street, opened in July 2020. Area: 70 м². Assortment: hot drinks, pastries, desserts, snacks. Special features: a cozy place for meetings and relaxation, located in the business center of Kyiv.
  6. The online store has been open since 2018. Assortment: fresh meat, sausages, frozen food, spices Services: delivery in Kyiv, convenient online ordering system.

Advantages and prospects

The Myasnyi Rai chain offers a unique opportunity for investors to enter the food market with a ready-made, well-established business.

Main advantages:

  • Registered trademark “Meat Paradise”, which ensures brand recognition.
  • High quality products and a positive reputation among local residents and restaurants.
  • Developed marketing strategy with an active social media presence and loyalty programs.
  • Potential for further expansion in both retail and manufacturing.

This offer for sale is an ideal option for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a stable and profitable business with broad development prospects. For more information, please call +380 67 230 00 17.

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