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On Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden said that he asked Congress to approve his request for additional financial assistance to Ukraine as soon as possible.
“I just signed a request to Congress for important security, economic, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. (…) It is critical this funding gets approved and approved as quickly as possible,” Biden said, speaking at the White House.
He said he acknowledges that such assistance is “not cheap.”
Biden said the U.S. administration needs additional funds to transfer artillery, air defense systems, and armored vehicles to Ukraine.
“This assistance will give Ukraine additional artillery, armored vehicles, anti-tank and anti-air capabilities,” he said.
He said that a request to the U.S. Congress for additional funds for Ukraine should meet both the current defense needs of the Ukrainian military and longer-term security needs.
Biden said the United States and allies have already delivered over 50 million pieces of military equipment to Ukraine, including thousands of anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems, helicopters, drones, grenade launchers and machine guns.
Additional funding to help Ukraine is needed, as the previously allocated funds are almost completely used.
Biden called on Congress to allocate $33 billion to help Ukraine in the defense and humanitarian spheres, as well as to strengthen the defense of European countries, the White House said. This funding is intended for the period until September 2022, the CNBC channel said.
The White House said in the statement that, among other things, some $20.4 billion is expected to be allocated both for military assistance to Ukraine and for “U.S. efforts to strengthen European security in cooperation with our NATO allies and other partners in the region.” This is about the supply of weapons to Ukraine and a number of European countries, artillery, armored vehicles, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. It is also planned to direct this assistance to strengthening the means of protection against cyberattacks, demining territories. At the same time, they plan to send $4 billion to the program of foreign military financing of the U.S. Department of State.
Of the funds requested by Biden, some $ 8.5 billion will be directed to support the Ukrainian economy. These funds are intended to finance the Ukrainian government, help Ukraine in the food, energy and medical fields.
The CNBC television channel, in turn, said, thus, in nine months, the total U.S. spending on Ukraine would exceed $36 billion.
In addition, according to the White House, some $3 billion will be allocated for humanitarian assistance around the world in the form of supplies of wheat and other goods. In addition, they plan to allocate $500 million as assistance to domestic production. This amount is expected to support U.S. production of food crops that are in short supply around the world due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.
In addition, Biden decided to ask Congress for approval of a package of laws that will help the administration use the confiscated assets of individuals associated with Russia to provide assistance to Ukraine. The White House said in the statement that the president “will send a proposal for a comprehensive legislative package that will enhance the United States Government’s authority to hold the Russian government and Russian oligarchs accountable for President Putin’s war against Ukraine.” Biden’s proposals, in particular, provide for the use of confiscated assets of persons subject to sanctions.
In parallel, similar measures are being considered in the U.S. Congress. Thus, on Thursday night, the House of Representatives approved a bill that gives the president the opportunity to use some of the assets frozen under sanctions against Russia to provide humanitarian and military assistance to Kyiv. ” The Asset Seizure for Ukraine Reconstruction Act takes an important step in rebuilding the country Russia has destroyed,” Congressman Tom Malinowski, co-author of the document, said on social media.
The New York Times said that 417 congressmen supported the bill, with eight opposed.

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On Thursday evening, the US House of Representatives adopted a law on lend-lease and the protection of democracy in Ukraine, head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak said.
“Lend-lease for Ukraine has finally been opened. The law has been voted on. Thanks to our allies,” Yermak wrote on his Telegram channel on Thursday evening.
The text of the document refers to granting the US President expanded powers to transfer or lease defense assets to Ukraine to “protect the civilian population from Russian military invasion” and for other purposes.
“After the adoption of the act, the chairman of the White House is obliged within 60 days to establish accelerated procedures for the delivery of products. The Lend-Lease Act allows us to significantly speed up the supply of weapons, transport, food and aid from the United States. And all this will allow us to drive the Russian army out of our territories” , – wrote the head of the OP.
He noted that Lend-Lease “means the US confidence in Ukraine’s victory over Russia.”
“This will be an important victory for our indestructible people, who were able to unite the civilized world around them in the fight against the Russian evil,” Yermak summed up.

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U.S. President Joe Biden intends next week to send a request to Congress for an additional budget for military assistance to Ukraine.
At the White House on Thursday Biden said that next week, he will send a request to Congress for an additional budget to keep the flow of weapons and ammunition to the brave Ukrainian fighters uninterrupted. He explained that this is also necessary to continue economic support. According to the president, he will appeal to Congress, as the previously allocated budget for assistance to Ukraine is running out.
The U.S. President believes that Congress will quickly respond to his request.

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Hennadiy Chyzhykov will remain on the post of president of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI) for another five years. The UCCI congress held as a video conference made the unanimous decision on May 19.
“The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has the largest regional and international presence among organizations that represent the interests of Ukrainian business. The UCCI has great potential for development,” Chyzhykov said in a report of the chamber.
UCCI delegates also approved the chamber’s mission: creating conditions for business development, opening new markets for Ukrainian exports, and promoting the integration of Ukrainian business in the global economy.
The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry unites more than 8,000 Ukrainian enterprises, which, according to the organization, provide 70% of the export earnings of Ukraine. The UCCI system unites 25 regional chambers and has representative offices in 55 countries.
The President of Ukraine, international and national partners – the heads of the EUROCHAMBRES, the World Chambers Federation (WCF), the American Chamber of Commerce, the European Business Association, the business ombudsman, the embassies of Argentina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Vietnam and others congratulated the delegates of the UCCI congress. More…

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What factors affecting the pharmaceutical companies in 2020? What important signals and triggers for action does the market show? How to maintain balance in turbulence? Which way to choose – confrontation, opposition or adaptation to external factors?
2020 will be unique year for the healthcare sector of Ukraine. From April 1st, 2020, the National Healthcare Service of Ukraine (NHSU) will start paying for medical services at the secondary and tertiary levels of care. At the moment, it is difficult to predict the progress and implementation of the reform in 2020. Much more information will appear in March, closer to the date of the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Congress.
The Congress agenda is developed by experts in the field of pharmaceuticals and legal regulation of the industry specifically for top managers of pharmaceutical companies. This is an opportunity to learn about innovations and recent changes in pharmaceuticals and receive practical information for making strategic decisions necessary for the successful operation of pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine.
Get a fresh perspective on:
-MEDICAL REFORM: current state and influence on the pharmaceutical industry in 2020-2021
-PROCUREMENT AND REIMBURSEMENT: what road signs point on – innovations and consequences
-COMPETITION ON THE PHARMACEUTICAL MARKET: the great battle or moderate struggle?
-INDUSTRY INSIGHTS and EXCLUSIVE CASES: challenges and predictions
The Congress is attended by leading experts in the field of pharmaceuticals and legal support, professionals in the field of medicine and healthcare, representatives of state bodies, top managers of leading national and international pharmaceutical companies, representatives of healthcare facilities, professional associations, state authorities in the healthcare sector and parliamentarians.
In particular, representatives of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Health, Medical Assistance and Medical Insurance, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the State Health Service of Ukraine, Electronic Health state-owned enterprise, State Medical Procurement of Ukraine state-owned enterprise, multidisciplinary hospitals and pharmaceutical companies have been invited to discuss the latest changes and prospects for the industry.
Join the important event for key pharmaceutical managers on March 19th and make a successful investment in improving the efficiency of your business!
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ABSC Consulting Company
General Information Partner:
Location: Ramada Encore Kiev, Stolychne Hwy 103
Congress working languages: Ukrainian, Russian. Simultaneous interpretation into English
Organizational partner: Pravotoday LLC Info Agency
Event-partner: GB17 – Garden of Brands
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