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Unilever will invest EUR20 mln in construction of a factory in Kiev region

The international company Unilever has started construction of a new factory in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region. Today a commemorative capsule was laid at the site of the future enterprise in the industrial park “Bila Tserkva”, the Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration Ruslan Kravchenko said on his Facebook page on Friday.

It is also reported that the amount of investment in the factory is € 20 million. Almost 100 new jobs will be created at the enterprise. The factory will produce personal care products, shampoos and shower gels, the goods will be mainly oriented for the Ukrainian market. Potentially, the enterprise will produce products for other markets in Europe.

The report notes that the total area of the site for the development is 4.2 hectares. The production capacity of the enterprise is more than 5000 tons per year. The construction of the factory is planned to be completed at the end of 2024. Erection will take place taking into account the highest environmental standards. There will be comfortable working conditions, office space is designed to meet the needs of immobile groups. A ground mobile shelter has already been arranged for safe work, and in time an underground shelter will also be built.

“The construction site of the new factory in the industrial park was not chosen by chance – there are all necessary communications and road infrastructure. The development of industrial parks supports the restoration of industry in Kyivshchyna during Russia’s war against Ukraine. The opening of new production facilities contributes to the income and well-being of local communities, increases tax revenues and stimulates the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region”, – said Ruslan Kravchenko.

Ruslan Kravchenko thanked the CEO of Unilever Ukraine Vasyl Bovdilov and the founder of UFuture, which includes the industrial park “Bila Tserkva”, Vasyl Khmelnitsky for the example, which “should be followed by other investors and joint efforts to develop the economic potential of Kyiv region”.

Earlier it was reported that Unilever Plc will allocate EUR20 mln for the construction of a factory in the Kiev region to produce personal care products, shampoos and shower gels under the brands Dove, Axe, TRESemmé and Clear,

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JYSK opens renovated store in Bila Tserkva

International retail chain JYSK opened a store in the Vega shopping center in Bila Tserkva on Thursday after renovating and expanding its retail space, the retailer’s press service reported.

According to the report, the store’s retail space has increased from 890 sqm to 1077 sqm, and the warehouse area has increased from 140 sqm to 213 sqm.

The store has been updated in accordance with the modern concept of the 3.0 chain with a new layout and design. The store also features three exhibition areas. A new canteen and dressing room have been equipped for employees.

As reported, since the beginning of 2023, JYSK has opened five new stores and renovated three existing ones.

Currently, there are 88 JYSK stores and the online store in Ukraine. According to the company, this number should increase to 100 by 2024. JYSK has more than 800 employees in the country.

JYSK is part of the family-owned Lars Larsen Group with more than 3.2 thousand stores in 48 countries.

JYSK’s revenue in the financial year 2022/23 amounted to EUR 5.2 billion.

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Construction of another plant starts at Bila Tserkva industrial park

The construction of another plant began in the Bila Tserkva industrial park (Kyiv region), the launch is scheduled for November 1, UFuture founder Vasyl Khmelnytsky told Interfax-Ukraine.
“During the war, we felt a big request from Ukrainian manufacturers from the regions to relocate to the Bila Tserkva industrial park. They have an alternative – moving to the EU, but it is important for the economy to leave producers in the country: these are taxes, jobs and development. Today we’ve started the construction of a new modern facility for a plant on 4,000 sq m. The amount of investment will be approximately $2 million,” he said.
Khmelnytsky added that this project will be the company’s record for the speed of construction.
“Already on November 1, we will launch production there. Now we are negotiating with several applicants from Mykolaiv and Kharkiv,” Khmelnytsky said.
UFuture holding company of businessman Khmelnytsky, as part of a business strategy in 2022, planned to expand the number of production facilities in Bila Tserkva industrial park from five to 11. Earlier, in an interview with the Interfax-Ukraine agency, he said that 11,000 sq m of industrial premises will be built in this park for the relocation of enterprises, the estimated investment is $6.5 million. In general, the entrepreneur announced plans the construction of 30 factories in Bila Tserkva.

