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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans in 2020 to focus on digitalization of Ukraine.
“We will draft a plan on digitalization of the state. 2020 will be the year of total digitalization of the country. We will digitalize everything that we have no enough time for this year…This means that after 2020 Ukraine should be totally digital, in a smartphone,” Premier of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk said in a course of a meeting of president with the members of the Cabinet of Ministers, Verkhovna Rada leadership and representatives of law enforcement agencies in Kyiv on Monday.
He also said that if the task on digitalization is fulfilled, a plan on increase of GDP of Ukraine by 40% for five years would be quite real.
According to the premier, a program on the work of the government, which now is being worked on by the Cabinet of Ministers, will be written by a computer program.
“The specific feature of this program [on the work of the government] is that we will try to write it using IT. We have the ambition to be the first program of the Ukrainian government, which will be developed not on paper, but using a computer,” said Honcharuk.
The program on the work of the government to be presented to parliament by the end of month.

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UkrAgroConsult in the current year expects a recovery in barley production, an increase in wheat production and a slight decrease in corn production.
“In 2019, the focus will probably change. We expect recovery in barley production, growth in the wheat harvest and, most likely, some decline in corn production. But the overall supply of grain from Ukraine will remain in a growing trend, Ukraine will remain a strong player in the global agricultural market,” founder and CEO of UkrAgroConsult Serhiy Feofilov said.
According to him, four seasons in a row Ukraine has been collecting record grain yields. After a slight decrease in harvest in 2017, the gross grain harvest showed a record high again.
“Of course, if to exclude weather disasters, there is every chance to further increase production. Technologies do not stand still and help reduce the risks of farmers,” he said.
The director general said that the record high harvest revealed weak points in Ukrainian logistics, which in the conditions of the record harvest could not cope with the efficient transportation of grain to elevators and ports. The second “problem area” was insufficient storage capacity, especially in the midst of harvesting a record harvest of corn and sunflower.

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