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Digitalization in pathomorphological laboratory diagnostics Yadro Systems launches SlidePath software on the global market

Yadro Systems was established in Ukraine in 2021 and united specialists in IT industry, artificial intelligence, laboratory management and pathomorphologists to create unique software – medical information system for pathomorphological and molecular genetic laboratories.

Yaroslav Nedashkovsky, one of the creators of the system, notes that the SlidePath program is unparalleled and was developed taking into account all the peculiarities of the pathomorphological laboratory:

“The synergy of our team’s knowledge and experience helped create a really cool product. In close collaboration with the largest Ukrainian pathomorphological laboratory – CSD LAB, we developed SlidePath software that covers all the needs of small, medium and even large pathomorphological laboratories.

Quality control is an extremely important process in every laboratory, and thanks to our program, we are able to track each specimen at different stages of examination and ensure clear compliance with the technological process. Barcoding, synchronization with the laboratory equipment, protocols of conclusions – all this allows the laboratory to significantly improve not only the quality of its work, but also the speed of research.
We saw quite a great perspective in the creation of this program, because not only in Ukraine, but in the world in general, there is a need for significant automation of pathomorphological laboratories. And since our colleagues from CSD LAB have a great competence in this area, from the very beginning we tried to make software that would be suitable for different types of laboratories of different scale and scope of work”.

The IT assistant for pathomorphology laboratories created by Yadro Systems specialists has several modules that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the laboratory. The key functions of the software include: creation of an electronic database of results, the ability to print test result forms, notification of patients about the readiness of results, and quality control of studies, starting from the stage of labeling biomaterials samples to delivery of results.

Among the main advantages of SlidePath connection, Yaroslav Nedashkovsky singles out a user-friendly interface, which allows for easy mastering and quick implementation of the laboratory information system.

“This year we are launching this product in Ukraine and worldwide,” adds Yadro Systems director, “So if you are a pathomorphologist, or a small or medium-sized laboratory, you can contact us today and we will provide digilization of your workflow, because SlidePath is software developed together with pathomorphologists and a clear understanding of their needs to improve their work convenience.

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