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The Bila Tserkva Industrial Park, a project of the UFuture Holding owned by businessman Vasyl Khmelnytsky, according to the approved development plan, intends to raise $250 million of investment and create more than 30 new enterprises by 2026, the company has said in a press release.
“According to our estimates, by 2026 [in the territory of two industrial parks Bila Tserkva 1 and Bila Tserkva 2] should be created more than 4,000 jobs, built 235,000 sq. m of industrial real estate, including production and logistics facilities on the territory of two industrial parks. The total investments volume should reach $250 million,” the company’s press service said, citing Director of the industrial park Volodymyr Khmurych.
The investments will be routed to construction of new commercial buildings, purchase of new production and logistics equipment, outfit of existing facilities, business processes automatization and certification, R&D, as wells as energy-saving projects and IT projects.
Among other things, Khmurych said that o manufacture of high value-added products and their components qualified specialists are needed.
“There are more than dozen educational institutions, including eight technical and vocational schools, and five higher education institutions and their branches in Bila Tserkva. We cooperate with all of them and believe that skilled labor market proximity is one of the competitive advantages of the industrial parks,” Head of Business Development of Industrial Park Management LLC (IPM) Andriy Ropitsky said.
The company said in the press release that the IPM has won bid for management company of Bila Tserkva 1 and Bila Tserkva 2 Industrial Parks. On May 06, 2020, the cooperation agreements were signed between the management company and industrial parks.
According to the terms of the contracts, the managing company ensures implementation of the development strategies and business plans of the industrial parks, attracts residents, carries out marketing programs, obtains permissions and approvals from state and local authorities related to industrial park and residents utilities and facilities design and construction.
“Many large manufacturing companies are facing supply chain shocks and production disruptions. In a search for a better balance between globalization and the necessary degree of independence, these companies will be choosing localization of production at the national or regional levels. We can offer best conditions for the localization of production in our industrial parks. The management company will help the industrial park in attracting foreign companies to the parks,” Khmurych said.
The total area of Bila Tserkva industrial park is more than 70 hectares. According to the company’s press service, at the beginning of 2020, six companies were residents of the industrial park. The first project was Plank Electrotechnic LLC electrical accessories factory.
Industrial Park Management LLC was founded in 2016, specializing in industrial real estate. During the years of operations 19.4 ha of land was sold and passed on for construction, while about 16,400 square meters of industrial and warehouse real estate is commissioned and under construction. Electric, gas, and water supply of the large infrastructure facilities in Kyiv and Kyiv region was completed.

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The Bila Tserkva Industrial Park (a project of the UFuture) begins the construction of a new logistic automated depot for courier delivery of goods to the company Nova Poshta in Bila Tserkva. According to the project — the total area of the premises will be more than 3900 square meters, and the cost of the object will exceed $5 million.
“I`m proud that Nova Poshta, known to every Ukrainian, has chosen our Bila Tserkva Industrial Park for scaling. In fact, today industrial parks are not only a profitable location for creating innovative production, but also an investment nanny for a domestic producer and investor. We help with the connection to communications, provide all the necessary infrastructure. I`m sure that the case of this national giant will be the impetus for the further development of the format of industrial parks in Ukraine as a whole,” Vasyl Khmelnytsky, founder of UFuture, said.
The investment project provides for the creation of an innovative terminal, which will include a customer service department, office and social facilities, and attached infrastructure. The two-story building of the logistic depot will have autonomous heating, a centralized ventilation system and air conditioning. Commissioning will take place in autumn 2020.
“We will open branches and an automated logistic depot to ensure fast and high-quality delivery for our customers from Bila Tserkva and another 80 settlements of the region. Depot capacity — 2.8 thousand parcels per hour, up to 50 people will work at the facility,” Volodymyr Popereshnyuk, co-owner of Nova Poshta, said.
The choice in favor of the Industrial Park became possible because of its advantageous location, ready-to-use utilities and turnkey construction in accordance with the international standards of energy efficiency, fire resistance and environmental friendliness. The construction of a new warehouse terminal allows the postal operator to create convenient logistics and quickly deliver goods to Kyiv and the region.
The purpose of the Bila Tserkva Industrial Park is the development of modern industrial production in Ukraine. The park offers industrial land with all engineering infrastructure and ready-made modern production, logistics and storage facilities for rent or purchase. Knowledge and extensive experience in real estate development allow the park team to provide the client with a range of services and services for organizing efficient production.
The total area of the Bila Tserkva Industrial Park is more than 70 hectares. The key difference is in its focus on creating ecosystems and clusters (production, logistics and others). The value of this approach for the client is to establish supply chains, reduce production costs and availability of raw materials. As of the beginning of 2020, six companies are residents of the industrial park. The industrial park belongs to UFuture projects.
UFuture is a holding company of Ukrainian entrepreneur Vasyl Khmelnytsky that integrates his business and impact-investment projects. The company has a diversified portfolio of assets in the fields of real estate, infrastructure, industry, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, and IT. Currently, UFuture’s assets are estimated at $550 million, and the total capitalization of the businesses it invested in is more than $1 billion.
UFuture’s mission is to secure global connectivity of Ukraine by including the country’s economy and talent into international value chains where the economy and human capital of the state will play an important role.
Nova Poshta Group provides its customers, both business and individuals, with a full range of the logistics and related services. The Group includes Ukrainian and foreign companies, in particular, Nova Poshta, NP Logistic, POST FINANCE and Nova Poshta International.
Nova Poshta is the leader of the logistics market, which provides easy delivery to each client — at the post office, and the address — and allows thousands of entrepreneurs to create and develop a business not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The company’s network has more than 6,000 branches throughout Ukraine, and the number of departures in 2019 alone exceeded 212 million. NP Logistic is a fulfillment service company: storing goods in warehouses, picking and sending orders to the recipient. POST FINANCE is a non-banking financial institution, thanks to which the company’s clients can carry out money transfers and electronic money transactions. Nova Poshta International is developing an international partner network to provide customers with express delivery services in Ukraine and also abroad.
Nova Poshta Group works in compliance with all the norms of Ukrainian legislation. In 2019, the Group transferred more than 4 billion UAH of taxes and fees to the country’s budget. More information about products and services on the website:

