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Ukrainians donated almost half as much in 2023 as at beginning of great war

How much money the 3 largest foundations raised last year

People donated UAH 18.75 billion to the three largest foundations last year. This amount is almost half as much as in 2022. The number of donors increased in the second half of the year. It was the end of the year when several platforms reached record amounts of money. This is evidenced by data from United 24, Come Back Alive, and the Shelter Fund.

For comparison, in 2022, the total amount of donations reached a record 34.38 billion UAH. Of this amount, 2/3 was raised in the first six months – UAH 24 billion, and the remaining UAH 10.5 billion was donated in the second half of the year.

Where did people donate the most money?

United 24 became the leader among charitable organizations in 2023. The foundation managed to raise almost 2/3 of the total amount – UAH 12.07 billion. The peak of donations was in December last year – UAH 3.55 billion or 29%. This is a record amount for a month since the foundation’s inception.

United 24 works in 5 areas:

● the needs of the Armed Forces – UAH 10.81 billion (90%);
Healthcare – UAH 0.76 billion (6%)
Restoration of destroyed property and infrastructure – UAH 0.25 billion (2%);
Humanitarian demining – UAH 0.13 billion (1%);
● Education and science needs – UAH 0.12 billion (1%).

December was also a significant month for Come Back Alive, as it was then that the foundation raised 20% of all its accumulations for the year – UAH 0.9 billion. In contrast, the foundation’s share of all donations raised together with its colleagues is 24%, or UAH 4.53 billion.

Only 11% of the total accumulated amount is accounted for by the Shelter Fund. The organization raised UAH 2.14 billion last year, of which the largest amount was received in October – UAH 0.31 billion.

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“Nova Poshta” and “Come Back Alive” Charity Foundation deliver aid to Ukrainian Air Force

Nova Group and Nova Poshta, together with the Come Back Alive charity foundation, have handed over the third batch of aid in the form of integrated communication devices (ICDs) to the Ukrainian Air Force as part of the Pack the Sky – Upgrade Air Defense project, the group’s press service said on Friday.

“This is the first project in Ukraine that comprehensively provides the air force with communications,” said Olena Plakhova, Nova’s director of reputation management.

According to the release, the exact number of KAZs transferred was not disclosed, but all of them have already been delivered to the Center Air Command and are helping to defend Kyiv, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, and other cities and villages in the central part of the country.

According to the report, the KAZs are domestic trucks with high cross-country ability, provided with the necessary equipment, machinery, and secure communications to effectively perform combat missions. Their main task is to accompany air defense missile systems.

The cost of one KAZ is about UAH 7 million.

As reported, last year, to strengthen air defense within the framework of the “Pack the Sky – Upgrade Air Defense” project, from June 1 to December 26, “Come Back Alive” together with Nova Poshta raised UAH 330 million.

It is noted that thanks to the Foundation’s operational work with manufacturers and engineers, in October 2023, before the end of the collection, “Come Back Alive” and “Nova Poshta” handed over two batches of equipment to air defense units: a batch of portable communication and control kits, as well as telecommunication kits and related equipment.

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