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“Prozorro.Sale is among the top 6 global projects for digitalization of asset management

ProZorro.Sale JSC became a finalist for the IAM Asset Management Excellence Awards 2023 and was named one of the world’s six best projects working with the digitalization of asset management, it was announced during the annual official award ceremony held by The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) in London on December 4.

As noted in the release of the state-owned company on Tuesday, the finalist organizations demonstrated the application of the best principles and approaches in asset management, adapted to digitalization trends, and their projects were a response to business and consumer requests.

The IAM is an international non-profit organization that has been bringing together asset management professionals since 1994. The Institute recognizes projects and innovative achievements in asset management in the face of modern challenges. The IAM Asset Management Excellence Awards annually honor projects around the world that innovate in asset management in the face of modern challenges.

It is specified that Prozorro.Sale JSC, which administers the state electronic trading system, which hosts online auctions for the sale of public assets, reached the final in the Digital Innovation category. In the final in this category, ProZorro.Sale competed with projects and companies from Spain and the United Kingdom. The winner in this category was a project to improve the efficiency of asset management by Transport Scotland.

“More than seven years ago, with the launch of public online auctions in the Prozorro.Sale electronic trading system, the state began to change the approaches and principles of public asset management. During this time, transparent and open e-auctions have become an effective tool for the state and communities, which have already brought more than UAH 80 billion to the budgets of various levels, and opened up opportunities for businesses to obtain resources for development, including during martial law,” commented First Vice Prime Minister Yulia Svyrydenko.

According to her, the inclusion of the Ukrainian IT solution – the state electronic trading system Prozorro.Sales – in the world’s best in the Digital Innovation category of the prestigious IAM Asset Management Excellence Awards is evidence that it is impossible to achieve results in asset management without digitalization.

“Being among the top 6 best projects in the world is a great responsibility for us, for the entire ProZorro.Sale ecosystem, which includes both ProZorro.Sale JSC and platforms, organizers and bidders. Amid the war, we are more than ever determined to continue working on improving the system and increasing the efficiency and transparency of asset sales in even more markets,” said Serhii But, CEO of ProZorro.Sale.

The company reminded that in 2022, the state electronic trading system ProZorro.Sale was recognized as the best public service by the most prestigious UN Public Service Awards. The administrator of the system, Prozorro.Sale JSC, guarantees the security of electronic auctions, the impossibility of interference in their course and equal access of each participant to participate in the auction, the release emphasizes.

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Digitalization in pathomorphological laboratory diagnostics Yadro Systems launches SlidePath software on the global market

Yadro Systems was established in Ukraine in 2021 and united specialists in IT industry, artificial intelligence, laboratory management and pathomorphologists to create unique software – medical information system for pathomorphological and molecular genetic laboratories.

Yaroslav Nedashkovsky, one of the creators of the system, notes that the SlidePath program is unparalleled and was developed taking into account all the peculiarities of the pathomorphological laboratory:

“The synergy of our team’s knowledge and experience helped create a really cool product. In close collaboration with the largest Ukrainian pathomorphological laboratory – CSD LAB, we developed SlidePath software that covers all the needs of small, medium and even large pathomorphological laboratories.

Quality control is an extremely important process in every laboratory, and thanks to our program, we are able to track each specimen at different stages of examination and ensure clear compliance with the technological process. Barcoding, synchronization with the laboratory equipment, protocols of conclusions – all this allows the laboratory to significantly improve not only the quality of its work, but also the speed of research.
We saw quite a great perspective in the creation of this program, because not only in Ukraine, but in the world in general, there is a need for significant automation of pathomorphological laboratories. And since our colleagues from CSD LAB have a great competence in this area, from the very beginning we tried to make software that would be suitable for different types of laboratories of different scale and scope of work”.

The IT assistant for pathomorphology laboratories created by Yadro Systems specialists has several modules that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the laboratory. The key functions of the software include: creation of an electronic database of results, the ability to print test result forms, notification of patients about the readiness of results, and quality control of studies, starting from the stage of labeling biomaterials samples to delivery of results.

Among the main advantages of SlidePath connection, Yaroslav Nedashkovsky singles out a user-friendly interface, which allows for easy mastering and quick implementation of the laboratory information system.

“This year we are launching this product in Ukraine and worldwide,” adds Yadro Systems director, “So if you are a pathomorphologist, or a small or medium-sized laboratory, you can contact us today and we will provide digilization of your workflow, because SlidePath is software developed together with pathomorphologists and a clear understanding of their needs to improve their work convenience.