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UNISET LLC has acquired land in Bila Tserkva Industrial Park (a project of UFuture). The company will start constructing its office building as well as its production and warehouse facilities next year, with the first operational phase beginning in 2021.
“UNISET’s location is best suited to the industrial park ecosystem, as it will facilitate supply chains and co-operation between residents and bring about the creation of joint projects. This is where the added value of such parks becomes even more visible. We provide comprehensive support to our clients, access to our partners and encourage them to cooperate with each other,” Volodymyr Khmurych, director of the Bila Tserkva Industrial Park, said.
In the first phase, UNISET will create about 20 jobs. To implement its project, the company hopes to involve engineers and other tech specialists as well as graduates. In addition to administrative, warehouse, and production facilities, a training center will be established within the enterprise’s base to improve the knowledge and production skills of UNISET’s staff.
“We’ve spent two years searching for the land and eventually opted for a partnership with UFuture. The offer we received is the most agreeable option for us, and the land has a convenient location and meets the legal and technical criteria. The industrial park provides comprehensive support to our team and we hope to bring the project to life as soon as possible,” Yevhen More, director of UNISET, emphasized.
UNISET is the fourth resident of Bila Tserkva Industrial Park. Plank Electrotechnic, another resident, the first Ukrainian manufacturer of modern electrotechnic systems, is already in operation. Construction of innovative production of composite materials is in process. In 2020, the industrial park will begin erecting a large logistics complex.
UFuture is a Ukrainian private equity firm and group of companies, based in Kyiv. UFuture consolidates UDP, which is a real estate development company specialized in large infrastructure projects, the country’s second biggest Kyiv Sikorsky international airport, national Ukrainian outdoor advertising operator RTM, and Bila Tserkva industrial park. The group develops new and innovative businesses such as renewable energy generator UDP Renewables, pharmaceutical producer Biopharma, and innovation parks UNIT.City and LvivTech.City. UFuture supports and coordinates numerous impact and sustainability projects related to education and economics, some of which are annual Kyiv International Economic Forum, Small and Medium Entrepreneurship School, cutting-edge IT coding school UNIT Factory and Lean Institute Ukraine.
Bila Tserkva Industrial Park is a large-scale investment project aimed at facilitating establishment of modern manufacturing in Ukraine. It is a one-window platform that allows producers to access all necessary assets, utilities and services and focus on the development of their businesses. The park offers industrial land and property with all engineering infrastructure for rent or purchase, turn-key solutions and a possibility of co-investment in manufacturing. Local market insight and substantial experience in real estate development allows the park’s team to provide clients with additional consulting services on setting up an efficient production.
UNISET specializes in the development and production of control cubicles (distribution cabinets, AVR boards, light panels, reactive power compensation units, asynchronous motor control cabinets) as well as production process automation systems, which are equipped with reliable components from the market leaders such as Eaton, Rittal, Danfoss, and Siemens. The company has considerable experience in implementing large-scale programs (more than twenty projects in Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Kazakhstan). UNISET provides equipment, after-sales service support, develops and implements individual turnkey solutions for various industries, including machine-building, lighting, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and mineral processing as well as agricultural complexes.

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