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Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group intends to invest $ 70 million in the construction of five business centers in the Unit.City innovation park, CEO of the group Serhiy Pylypenko has said at a press briefing.
“The Kovalska team will undertake the construction of a cluster, which, in particular, will include five business campuses with a total area of 70,000 square meters. Investments in the development of the innovation park from the group will exceed $70 million. The project is expected to be completed in four years,” a press release from the company says.
Pylypenko noted, joining the project as a 100% campus investor will allow the company to gain a foothold in the status of a professional commercial real estate developer.
All properties are expected to be certified according to the Leed Silver green standard. To develop the projects, Kovalska involved the Polish architectural bureau APA Wojcoechowski and the international engineering company TEBIN.
“Thanks to its financial, technical resources and its construction capabilities, Kovalska fully takes control of this project – from the concept to the completion of construction and management,” Pylypenko said, stressing that the company is a 100% investor in the project.
According to the founder of UFuture holding, Vasyl Khmelnytsky, who is quoted by the press service, the Unit.City project has been implemented only by 7%. Attracting powerful strategic partners to the development of this project will provide an opportunity to bring it to the global level in 2023.

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The Kovalska industrial and construction group has finalized a deal to acquire Rozvadov Construction Materials LLC (Rozvadov, Lviv region), which owns a production facility located on around 140 ha, for UAH 63 million, the press service of the group reported on Tuesday.
The facility includes sand and limestone quarries, shaft furnaces for calcining limestone and a sand-lime bricks plant.
Sand deposits in the sand pit are estimated at almost 10 million cubic meters, the planned production volumes are 400,000-500,000 tonnes per year. Sand will be used to make Siltek dry mortar.
In addition, Kovalska plans to build another Siltek plant in the next two years on the acquired site. In addition, sand mined at the site will be sold in Western Ukraine.
According to the group, the limestone deposit has deposits at the level of 6 million tonnes. “Annually, it is planned to extract 200,000 tonnes of limestone, which will be processed at our own facilities and sold at enterprises throughout the country,” the press service added.
At the same time, to improve the quality, the sand processing and limestone calcining lines will be modernized, modern equipment for its pollution-free processing will be installed.
The Kovalska industrial and construction group has been operating in the construction market of Ukraine since 1956. The company is a leading manufacturer of building materials, developer and builder of Ukraine. The group unites nine manufacturers of building materials, which are known in Ukraine under the brands Concrete by Kovalska, Avenu, Siltek, and Granite by Kovalska.

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JSC Kovalska Reinforced Concrete Structures Plant, part of Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group, has received permission to purchase Energy Product LLC, one of the largest manufacturers of aerated concrete in Ukraine, and intends to complete the deal by late September this year, the press service of group has told Interfax-Ukraine.
“This transaction is one of the largest in Ukraine in the construction market. We, as the market leaders, are interested in diversifying our business lines, expanding our regions and developing new types of construction materials. The aerated concrete market has a high development potential. This asset will allow us to further satisfy the needs of clients in assortment. According to the group’s strategy, we plan to continue expansion in the southern and western regions,” Serhiy Pylypenko, the director general of Kovalska Group, said.
Energy Product LLC (Nova Kakhovka) was established in 2013 and is the fourth largest producer of aerated concrete in Ukraine. The plant’s capacity is 450-500 cubic meters of aerated concrete per year.
Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group has been operating in the construction market of Ukraine since 1956. The company is the leading manufacturer of construction materials, the developer and builder of Ukraine.

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The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has permitted BAU-Capital LLC belonged to the owners of the Kovalska industrial and construction group to gain control over public joint-stock company Darnytsia Reinforced Concrete Constructions Plant and Beton Service LLC (all based in Kyiv).
The committee said that the regulator permitted the company to buy shares in PJSC Darnytsia Reinforced Concrete Constructions Plant and a stake in the charter capital of Beton Service LLC, granting over 50% of the votes in the management bodies of the two companies.
In January 2018, the committee started hearing a case regarding gaining control by BAU-Capital over the two above-mentioned companies. The case concerns the concentration of the Kovalska industrial and construction group on the concrete mixture market in Ukraine.
BAU-Capital currently has control over PJSC Svitlana Kovalska Reinforced-Concrete Constructions Plant (RCCP), Beton Complex and Avtobudcomplex-K LLC selling readymix concrete under the Concrete from Kovalska trademark.
The Kovalska industrial and construction group was founded in 2006.