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has announced the success of infrastructure development in Ukraine, as well as digitalization, the press service of the president of Ukraine has reported.
“In these two and a half years, we have started the digitization of the state. We are number one in Europe today. And the Servant of the People party was involved in that as well,” the presidential press service quoted Zelensky as saying when speaking in Truskavets on Saturday, where a visiting session of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction was taking place.
Zelensky added that Ukraine is also the first in Europe in terms of road construction now. “Statistically, we build the most per month. Number one in Europe!” the President noted.
The Head of State also noted the liquidation of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate.
“So be a little proud of yourself and the difficult path. When we talk about land reform, there are many questions about how slow it is. But I believe that this is a challenge and a victory, on which I want to congratulate you,” the President said.
He noted that there are many challenges in the field of medicine in the country, which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “But today I see a medical team. We have elected a minister, a committee is working, and we are ready for challenges,” Zelensky stressed.
The President also stressed that the Office of the President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have done a lot for Ukraine’s international agency, and this is the most important victory this year.
“A lot yet not enough. Why not enough? I will explain. We do not have time to expect that we will be taken to the European Union: ‘let’s wait another five years.’ You know we have a war. I do not want to complain. I think we are powerful. And today our policy is ‘brazen’. And I am convinced that without a strong international policy, without such ‘boldness’ no one will see Ukraine’s steps forward,” he said.
In addition, the presidential press service noted that working groups with the participation of deputies and ministers (eight clusters) on the details of the Plan of Transformation of the country initiated by him in the following areas: military security and international relations; energy independence and “green” transformation, human capital, technological development and market transformations, infrastructure and local development, food hub, digital hub and rule of law.
“These clusters contain goals and KPIs for relevant areas until 2023, projects and reforms to be implemented, and laws to be enacted,” the message reads.

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The Government of Sweden and the United Nations Development Program are providing funding to support electronic and inclusive services for vulnerable groups in Ukraine, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov said.
“Cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation will take place within the framework of the project ‘Digital, Inclusive, Accessible: Supporting the Digitization of Public Services in Ukraine’ (DIIA Support) with a total budget of UAH 128 million (approximately $4.5 million),” he wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday.
Fedorov wrote that this project is aimed at improving the quality of access of Ukrainians to electronic administrative and social services.
Within its framework, the Ministry of Digital Transformation will work on: providing comprehensive services for vulnerable groups of the population; developing of software for services and related equipment; creating sustainable infrastructure and access to information and communication technologies; raising the level of digital literacy; conducting communication campaigns about electronic services and providing support for users of services; developing a system of advanced training and a regulatory framework; creating educational and training programs for public authorities, Administrative Service Centres, and so on; cooperation with the office of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.
According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the implementation period of the program is January 2021 – December 2023.
DIIA Support was launched by the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine with the support of the Swedish Embassy.



The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of business processes for 39% of respondents out of 74 surveyed managers of companies in various sectors of the economy, 42% intend to reduce office space, according to a report “Business leaders’ view in Ukraine 2020: Special issue of COVID-19” by KPMG company in Ukraine. “Leaders understand that increased digitalization is one of the main drivers of organizational development. Companies have to reсonsider what customers want and how they can achieve it,” the report said on Friday.
However, capital shortages and a lack of consensus on key technology trends are the biggest challenges in accelerating digital transformation, the report said.
At the same time, the most successful were converting operations into a “figure” (39% of respondents) and the creation of new digital business models and income streams (36%), according to the survey, which was conducted from July 15 to August 31 of this year.
At the same time, 30% indicated that progress in digitalization not only accelerated, but put the company forward for years to come.
When asked about the barriers to digital transformation, 22% indicated a lack of capital to accelerate progress (7% globally).
According to world leaders, the biggest challenge is to focus efforts and investments in areas that will be promising in the future, while avoiding areas that may be only a short-term response to the pandemic.
As a result, 33% of global CEOs identified the biggest challenge in accelerating digital transformation as “a lack of understanding of future operational processes.” Companies need to understand if COVID-19-related changes (such as consumer behavior) are indicative of an ongoing trend, or just a temporary effect of the pandemic.
In Ukraine, “a lack of understanding of future operational processes” was recognized as the main challenge by 14% of managers , the authors of the report said.
Regulatory pressures were cited by many respondents as the top threat to businesses in 2020, while executives prioritized staff shortages last year.
“This risk continues to be on their radar, but has shifted to fourth position,” added the authors of the reports.
At the same time, according to the survey, 73% of respondents in the world and 39% in Ukraine are convinced that remote work has expanded their access to the pre-personnel reserve.

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans in 2020 to focus on digitalization of Ukraine.
“We will draft a plan on digitalization of the state. 2020 will be the year of total digitalization of the country. We will digitalize everything that we have no enough time for this year…This means that after 2020 Ukraine should be totally digital, in a smartphone,” Premier of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk said in a course of a meeting of president with the members of the Cabinet of Ministers, Verkhovna Rada leadership and representatives of law enforcement agencies in Kyiv on Monday.
He also said that if the task on digitalization is fulfilled, a plan on increase of GDP of Ukraine by 40% for five years would be quite real.
According to the premier, a program on the work of the government, which now is being worked on by the Cabinet of Ministers, will be written by a computer program.
“The specific feature of this program [on the work of the government] is that we will try to write it using IT. We have the ambition to be the first program of the Ukrainian government, which will be developed not on paper, but using a computer,” said Honcharuk.
The program on the work of the government to be presented to parliament by the end of month.

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